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  1. Looking for the stock riptide shaft for a Srixon ZX5 driver. Any Riptide Black in 50g or 60 Stiff 6.0 with other adapters is ok as well. I am not looking for the CB blue one. Riptide Black only and driver length only. Thanks
  2. 1. City and State? Westminster, Colorado 2. Handicap? 7 3. What ZX ball do you want to test? Z Star 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Yes 4. Current golf ball? Srixon Z Star (Previous Version) 5. What do you look for when buying a new golf ball? Control, Feel, and Distance 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  3. PXG Proto X+ 10.5 Driver Head and 2 extra weights (10g and 12.5g) and Headcover. Head has stock 15g and 2.5g weights installed and is 199g in stock configuration without adapter. $old
  4. +1 for the Ping Pioneer. Had a SM C130 that fell over all the time. LOVE the Ping Pioneer. Also, it locks in on my MGI Zip Navigator just perfectly.
  5. CC, Exactly my usual set up. Played 400 Max 10.5 set to 9.5 to open the face for a couple of years. The Sim I keep at 10.5 with slider weight in the toe. I think the X just launches a bit higher than most 9* heads and that is why it seems to work for me at this time. I launched the X+ at 16-17* and the X at 14-15*. There was only about 400rpm spin between the two for me. I did hit some low spin bombs on the high toe with the X+ that carried for days. FWIW, the IZ in the X at 9* was awesome and the TP in the X+ at 10.5* was really good as well. Seems like lots of folks have had success with the TP in these heads.
  6. Soooo, Thanks to this thread I picked up a Proto X about a month ago. I now have also acquired an X+ as well. Here are my thoughts after some weeks of mid winter testing outside and on the simulators at PGA superstore: I usually seem to fit best into 10.5 drivers at 44.75" with my 100mph SS and +3 average attack angle. With that in mind, I started testing the Proto X with the 15g weight in the back and loft set up to 10.5. This worked well but I didn't like the sound when the weight was back. Much better sound with the weight forward. I sent it out and had 5g of neutral hotmelt for sound dampening added to it by one of our great Golfwrx members. While waiting for it to come back, I purchased the X+ and some additional weights (10g and 12.5g) to tinker with. I have tried them all now with several different shafts, weights, lofts, and configurations. Here is the shaft list: TPT 16 MKP MT SW TPT 15 Hi Ventus Black 6s Accra TZ6 65 M4 AD TP 6s AD DI 6s AD DI 7s AD IZ 6s Tensei Orange V2 60s Kuro Kage Silver Proto 60ts Diamana ZF 60s Of all these, my favorite combo is the 5g hot melted Proto X set at 9* standard with the 12.5g weight in the toe. I can hammer this and it will not go left. Best combo of launch, ball speed, and accuracy as well. The ZF seems to launch higher than any of the shafts above but the 9* X head keeps the spin in the perfect range. ZF in the X+ hit moon balls. Only the Ventus and the TPT 16 seemed to keep the launch and spin down for me with the X+ head. I really didn't care for either one of these combos as I prefer a smoother and more active feeling in my driver shafts. The X+ definitely sits more open and sounds better without modification. The X spins less and has a hotter face but needed hotmelt added to get a better sound. I did not try opening up the X+ to 9* because it looks very open to start with and just doesn't really suit my eye. The Diamana ZF shaft has been magic for me in my SIM so I'm not at all surprised it works well in the Proto X. Proto X and SIM 10.5 seem to have the same launch window and spin for me. I could play either one and be happy. X+ launches way higher. Not sure I am going to change from the SIM yet, but thanks to everyone in this tread who has made Golfwrx so great!!!!!
  7. Brand New still in plastic Sim Max 10.5 Head and Headcover. Just picked this up from another member and have decided to go in another direction. Looking to get back what I paid plus a little to cover fees and shipping. No trades and shipping to lower 48 only. $OLD
  8. Good stuff here that just won't make the bag for me. Shipping to Lower 48 only. NO Trades at this time. SIM MAX 19 Hybrid ADDI 85s 40.5" D3 new Iomic Sticky 2.3 with 3 wraps. SOLD SIM MAX 5W Diamana ZF 70s 42" D3 new Iomic Sticky 2.3 with 3 wraps. SOLD SRIXON U85 3 iron utility KBS Prototype Hybrid 85 S+ 39 3/4" D2 new Iomic Sticky Camo 2.3 with 3 wraps. SOLD
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