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  1. You aren't the customer here. I really do not see how you could be upset with them.
  2. Huge swing and miss by Ford. It should have been an extension of the F150 like the late 70's - 2005 (or whenever). . I've owned a few Broncos and was excited when I heard it was coming back. This is a big letdown.
  3. The white section is a heat shrink label and you will see where it overlaps on the real DI's. The shading in the rings is also another way to determine real or fake and yours looks good. Need a better pic of the white section to say for certain
  4. Good thing you don't overreact to small problems
  5. Same here. My last three purchases from them have been returned. Condition was supposed to be certified preowned and very good. They weren't even close.
  6. 99.9% chance he's lying about where it came from. Most Matrix shafts that were for tour use were etched "not for resale". A while back Budget Golf or somebody was blowing out Matrix shafts in a variety of different colors they apparently bought when Matrix closed. As someone else said there's nothing special about the shaft other than color.
  7. Call usps back, assuming you have a case number, and have your case escalate to Consumer Affairs. They can open the case if it was actually closed and tend to get results
  8. ^^^^^ This is the one you want. The Pro 100 is a piece of crap
  9. Make your own sandpaper mandel. Quicker and much better than the wire bristle drill attachments.
  10. Agree with the advice on getting the gun and doing it yourself. It's very easy. Otherwise, I'd use Bo at Golf Tech Plano in Plano, TX
  11. Jackson "Jack" my Newfoundland pup. Probably around a year old here
  12. If you bought it on eBay go through eBay. The reason for your return will be documented on eBay in the event you have any issues. Trying PayPal first is senseless with an eBay purchase
  13. I may have jumped the gun claiming it's legit. Compare the rings on yours with one you know is legit. In the fakes the color in the rings doesn't fade much and is more of a solid color. With the legit shafts the color tends to start out solid and fade out. Hard to tell in the pics. It looks like the fading is there on yours but can't tell for certain
  14. Shaft is legit if that's what you're worried about
  15. The pro shop/golf shop in your area is great advice. Also, if you have a cardboard box manufacturer in your area you can try there as well. Boxes big enough for a driver cost $1.33 at the manufacturer in my area
  16. Niblick_99 and ProClubs on eBay usually have fair prices.
  17. 1) Mitsubishi Kai'li 80 stiff. 42" from end of the tip to end of grip cap. Has been tipped 3/4" for a 3 wood. $45 2) Fujikura Motore Speeder 7.0 stiff. 42" and has been tipped 1" for a 3 wood $45 3) Fujikura Motore Speeder 6.2 stiff. 43 1/4" and has been tipped 1/2". $65 All shafts are in great condition. All tip diameters are .335. Shipping is USPS Priority
  18. > @Jc0 said: > It will be the end of the super highend fancy football locker room. I agree with the school not paying players directly. What people seem to miss in this to is it will help a lot of lower level players as well. The NCAA is very limiting on how players can give lessons or work at camps and get money based on their skill and statue. It will allow a lot more players to go make money by giving private lessons and camps. Who is going to endorse or go to the camp of a lower level player? Nobody. This, in no way, will help any lower tier school’s player. The money, as in the pros, is going to the elite player who will, more than likely, be at a blue blood school. In looking at football, there is already a pretty wide gap between the Power 5 and the other conferences. And, within the Power 5, there is a pretty wide talent gap between the 5-6 elite teams and the rest. Parity in FBS football is already pretty bad and in all likelihood this will further increase it.
  19. > @UnderPar18 said: > I'm not saying I won't give my dog treats, but what I've seen is dogs become reliant on treats. If you don't reward them with one they won't listen. I think to your point there is a good balance that needs to be applied. I'm not expert so just trying to learn what that looks like and how that could be applied properly. It sounds like you’re off to a good start. Good thing is Labs are eager to please and pretty easily trained. I’m sure the pup will turn out great
  20. Just my opinion, but I would find a reputable training class in your area. The pup will get some socialization as well as training. Also, don’t be so quick to shy away from treats. The pup will need to be rewarded. You don’t have to give them with every obeyed command but if he knows he might get one it will make his training go more smoothly
  21. > That can be debated all day long. All I’m saying is high ticket items should have a signature attached to them. Work that cost into the price. My opinion is it’s the sellers responsibility until the buyer has possession of said item. Again my opinion. Seller is responsible for getting it to the address and not your hands. You’re responsible once it hits your property
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