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  1. If the funds were available those TM's would be sold. Great listing
  2. Trade offers only thus far, let's take $25 off down to $825!
  3. WRX'ers! Tried posting this a week ago with issues about an open ad, so I hope this works this time around. The time has come to look to part ways with the T100 set that I picked up on here a few months back and go back to my trusty AP2's. The set originally came to me as 5-PW with AMT Tour White S300 shafts, which now has an added 4i with a ProjectX 6.0 shaft. All clubs are standard L/L/L, with added new BB&F ferrules and new Golf Pride MCC+4 Midsize grips (grey) - If you would like to see any additional photos please do not hesitate to ask, I am happy to text a few over. Overall great condition with standard wear and light bag chatter, although I have found these seem a little more soft than other irons regarding chatter. Iron shown is the PW to highlight wear, the rest are not showing as much. Only trade interest would be a TM Sim/Sim2 + cash, but really just looking for an easy transaction. Not in a rush to sell, so we will start this at $850 shipped CONUS. Cheers! _BB
  4. Also PM'ed the day of the ad without any luck on hearing back. Good luck fellas!
  5. Friends, golf aficionado's and WRX whores alike, the time may have come to jump off the Titleist Driver wagon and get into something that I can hit a little better. I purchased this about two months ago and have had a short love, long hate relationship with the head. There are no marks on the crown and a few impact marks on the face, the bottom shows little signs of swipe wear but no dents or dings anywhere. Happy to text more photos if need be. I'm looking to trade into a Sim2 or Sim2 Max, 10.5. If the price is right I would be open to selling but would want to try and line something up for a quick transition. Trade: Sim2 or Sim2 Max For Sale: Head and Headcover only for $375?
  6. Oh boy that thing is pure - If I wasn't getting a few new bags soon I'd be all over this. Good luck!
  7. Grabbed the 15 from Brett, great to work with and very fast. Don't hesitate if you're debating one of his items!
  8. Hey everyone! It's time to let go of the past. I was holding onto my old 917D2 10.5 head in light of the new TSi3 that is in the bag. Turns out, my love is strong for the new one and I don't think I'll be going back. That being said, overall it is in good shape, but there are a few areas that I'll try to bring attention to. The top face has a few finish blemishes, not scratches, not dents, but rub marks I would call them. The bottom looks nearly fresh and clean, no marking out of any ordinary use. The face has a few sand marks, nothing out of the ordinary as well. Just being as honest as possible knowing the audience. Happy to also text additional photos if need be. The club head will come with matching headcover, no tool. Start it up at $175 $$135 PP/Shipped to CONUS.
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