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  1. I went from i95s to FC115s to MMT 105s now I’m back to i95 this time regular flex. Loved the MMT 105s but it made my irons swingweight D4-D5 which is more than I like. The ball flight was higher by a little and really enjoyed the feel but the extra head weight threw off my swing. Talked to the fitter about it and I really did like the i95s before but the ball flight was lower, plus the weight was a little light. But trying the i95r in my new irons at the fitting the regulars got me the higher ball flight and tightest dispersion. Felt a little light still but the thin miss is better than what I
  2. Carl’s Golfland just got the white ones. I ran over there on my lunch break and tried them out. I’ve had the TW13 - 8, TW14 - 8.5, and TW15 - 8.5. Since then I didn’t like any of the other styles until now. Picked up a size 8, they didn’t have 8.5 but these feel just about right, not sure I want much more room. Toe box is tighter than the older models but they are lighter overall weight compared to the 13/14 and pretty soft feeling. I don’t have the old ones to compare comfort levels but the insoles and outside leather feel very soft. I’ll wear them around the house some to see if the size is
  3. Just did my fitting this week. I went in thinking T100-S was what I was going to get, but I did not enjoy the feel at all. Compared to the 716 AP2 and Apex Pros that I used to own they T series was just not soft enough for me. I also hit the Mizuno MMC which felt much better but the surprise was the P770 and P7MC, for me the P770 was the clear winner from everything. I ended up with the P770 with steelfiber i95. The numbers and dispersion was far better, but it’s not a distance iron like the P790. It was right in line with my current 33 degree 7 iron with just a little more distance d
  4. Waiting for these to show up at Carl’s Golfland so I can try them out, plus I have a few gift cards to use up there.
  5. I signed up for the newsletter (I think, there was no confirmation dialog on the site)
  6. 24.25" from tip to 1st gold band. This is what I found from an old golfwrx post.
  7. Interested in this as well, these along with the Mp20 MMC are the top 3 I am looking to try in a fitting.
  8. I have seen the same issue first hand. My irons with the MMT 105s were tip heavy and the swingweight was much higher. Loved the feel of the shafts but the swingweight was more than I like so I moving on with a new fitting in the spring. Probably back to the steelfibers.
  9. I’ve played both i95 and 115fc in steelfiber. The i95 came in at D1 and D2.75 for the 115fc. I know the i110 swing weighted even less because of their balance. I tried having some swing weight taken out of the apex pro so they would swing weight to D2, but the MMT shafts did not feel as lively at D2 as they did D4. Maybe they were too stout for me and when adding more weight to the head it softened the tip up enough. They were very straight and a mid to highish ball flight. I loved them I just didn’t want to continue to messing around with them.
  10. This is the reason I had to get rid of my apex pro with MMT 105s, they swing weighted between D4 & D5. I typically play between between D1 & D2. When my swing was on they were better than any other graphite shaft I have tried. If it was cold and I was not swinging well they were very low smother hooks. I have tried going shorter I the past but that did not work out for me so I didn’t touch the lengths, I play best at standard 38” 5 iron. Had to sell them, going to get fit for something else in the spring.
  11. I got a chance to try a sleeve of both the black and X. Since Carl’s Golfland is close to me they sell them in store so I didn’t have to wait. Honestly if these were not sold in store I probably would have not tried them because I don’t want to wait for shipping just for golf balls. We had a few days in the 70s here in Michigan last week so I got to play with both multiple times. I had played with the BX and BXS all season with mostly playing the BX. While I really liked the BX something just didn’t feel quite right. The BXS was not as good off the driver or putter but the rest of
  12. Yes I do. 45* PW and 49* gap same length. Fills my gaps perfectly.
  13. Not only is is it 4 degrees weaker. The PW is a cavity back Apex Pro and the wedge is a forged wedge MD5 so I don’t get that spring or jump from the face so it’s easier control distance and spin but has the length of the PW. This has been the best combo for gapping for me. I just choke down a little bit at a time on the 49 to hit what yardage I need.
  14. I play a 45 degree PW (130 yards full swing) then a 48 bent to 49 degrees. It’s the same length as my PW but I can hit it from 118 to 105. Then my 54 is 105 yards down, then my 58. The proper gapping number doesn’t mean as much to me as hitting the exact yards that I need to cover. I had a 50 bent to 49 but that did not get me more than 115. Having the little extra length on the 48 helps a lot more. PW I have no problem hitting it 119/120 yards.
  15. This is on the KBS site. “.370 Tip Diameter CT Tour Putter Shafts WILL NOT fit putters by Scotty Cameron.”
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