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  1. Except the people that teach recentering show "how and why" to do it. It's not just a useless term. I find it hugely beneficial and it's what I'm working on while stuck inside this winter, along with wrist conditons.
  2. Me too. If you're going to spend 4 hours doing something, might as well get your money's worth1
  3. The chipper is filthy for a 200+ yard wind cheater as well
  4. I mean theoretically there are drawbacks to overdoing anything. I think recentering is pretty hard to overdo though if you move off the ball at all in the takeway.
  5. Love it, play in my Adams DHY Proto driving iron. I play the Tensei White 70TX in my driver and 3 wood, and Project X 7.0/6.5 in irons/wedges.
  6. Depends on your swing I guess. I can have a very sore back from other activities and golf makes it feel better. Never had my back be sore from golf either.
  7. I assume a strong headwind is something in the range of 40+ km/h...so probably driver if you want to hit the green in regulation
  8. Well I really like my S56's and plan on playing them for a long time. See no need to stockpile though, irons last essentially forever!
  9. I use my 60 degree and change my ball position, handle height, face angle and arc length. Definitely don't like changing clubs much, it messes with my touch.
  10. I shot 65 last year with finishing bogey, bogey, double!
  11. I've always really liked JT's short game, as well as Rory's (he is really underrated short game wise). I like Francesco Molinari's action too!
  12. I'm going to be a contrarian here (respectfully, I know there are some great players who focus on tempo). I am of the opinion that when most people get "quick" from the top, most of the time they are leaving their foot pressures (and center of the chest) too far towards their trail foot for too long. I can't say I've ever thought about tempo in the last 5ish years, just movements and sequencing. Not trying to dissuade the topic, just giving another potential route to look at.
  13. That’s crazy! My lob wedge will start browning on the sole and the face at about round 50! I’ve played my lob wedge for 120ish rounds now and the face and some hardly have any chrome on it anymore!
  14. 200+ par 3. Yes, I was messing around. In competition, the fringe?
  15. 51.13 SS 55.13 SS 60.06 TS (have to replace my beloved SM6 wedgeworks V-grind)
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