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  1. 26yrs old 3 index 119ss Chrome Soft X love it around the green, great off the tee, irons sound great. frim on the putter
  2. Zx7 wasn't in your 2 choices but you should take a look at those. cheaper and I love them. T100 irons look great from the top but weren't as forgiving as I would like
  3. Strawberry Farms is worth a go, Same with oak creek, both very close to each other. Pelican was overpriced for what it was. Black gold is worth a play, I would AVOID Talega and Tustin Ranch way overpriced not worth it one bit. If you know anyone that can get you on Hacienda, I would go there. Best course in the OC hands down!
  4. Oh sorry, my misunderstanding. I am not a great reader. I see what you are saying and I misread. But hitting it off the tee is definitely up there with most important tied for first with approach to the green. Being great at driving can get you very far even with an average approach game. Raises your chances of lower scores and easier pars. They don't call it DRIVING range for nothing
  5. 75 was the result of the best case scenario here. there's is really no possible way for you to score better than that without hitting driver/learning how to hit your driver. If you want more stress free rounds of 75. hit your driver. You will be hitting your sand wedge closer than your 6i for sure. no questions about it
  6. Face for sure first and then path, but again a solid set up and grip goes a long long way. See a lot of 80s golfers that have a messed up grip funky and set up...that will prevent them from moving up a level...causes compensations in order to make it work. But at the end of the day, strike is KING. can you strike the face in a good spot. if you can do that you must be doing something right.
  7. took me years and many MANY putters, but i do know for a fact ARMLOCK does not work for me. ALSO flow necks such as the ODYSSEY White Hot PRO putters or similar models to Patrick Reeds set up or Matt Fitzpatrick's bettinardi. Also love the top line dash. I learned things that I hate for sure. Those spider putters (don't get understand them at all)
  8. currently playing the 785 irons...love them. best irons i have ever played. I played titlist before and nike before that...won't be switching anytime soon. It must be something with that leading edge for me. gets through the ground great.
  9. Im at least 4 shots better walking vs riding. i can play me own game im not worried about xyz with my cartner. gives me all my clubs whenever i need them. For example bringing only 2 wedges for a chip shot and then when you get to your ball you need a 9i bump and run, yet you don't walk back to the cart due to laziness...we have all done it.. im walking all day if weather permits!
  10. Just checked them out. none are as good as yours...i will have to wait.
  11. i agree. Throwing a ball at a target. you only think about throwing it/tossing it with your hands arms. the athlete in all of us can handle a 15-40 foot putt if we let it. Thinking about rocking shoulders keeping the wrists locked etc. gets us away from our natural athletic ability. 100% agree with you
  12. Link me on that Etsy spam musubi pin...i need that as my marker!!
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