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  1. I would say give the Odyssey White hot Pro 3 (Patrick Reed ryder cup putter). I recently gave it a try, its the gamer now and for a while. if you like that type of putter its worth a try
  2. It has been raining pretty constantly over the past week here in Southern CA, its rare for us and we have no idea how to deal with it. James Oh posted a video yesterday about using surgical gloves as rain gloves...as there is no point in buying rain gloves as it rains maybe 6x a year...https://www.instagram.com/p/CYAf7D7pnaO/ I was curious to know/find out any similar, very useful, quirky tips you guys/gals have found out over the years... attached video is at oak quarry hole 18...pouring rain...club almost found 18th hole pond...almost
  3. Zx7 no question. 2 very different heads and are non comparable. Probably closer to the P7MC
  4. Here in Southern CA, CC memberships for younger folks 40 and under and non existent. Such a long waiting list that they are no longer adding anyone to a 4yr long wait list. They have full memberships (non jr.) but there is also a multi year waiting list for that as well. Initiation also isn't a static # as some members have to sell their membership or its a flat rate. some over 100k. normal under 40 folks usually can't afford that. maybe im the outlier. who knows
  5. honestly it is the GOAT for ping. 410 LST hasn't been as good 425 LST has a weird sound
  6. Man, i miss that rory. He was swinging free and balling back then
  7. 50 degree gap wedge is my favorite club in the bag....if anything i could ditch a lobwedge no problem...54 is enough loft for most on the courses that aren't tour firmness
  8. Honestly have bought 1 driver new -- PING g400 LST...that kept breaking and cracking and they have replaced it 3x to that model, then they no longer made that head so they replaced it with a PING g410 LST. hasn't cracked yet...fingers crossed. Driver tech hasn't changed.
  9. this is an absolute deal. somebody jump on this. best irons out there in my opinion
  10. Had a similar issue with my irons as well. Threw in Dynamic gold X7s through the set (srixon z785) and flight is much lower especially with long irons. and the weight is nice, helped my tempo greatly. Driver ss 120, and 6i carry 195
  11. Have you seen this score probability table made by the USGA? I always look at this when I lose in a SCGA tournament by 5 to a 13 handicap, and wonder wow. they really have beat all odds...so for you to shoot 64-6=-10 under par...has a 1 out of 84,300 chance...but those odds should be alittle worse because you are on the low end of 6.0-12.9...closer to the 125000 because the course index plays 68.1/127... that being said. I have seen this happen in a real SCGA 1 day tournament before
  12. 26yrs old 3 index 119ss Chrome Soft X love it around the green, great off the tee, irons sound great. frim on the putter
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