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  1. While it is certainly a complex matter. I posit you can consciously create/manipulate movements in the backswing/very early transition. After that, things are a reaction to put the clubface on the ball
  2. Always trying to get better at this game! Would love to get to +4ish and win some bigger regional tournaments. Additionally, I go through a stretch every summer where I'll be sub-70 for like 6-7 rounds in a row. In these stretches, I just don't ever hit hooks with driver/3w/long irons (which is my miss the other 85-90% of the time). I videoed my swing during one of these stretches last year and I definitely have more left wrist flexion and less forearm roll than a typical swing.
  3. Trail hand only haha! Gotta hang onto the club somehow.
  4. Solid stuff again! Looks like incremental improvements in everything is the best way to be honest. A little more distance, a little better with the wedges, a little better around the greens should add up to more birdies, less bogeys. May also want to look at strategy stuff (like Decade) to reduce bogeys from short-sided spots or tough bunkers etc.
  5. Anything Ping. Titleist "...2" Series. Sim2 Max. Cobra Speedzone. All great options IMO
  6. Yup it is certainly difficult, will probably never look like Hovy. Looking to do more of a "baby cobra" haha and move the ball flight away from a draw bias. I do find the "hell drill" is very nice for promoting trail wrist extension and left wrist flexion.
  7. Solid stats. Doesn't look like you waste too many shots, which is good! I did some very rough calcs with an average of par on greens hit and "par +0.5" on greens missed. Didn't include penalties for simplicity. Greens Hit: (0.64*18*4)=46.08 Greens Missed: (0.36*18*4.5)=29.16 Total: 75.24 Based on this (admittedly rough) math, getting up and down 10% more often would save about 2/3 of a stroke. I think the short answer is to make more birdies, which is a byproduct of proximity. What do you average for birdies/round? Also: How is your (distance
  8. I'm joining the 5 wood brigade this year. Bit more height compared to a 2iron is always nice, and it is a great club out of nasty rough lies!
  9. Depends on the course! Some courses have huge greens. I have a course 20 minutes away from house that I'm certain I would average 85%+ GIR on if I played it over a season. Context is important! If you are doing it on tiny postage stamp type greens, it is certainly incredible.
  10. What is your current handicap? I know you said single digits, but in my mind, I would think it would be scratch or better given your GIR. For reference, I played to a +1.6 last year (scoring average 72.5 ish), hit 70% GIR and had an up and down percentage of 42% (I am certain that is for non-bunker situations though-I was 59% from bunkers). As far as improvement, I think you need to ask a few more questions: 1.) How many penalties do you take with the long game? 2.) How often do you take more than 3 shots to get up and down? 3.) What is your proximity like? Hitting
  11. Really depends. I'm been researching some Scott Cowx stuff lately and am trying to move more towards the throw type release (he calls it Option B or "Cobra Pattern") with the long clubs. Still keeping the twist release (he calls it Option A or "Turn-Down") pattern for the inside 150 game.
  12. I've never met a mediocre player who is a "great ball striker"! The few people I've met who I would consider a great ball striker are a +4 handicap or better. When you don't miss many greens, short game doesn't impact your score much. Also, in a tournament, I'm putting my money on the ball-striker. Harder to get up and down when the rough grows, greens speed up and get firm.
  13. The answer is both. Improving your ball striking=more greens and the ability to leave yourself easier short game shots when you miss. Improved short game=more up and downs.
  14. PX 6.5 Blackout. Deadly looking combo! Also added about 2 inches of high density lead tape to the cavity on my 51 and 55, and about 4 inches on the 60. Weights it out perfectly for my feel anyways.
  15. I mean there are some issues in your swing for sure (just like everyone). However, that's looks to be a decent move and I'm shocked that swing doesn't have you breaking 80!
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