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  1. It is a mindset. Being comfortable with your positioning on the course. Also, you can still break par by having your "C+" ballstriking day. I rarely see anybody break par without a very solid short-game. And the short-game applies to getting up n down for birdie from 70 yards and in just as much as it does getting up n down for Par. Look at most of your putts and be comfortably aggressive and just make sure your pitching and chipping is on point. Never mind your position in relation to par. Just keep being free. A few similar comments mirror this
  2. Anything but this! I Love my PING Cadence!
  3. Definitely not a dumb suggestion. I have quite literally willed myself to great rounds that should not have been
  4. There is really no noticeable trend. I miss a few low a few high. I have had great speed I am just not matching it to the correct line. I think it is a green-reading problem. How can someone improve green reading? I just dont think practicing green-reading is easy to transfer to the course because you will never have the same reads
  5. My green reading seems to be the issue but I dont know exactly how to solve this problem...
  6. Straight to the point... My putting has been very mediocre this season. My goal of reducing 3-putts has been a success however I am averaging 32-34 putts a round and I am consistently posting rounds of 76-->70. My problem area is my birdie putts within 15ft. I am making none of these. Burning edges all season. I am fortunate enough to have the option of playing with friends at the D1 level and other players of similar caliber. I have been using the AIMPOINT system of green reading for 4 years now for what it's worth and for whatever reason I am on a 10 month streak of making nothing. I s
  7. It is the crappy coverage. So many ads, interviews, etc. Too little golf being shown
  8. Last year had my 2016 M2 face crack on July 3rd. They were closed for the weekend or something because of July 4th holidays etc. I had a big amateur tournament on the 6th. They sent me out a brand new M5 and had a local rep drop it off. Some of the best customer service I have ever seen
  9. I am a scratch player who is currently on a 0 for 16 scrambling my last 4 rounds. I have had everything from easy pitches, flop shots, bunker shots... putting everything within 7ft and I have missed every single one of them. I need someone to blade their wedge into my shins if I don't get my next scrambling opportunity done clearly the ballstriking is crap right now too but these misses are not big. These are relatively easier up n downs :(
  10. I believe in you! It can be so hard to rid a pattern. Patience with the process and you will discover something eventually!
  11. Yeah seriously. Unless I am working with a lower handicapped player with great spatial awareness and the ability to make changes relatively easy, it isn't as productive to simply put it into words. There is an incredible amount of information online and YouTube to fix his exact issues... yet he is posting here because he is still having difficulty. I believe that finding a reputable instructor who has reputation for working with great players and isn't just a simple "pro shop head pro" will get him where he wants to be much faster than giving a 500 word essay. Dude has a lot of good things to
  12. I am a scratch player who lost last week to a member who is a 9 handicap. I shot Even par from the WHITE TEES. I just didn't make my birdie putts and had 7 pars 2 birdies. I lost on hole 7 (9 hole twilight league). Pars and bogeys will win you holes. I play in this for some fun and our membership likes for us to participate so it is a casual round for me, but even still like a comment above said, if you are steady with your own standards I started to feel pressured to make birdies,.. I made a mistake trying to cut a corner on a Par 5 with tall trees, typically a relatively easy shot for me but
  13. I know exactly how to help you but I would need to be there to be more hands-on. Its easy to type out and communicate but it won't help you lets be honest. Invest in an instructor while you still are young and have the flexibility and athleticism . You still have time to make some tweaks. You dont need a swing overhaul, what you need is a few feels to work on
  14. One of our mates is a +3. Had a stretch of rounds going 67 69 64 70. He had a week where he had back to back casual rounds where he couldn't break 85. He was missing small and having the funniest things happen to him. Drives landing cartpath and going OB, approach shots landing on sprinkler heads... lip-out putts all day. Dude... it was GREAT to watch and give him crap for. Nothing better than giving some banter to your groups Ace player
  15. Buddy of mine today missed 16 greens. 3 of those holes he had difficult recovery shots, and had to stress over two 10ft par putts. Made them all. Holed a bunker shot on our 9th hole. He shot -1.
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