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  1. Heard they are bringing out tsi hybrids as well, anyone seen heard anything about these? Thought they were on the iron release...
  2. Heard the SIM replacement will be dropped in price and have the same price as the SIM Max this year and its replacement. So same price for both drivers
  3. As far as I know, the st-200 has been a hit in stores. At least over here where we've kept courses and stores open
  4. A buddy of mine actually saw the raw ball from a staffer last week. No clear coat on it gave it a matte look but nothing crazy. Apparently this gives a bit more friction which provides more spin. Be interesting to try it out
  5. Heard they might be releasing two hybrids, one adjustable and one not
  6. Read on another site that Cobra is set to release 3D printed irons this winter or spring. Anyone have any info on name, tech, price etc?
  7. Heard a staff model cb is coming as well
  8. Heard from a buddy that wilson is releasing the staff model ball in soemthing called raw? Now just what would that mean for a ball? Pretty sure you cant make urethane rust so is it matte so the raw means no clear coat or is it gonna be rust colored? Anyone know?
  9. No the forged will stick around for another year
  10. Got this from a friend, looks to be the new Wilson driver
  11. September relase for the irons is the last I've heard
  12. Guilty! And you're welcome!
  13. Must've missed it, what was it?
  14. Spoke to a rep at a demo day yesterday. Mentioned a new ball coming called Tour Speed. Didnt give any more info than that other than its gonna be around the Tour Soft in price. Thinking maybe something similar to the NXT Tour/NXT Tour S? Tour Soft and Tour Speed?
  15. The only thing I wish for with this release it that they drop all heads at the same time, or at least lets us know if they are gonna release anything else later on...
  16. Was told only a couple of 10s over the standard mg2
  17. 56 and 60 only, so just like the big cat! But its a buy for sure
  18. Spoke to a rep at a demo day today, supposed to drop at the same time as the new irons
  19. Really interesting to see which model gets the big overhaul. Trying to figure out what they havent done yet. They did go hollow with the HMBs so it cant be that. Hoping it isnt super strong lofts...
  20. Yeah I was told about the pro around september when my rep talked about the 919 line. Described it in depth and that it was gonna drop in early feb. From what I've heard now they are looking for a release in sept this year and the pro replacement in feb like last time. He didn't know why but thats what he'd been told from higher ups at Mizuno. From my experience the pro really made bank for them and I see quite a few sets out and about here. A buddy plays them and loves them as well
  21. Should be around september as always. Hope they bring out the Pro model at the same time as the rest this time around though, that thing has been a killer at our store
  22. Getting waaaay off topic arent we? Lets keep this to golf. I sure hope they improve on the TS. It was a step in the right direction but feel like it never really took off in stores. I like that they are on a 2 year release and all but they need to stop releasing stuff mid cycle like the TS1/4 and now T-100s/T-400. Release everything at once or be open about releasing more stuff later
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