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  1. Oh boy that thing is pure - If I wasn't getting a few new bags soon I'd be all over this. Good luck!
  2. Grabbed the 15 from Brett, great to work with and very fast. Don't hesitate if you're debating one of his items!
  3. Hey everyone! It's time to let go of the past. I was holding onto my old 917D2 10.5 head in light of the new TSi3 that is in the bag. Turns out, my love is strong for the new one and I don't think I'll be going back. That being said, overall it is in good shape, but there are a few areas that I'll try to bring attention to. The top face has a few finish blemishes, not scratches, not dents, but rub marks I would call them. The bottom looks nearly fresh and clean, no marking out of any ordinary use. The face has a few sand marks, nothing out of the ordinary as well. Jus
  4. Man that TSi head is tempting. Would love to try and shore up some funds for it - Good luck!
  5. I agree, was just talking with my club pro the other day about his liking for the 915 that he ran into the ground. This one has been sitting in the closet for too long and I'm eyeing all of these TSi3's
  6. Hey guys! Still looking to move this from an older thread that is 6 feet under now. Would love to sell together to avoid multiple trips and shipping cost. 915 D3, lots of life left in it, comes with headcover - $$$SOLD$$$ Cameron Special Headcover, never gamed - $35+shipping Take them together for $70 shipped to sweeten the pot? Can text more photos if necessary. _BB
  7. Truly a great club, debated selling mine after picking up the T100, can't seem to let them go.
  8. Quite tempting, wish I had the funds! Good luck!
  9. The steal of all steals, $70 takes both! Considering shipping will be at least $10 that's a loss on my end. Let's get these off the list so we can throw this thread to the garbage!
  10. Final bump for the remaining Titleist items. Let's go for $75 shipped!
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