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  1. I do that too. Generally put the ball way way forward and try to hit hard pull cuts (opposite of my normal shape).
  2. I went through a period last year of approximately 20 rounds where I tried something different with my grip every time. It didn't hurt or benefit me-shot the same range of scores.
  3. That rule is ridic! Another dumb rule: having to "verify" a skin with a net par or better on the next hole...as a plus handicap...when the course rates par 3's as the 15th-18th handicap holes. Sucks having to deuce a par 3 right after you make an eagle/birdie to hold onto a skin.
  4. A solidly struck 9iron, 8 iron, 7 iron, 6 iron, 5 iron or 4 iron with minimal and repeatable curve. That is the biggest difference between me and the +5/+6 amateur crowd. Mostly have to swing it better, but may look at a 4H/5H and maybe 6H.
  5. I'm amazed people have this amount of visualization. I just align putts inside 20 feet to a point that I feel has a 50/50 chance of being high or low and align longer putts to where I feel I will never be low. I am kinda jealous of those that have ever seen tracks . Seems like a freeing way to putt!!
  6. For sure feel doesn't always equal real. That's why I use the plane stick as a guide to provide objective feedback. Plane is likely similar, but the intent to get there is different. In a full swing, dynamic pressure shift into trail side right off the ball takes away a lot of my inside tendencies. On a greenside shot with less pressure shift I definitely think about it more "manually", which I find easier with a smaller/shorter motion.
  7. All good! General idea is to be close to on plane from start to strike. I tend to be "under" so I put my stick on the inside. You could reverse it if you took the club way outside.
  8. This is what I did in a similar scenario. TSI 5 Wood with a very stiff, heavy and significantly tipped shaft. Ordered 1" short. Lets me throw it up in the air if I try, with a stock mid trajectory. Can also get "on top of it" with a short shaft to hit low bullets.
  9. I've never worried about divots, just contact. Certainly never tried to make a divot. May be a small scrape on firm courses or a beaver pelt on a rain soaked course with identical swings.
  10. IMO swinging it on or above "plane" makes things much easier. I've been practicing with with an alignment stick stuck in the ground 3-4" inside the ball on the shaft angle. Saves have went from 40% to 55% this year.
  11. Don't know about most holes in a row, but I once shot a 70 (-2) with two pars on the day.
  12. Meh. I'm a plus handicap and don't hit most 9 irons pure .
  13. From the Grint app: Current HDCP: +3.0 Greens Per Round: 13.6 Putts Per Round: 31.2 One Putts: 5.2 Two Putts: 12.4 Three Putts: 0.4 I would consider my putting inside 5 feet very good and my lag putting very good. Mid range putting is mediocre. I roll my ball end over end very well but don't read greens great. Not overly concerned though, my best improvements won't be from putting, but from better play from 150-225.
  14. I wouldn't worry about it. No one bats an eye when a 16 careers and shoots 80. People get more chapped when a "10" shoots under par.
  15. Haha it takes approximately 6 seconds to take those practice swings. Just to get a feel for distance and turf! Not technical or analytical at all.
  16. Full Swings: generally one rehearsal, two if it is a "weird/specialty" shot Greenside: 2-4 rehearsals Putting: no rehearsals
  17. IMO, the biggest factor in mid range putting is speed control. Good speed control=better "feel" for lines. Some days they go in, some days they don't. As an aside (this ties into speed control), the best putters IMO tend to roll the ball end over end. This gets really obvious when the greens aren't great. Poor putters have the ball skip/hop everywhere, where a great roll is less affected by imperfections.
  18. 1.) Feels are changing and subjective. If your forearm feel helps, go with that! 2.) My backswing starts with a pressure shift from front foot to trail foot. 3.) Depth, IMO is not something to seek within the first 18" of the swing. Hands generally travel a little in, but generally, excessively deep at P2 is not good. Like anything, there is a generally acceptable window of motion.
  19. 10ish, have shot under par once doing it. With driver I'd shoot under par approximately 6/10 times. The combination of fewer fairways and 30 yards shorter is a lot to overcome.
  20. Many studies have been done on this. In the majority of them, 3 wood gains you (on average) about a 5% increase in FIR, or approximately a 1/3rd of a fairway per round. Likely not worth giving up 30 yards. Some players, like me, are less accurate with 3 wood then driver. If I leave driver at home, I shoot 2-4 strokes higher. Exactly why I am contemplating a mini driver for more forgiveness out of that spot in the bag.
  21. I may not qualify as a "legit am", as I have only started playing regional amateurs two years ago and just played my first national amateur this last week. I believe that from 80-130 is one of the weakest areas in my game, along with 6-15 foot putts. I tend to struggle with blocks and pulls on wedge shots.
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