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  1. Thank you so much!!! I will definitely give this a try. I posted what numbers I could remember in my response above. It’s very much a feel thing. When I’m in sync I love my current setup because my swing speed is higher. But when out of sync it’s just so hard to feel much of anything. The club just feels so light to me. And when I start fearing the left miss bad things happen. When I compared these two yesterday consistency of strike was way better with the LS. Thanks again for the advice!
  2. I normally take screenshots of my numbers but forgot to yesterday. I’m almost positive my spin rates with the LS/790 setup were in that 5500-5700 range which was about 200 rpms less than my Elevate/Apex irons. My carry distances with the LS were 155-160. Around 5 yards less than my irons. I don’t remember peak height but definitely lower than mine with descent angle with the LS being around 43-44 degrees. On course I feel like my current irons fly too high. I was fit into my current irons by a reputable fitter and we play a lot of rounds together. I’m a 6 handicap so it’s not like I’m playing terrible. I just have a hard time “feeling” this current iron set up on the course. If I go after one it’s left and then I try to back off a little and can hit wipey fades because I’m not a good enough ball striker to adjust swing speed/tempo. I think indoors with repeated swings I can start to feel what the shaft does so I make the adjustment but on the course when I’m not hitting iron after iron, inconsistencies creep in.
  3. I am currently playing Callaway Apex 2019 irons with TT Elevate 95 shafts. I’ve been super inconsistent with them lately hitting a lot of shots thin and having a big left miss if I really go after it. I got on a launch monitor yesterday and my ball speed with my 7 iron is in that 110-115 range. I was launching my 7 iron at 21-22 degrees. My driver swing speed hovers around 100-103. I tried the new P790’s with the project x ls 6.0 shaft and I loved the heavier feel at least indoors. My launch came down to 18-19 degrees. My ball speed was still in that 110-112 range with a 7 iron. I can’t swing it as fast as the Elevate shaft but my dispersion was better. I am a quick transition player but I feel like I might regret having a 120 gram shaft that’s as stout as this one is supposed to be. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts about this? Thanks!
  4. Love the look of that setup. Your head covers look sweet with the navy! Hope it works well for you.
  5. Same thing happened to me. Just like my old SM 3.5. If you can live with the pocket getting caught in the leg I think the 3.5 is a far better bag assuming you don’t mind the looks of a SM. It drove me crazy with both bags so I switched to a Hoofer Lite.
  6. I like the Carbon better. I don’t carry a lot of gear so the pocket sizes of the Carbon didn’t bother me. I hung my range finder off the towel ring on the Carbon. I think the top and divider sizes were nearly identical but it’s been a while since I used the Carbon so I can’t be sure about that. I actually moved from the Players 4 to a Hoofer Lite. Players 4 just seems to be stuck in no mans land. Not a super light carry bag, but not a lot of storage/room either. Hope this helps.
  7. I did not but I carry all the time so I wasn’t ever contemplating going bigger.
  8. A busier look than I usually use but it’s different so I figured why not.
  9. I’ve tried just about every bag that’s been discussed in this thread. I used my navy Titleist Players 4 bag for one round and returned it. It’s been a few years since I last used a Hoofer or Hoofer Lite because I remembered the club tangle being rough. Because of some of your posts I ended up buying the Mr. Ping Hoofer Lite and played my first round with it today. The bag is great. It’s so well balanced. Just so easy to carry. I forgot how much bigger the top is compared to some other bags discussed in this thread. Pocket layout is perfect for my needs. Club tangle is easily managed if you put the clubs in while the bag is straight upright. So glad I went back to Ping. Thanks for the opinions you’ve posted in this thread.
  10. I had the K1-LO bag the year before last I think. That bag gets a lot of things right but the one I had was way too flimsy for the number of rounds I play. The zipper on the ball pocket ended up breaking because I tried to close it quickly with one hand and the zipper is just not that durable. Also, that material was so thin I worried a tee would poke a hole in it. I agree with @brew4eagle
  11. Thanks. I’m not familiar with the material of last year’s Players 4 but it definitely feels more durable than the material in last years Titleist Carbon bag I used. This feels more solid than the “tent like” material used in some other bags. If I had to guess I think white would easily stain. There’s a texture to the material and I can see dirt getting in there and I think it would be tough to keep clean.
  12. I had this driver cover and was not a fan but it might be what you’re looking for. I think I was playing a callaway rogue driver at the time and it was kind of slim but very stretchy to fit over the driver head. That’s what I didn’t like about it. It was so stretched that it fit super tight and basically took on the shape of the driver head. With the big Pom I wasn’t a fan of the look. Definitely quality construction though. I still have the FW cover that I never used. If you want to see what that’s like before buying the driver cover send me a message. I’d be happy to send it to you. I’m not using it anyway.
  13. Just got the Players 4 in Navy and I’m happy with it. The top is not the biggest but I played a lot of last year with the Carbon with no issues. It’s mainly the driver section that’s tight because I put my putter in that section as well. Otherwise impressed. All the pockets I need including the pocket above the ball pocket I use for tees. Didn’t realize the range finder pocket was magnetic so that’s good. Straps feel good as well. Happy to answer any questions.
  14. Good luck with the TM bag. Hope it works out for you.
  15. The only thing that kind of worked for me was to have some gear in the apparel pocket. It seemed to pull the pocket away from the bag a little and helped with the leg issue. In my opinion, that defeated the purpose of having a lightweight carry bag so I got rid of it. Too bad because I think it’s a great bag but for that issue.
  16. I played the entire 2020 season with a Flextech Light and a Titleist Players Carbon bag. The TM bag is a solid bag. Easy to carry. Not a lot of club tangle. Just the right amount of pockets/size for me. I had two minor issues with the bag — 1. sometimes the legs would not fully retract and 2. something about the padding they use would cause the straps to making a squeaking noise on occasion. I buy and sell bags constantly so the fact that I still have the TM says something about it for me.
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