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  1. I have seen the TXG “trim red and create a new profile” version of the Purple. It would be awesome to see an actual purple shaft though, was looking for a red for my 5 wood..
  2. Man I hope not, I just got a new Black and Blue for Driver and 3 wood… However if Fujikura needs iron shaft testers……. This thread is full of options….
  3. I normally wouldn't, but Mike did first! Haha
  4. I got my Nike Vapour Pro Combo's when Nike went out of business for half price, they've been fantastic. I had them re-shafted with X100 AMT White's 0.5" long. They feel fantastic, even the longer irons with the RZN in there has that "springy" feel but not like a GI iron thats going miles. I switched out to PXG 0311P Gen 2's for a season, didnt get on with them as well as I did with the Nikes so I sold them and went back. Now I have the 3i-GW of the VPC in the bag, will be hard to beat!
  5. I just heard that on the Podcast as well, Apparently John Rahm and Johnny Wunder have them in play?!
  6. As someone who plays X100 White AMT's, I would love to see some sort of ascending mass or flighted set. Black (1st) or Blue (2nd) profile is preferred! Based on the popularity and love for the ventus wood/hybrids, as long as the shafts are not DRASTICALLY more expensive than competitors it will be SUPER popular! Just got the ventus black and LOVE it, now I need to find some for my fairways and hybrids......
  7. Might keep my eyes open for a backup set of heads too....
  8. Anyone still playing these? Just sold my PXG gen 2 0311P’s to go back to these Pro Combos again!
  9. If this is @TaylorMade Golf secretly asking users if they want a GSS insert option.... yes please.
  10. This is true, however it looks like there is the standard "pull to start rusting" sticker only on the middle of the face. Maybe they added the MG2 retail face to his bounce?
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