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  1. What did you go with in the end, looking at a SIM at the moment in 10.5
  2. I have an M6 3 wood that I use only from the tee. Based off how good it has been for me I bought a Sim Ti Rocket 14 degree. Its unbelievably good. The M6 averages around 155 ball speed. The Ti at 14 degrees is about the same. At 12 degrees ball speed is a bit higher. The difference is in launching slightly higher and spinning less. The Ti is actually a driver. Its launching 14-16 and spinning under 2000. I put a regular flex driver shaft in it as an experiment and I'm getting about 165mph,
  3. Went from Z965 to Z565. Couldnt play really squat MBs but the larger z965 were quite forgiving. Hated the size and offset of most GI Irons until the Srixon 5 series came along. Tried the 565 about 2 years ago and very very happy with them.
  4. TM fairways are their standout products IMO. For me nothing matches them off the tee. High Laumch low spin and I hit it all of the face, never lets me down. The only difference betwen the MAX in M6/Sim/Sim2 is paint job IMO.
  5. Thx, numbers from the OO set at 11.5 degrees are good on BS and spin but launching a little low at 10 degrees average. Think I will give the 300 a go. Thx
  6. I have the OO for about two weeks and its performing as expected based on this thread on the 300 mini. I'm just not efficient with Driver and I can be pretty wild. So I would say I'm not losing anything on distance on average and I'm not losing balls so its a win win. I have tried 460cc with shorter shafts and my 3 wood was still better. For me I think its a combination of shaft length head size and bad driver mechanics that i've spent a lot of time trying to fix. Now I feel like my swing and setup for mini, 3w, 3i swings are all pretty similar and its helping not having to change between that and a driver swing. Playing it at just under 44" with Tensei 55 stiff , swing weight was a bit high so added 12 g under the butt and that has made it feel better. Might pick up a 300 as well to compare.
  7. Just picked up an OO 11.5. Pretty impressive ball speed and spin numbers, nice sound and feel also. Getting high 150s, matching lower end of my driver ball speeds.
  8. For guys who are hitting this really well what ball speed difference are you seeing between 3 wood and the 11.5 head off the tee. I'm pretty efficient with my 3 wood and get ball speeds around 150mph but put a driver in my hand and I overswing and lose my tempo completely. Literally hit it all over the face. If I could get high 150s with this hitting it with the same swing I use for 3 wood id love it.
  9. Thx. I've tried a few fits in my area but found them very general and there wasn't a lot of shaft choice. I do best with lighter shafts, 60g or under in driver. I can play something like an Atnos Blue 6s and its ok but I don't 'feel' much. I prefer more feel under my hands and a nice kick without ballooning. I average over 105mph in driver but I have no problem playing 950gh stiff in my irons and they don't go too high. Mid to high ball flight with driver would be my preference but if it feels right and gives good distance i don't care really. I have a SIM max in 9 so plenty of scope to affect ball flight with loft. Currently have the stock tensei av raw in it.
  10. Looking to try some driver shafts, can anyone playing 950gh in their irons recommend a driver shaft? I like the weight, feel and kick of the nippons. Yet to find something for my driver that i like as much. Thx
  11. Adidas sponsor the Irish team u have to wear team gear.
  12. Cracked m6 3 wood and didn't notice at first. Then was noticing weird ball flight and super low spin off good strikes. I never buy used tm now
  13. It's actually a really good course, it's just the pros seem to find these places so easy now. Also the camera work doesn't do it justice.
  14. Isnt where you hit it on face bigger factor than a little bit down AOA? To OP, If i set up with my centre of my chest well behind the ball I feel I can move forward aggressively on downswing and I hit up without feeling like I am. My fault is when I think my body is well back but its not. I'm actually only kinda tilting away, thats when I start hanging back and hit way right.
  15. England, Italy, Spain, Socialist countries Wow havent heard something as funny as this in years.
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