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  1. For sure feel doesn't always equal real. That's why I use the plane stick as a guide to provide objective feedback. Plane is likely similar, but the intent to get there is different. In a full swing, dynamic pressure shift into trail side right off the ball takes away a lot of my inside tendencies. On a greenside shot with less pressure shift I definitely think about it more "manually", which I find easier with a smaller/shorter motion.
  2. All good! General idea is to be close to on plane from start to strike. I tend to be "under" so I put my stick on the inside. You could reverse it if you took the club way outside.
  3. This is what I did in a similar scenario. TSI 5 Wood with a very stiff, heavy and significantly tipped shaft. Ordered 1" short. Lets me throw it up in the air if I try, with a stock mid trajectory. Can also get "on top of it" with a short shaft to hit low bullets.
  4. I've never worried about divots, just contact. Certainly never tried to make a divot. May be a small scrape on firm courses or a beaver pelt on a rain soaked course with identical swings.
  5. IMO swinging it on or above "plane" makes things much easier. I've been practicing with with an alignment stick stuck in the ground 3-4" inside the ball on the shaft angle. Saves have went from 40% to 55% this year.
  6. Don't know about most holes in a row, but I once shot a 70 (-2) with two pars on the day.
  7. Meh. I'm a plus handicap and don't hit most 9 irons pure .
  8. From the Grint app: Current HDCP: +3.0 Greens Per Round: 13.6 Putts Per Round: 31.2 One Putts: 5.2 Two Putts: 12.4 Three Putts: 0.4 I would consider my putting inside 5 feet very good and my lag putting very good. Mid range putting is mediocre. I roll my ball end over end very well but don't read greens great. Not overly concerned though, my best improvements won't be from putting, but from better play from 150-225.
  9. I wouldn't worry about it. No one bats an eye when a 16 careers and shoots 80. People get more chapped when a "10" shoots under par.
  10. Haha it takes approximately 6 seconds to take those practice swings. Just to get a feel for distance and turf! Not technical or analytical at all.
  11. Full Swings: generally one rehearsal, two if it is a "weird/specialty" shot Greenside: 2-4 rehearsals Putting: no rehearsals
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