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  1. Would appreciate specs on these 2 serials: OOP8732 And O1P0738 Sorry i don't know if those are leading letters or zeros.
  2. Epic flash heavenwood. 20* loft, 168 cc Bigger head than the 5 or 7 wood epic flash which I believe is decent size fw head
  3. Feel wise, I probably am very similar. Have OG Blueboard for driver. Ping tour 85 for hybrid. Other clubs... 3w use diamana thump. And 5w with Aldila ATX tour green. YMMV. Good luck!
  4. I have thump in a 3 wood, and it feels very similar to the old school blueboard, which I still play. Thump maybe a tiny bit softer to flex. Medium flight, great feel. Doesn't balloon into wind for me. My 5 wood with an aldila green feels softer to flex than the thump. Last reference point is a hybrid with kuro kage...Feels much harsher, maybe its stiffer or maybe it's the setup... Hope that helps
  5. Thanks Mark. Any other course suggstions are greatly appreciated. Ones that are close together to play 36/day, and/or something nice to play while we're out that way. Looking at Apple Valley as well, though seems further up, almost a midpoint to Tahoe. We're 10-15 HC avg length (~250's Driver) so it doesn't need to be a tour stop. Just not a putt putt.
  6. Looking at a long golfing weekend in sacto coming from s. bay, trying a few days of 36. Input on golf, places to stay and eat all very much appreciated. Yocha and dark horse are top of current list. Thanks in advance
  7. OK. Thanks. I noted the thermal for jb weld went up to 500F. Going with loctite. Or may test the golfsmith one
  8. Need advice. Do I go with picture metal/concrete epoxy or JB weld original cold weld formula Doing a TM driver adapter. Believe it's the newer aluminum one. 3rd choice is some 6 year old golfsmith epoxy
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