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  1. HAHAHA I love this site. I'll admit, I am cheap in some areas and expensive in others. @toypor *son of a gun caught me*
  2. I see what you're saying. But I am not buying refurb balls. those balls are horrible. Made friends with ground crew folks at a Bunch of CCs in my area SO CAL and there is no water for the most part. They say bushes and rough is where the pick them up. 1 hit to barely used. Trust me I have played some really good rounds (-2 69) with a Kirkland 3pc ball. But side by side with the Kirkland ball and the Vice Pro + ball vs. Bridgestone Tour BX; the Bridgestone beat them out in all areas (ball speed, carry, hit my windows, loved it off the irons and feel off the putter). That's just for me thoug
  3. 100% best pants and shorts out there for golf. I got rid of all other shorts and pants...
  4. Palm springs in a wind storm???? Balls rolling off the green. full tilt 3woods from 170 yards. Throwing hyrbids in the air and letting the wind take it 100yards right. Gotta say its kinda fun for 1 round. A whole weekend of that gets old. PGA west with that type of wind. You better hope you have 20 balls and a great attitude. You will card a 95+ no doubt.
  5. Mainly because the performance is going to be better vs one of those Snell, Vice or Kirkland balls. If you have done extensive testing on Ball speeds, launch, spin etc. then you would know there is a big difference. I do not know for an absolute fact. But what is integrity these days. I can only believe what people tell me when they sell me the product...Isn't that the truth for everything?
  6. Golfnow hot deals are PERFECT for a same day booking, dipping out of work in the afternoon teetime hot deal. Those usually go for cheap.
  7. Oh my, yes I remember...RZN Black model feels horrible. RZN Platinum aren't bad.
  8. Last one left! https://www.ebay.com/itm/402075891642?hash=item5d9d9737ba:g:0pgAAOSwrWFePa6u
  9. If you like longer shirts...RLX is pretty long. they stay tucked in for me all day, even with all the wild swings I make throughout the round lol.
  10. yes! i see the difference now. the wedges have that are high in bounce have a lot of bounce near the back...which then doesn't allow it sit flush to the ground which gives me 0 confidence on tight turf. And yes you are right there is no heal relief in any of those wedges except for the PM grind...I have to go check out a V grind. Nice looking wedges btw, good work.
  11. 58M is in the car but, these are the wedges that I don’t use. For me personally, none of these wedges lay wide open because they don’t have the back edge relief or heal relief. Something like a T grind would be perfect as it has bounce but has back edge relief. That D grind 12 degrees of bounce wedge is horrible. Maybe you can help me out a little?
  12. You know, I actually bought one before and still use it. 3yrs old and still is in great condition. I also agree they are a bit under the radar for golf attire...their shorts are my golf shorts of choice...(pricy but totally worth it)
  13. That is the ONLY ball I haven't tried yet basically. Hope I find one in the wild...maybe ill give it a shot...but for now...Prov1 & Tour BX...personally don't like really firm balls...
  14. Haha! Hey I say try it, see what you think. didn't like the flight of it with wedges, it was shorter than my Tour BX with driver, had less spin around the green and didn't like the feel of it off the putter...but it is what it is!
  15. Agreed. What I don't understand is why would one buy balls like Snell, Vice, Kirkland, Cut, etc...if you can buy barely used non water balls for like $1.50 a ball... I personally get them on Ebay...I have my people on there, but I just don't get it.
  16. hate to say it but I agree 100%. Very unimpressed with their ball...even the Pro+...Just so uninspiring when there are balls like the Prov1 and Bridgestone Tour BX are out there
  17. have you ever hit the Spongebob golf balls from Walmart? or the Emoji Balls from Walmart?? HORRIBLE balls...worst than a range ball.
  18. Seems like I have to give the classic Peter Millar a try as well...I always thought their fits were large boxy and oversized...but i should give them another shot
  19. Tbh, never heard of Johnnie-O...I will have to give them a try
  20. Very interested in knowing what WRX has to say...I have tried RLX (material feels good), Greyson (material feels good as well), Lulu Lemon (ehh), Nike [Premium version, non TW, $90 msrp] (doesn't breath well) and FJ (not a great fit). What are we thinking?!
  21. M grind for the 58 degree is a must for me. chipping and pitching with it is amazing. That's why its Bob Vokey's favorite! I feel like I can hit any shot with it and it sits so tight to turf. "The M Grind Vokey SM7 is Bob Vokey's favorite. If you're looking for versatility - the M Grind is for you. You can hood the face, open it up, or hit it square. It's also great from the bunkers. Works well on courses with average or firm turf conditions. Keep in mind that the M Grind is geared towards those with a shallower angle of attack."
  22. I have definitely tried it in the past...ended up not loving it (and caused many unwanted bogeys)...I can usually land it high and soft, low and runny, low with spin...but for the most part I can have it run 5 feet on a normal shot with 58. makes it semi predicable...and can play out of almost any lie with it...
  23. basically anything 40 yards and in! green side chips, flops, everything. I never hit it full though....ever.
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