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  1. That cantaloupe and these putters never stood a chance
  2. No no.... this is only the group I could bring myself to let go of. I didn’t get into the 15-20 that are in the rota.She got what she deserved.
  3. Message with questions. In no rush to sell anything just clearing the old ones but will entertain offers. Will ship USPS insured or do local pickups. (May need to source boxes so be patient with me) NO TRADES* Srixon 745 5-w TI X100 (6 iron is at my office in the same condition as the rest of the set.) $300 Evnroll ER 5 35” $300 Scotty Cameron Studio Design 2 36” $old Bobby Grace Shiloh 34” $200 Seemore PTM1 34” $150 Sik Jo Tour Prototype 34” $old Rife Barbados 34” $100 Rife Vault Iconic (sight dot) 34” $100 Odyssey Two Ball Versa Epoxy Filled (very recently snapped over kn
  4. Agree on a certain level that its silly that anchoring is banned but this isn't. Disagree that either being banned should be a thing. Free the putters. #endtheanchorban #willvoteforanypresidentialcandidatethataddsthistoplatform
  5. P770s have 1675 inches of offset that’s a fact, look it up. They ain’t what you want to look at.
  6. Been on the hunt for those for a minute. Z forged may be the route I have to go since I prefer my irons to not be pre-browned.
  7. Blueprints look dope but the feel isn't there for me. The other two might be in the running.
  8. That was the direction I was thinking of going. I want it to look the same down beside the ball and the 919 tour, the titleist irons, just don't. Miura TC 201 anybody?!?!?! They look sensual with the 20% off right now... promo code thankyou20 #urwelcome.
  9. Ha! I hunted so hard for this set I don't think I will let them go. Everything does have a price though.....
  10. After a few years together we've mutually agreed to separate for irreconcilable differences. My 4 iron has recently been relocated to the bottom of the pond on a long and difficult par 3 at my course. I love these irons they just don't fit me anymore, they still feel delicious and flat through the turf. I made a decent swing change and reduced dynamic loft by 3-4 degrees. The spin is much too low and occasionally produces what I call the mega heater which is when your 177 yard 7 iron accidentally air mails the green from a fairway lie or when you are 206 out on a par 5 and you can feel that
  11. Hot take, I am actually going to replace mine shortly. Occasionally I will get a low spin missile and air mail the green. These irons catch more fliers than any others I have ever had as well, could be the efficiency of the sole grind getting through the ground or it could be my grooves are a touch older. Feel perfect, looks, perfect, trajectory is always in the window I want it, , spin numbers are all in the correct window (outside the occasional knuckler as previously mentioned), soles are exceptional, but the occasional mega heater out of the fairway that carries my intended number by 10+ y
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