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  1. Columbus, Indiana10 hdcpTaylormade 2017 M1 8.5 w/Black Tie 6M4 or 2016 M2 10.5 w/Black Tie 6M4 depending on swing/wind/course.Would like to improve accuracy but also the feel.I am excited to try the new Motore X because who doesn’t want to try something new!!! Also, my current shaft is not easy as I’d like to work all the various shots of interest while maintaining feel and confidence.Would like to test a F1 6S Motore X for driver (mere 100-105mph club head speed) Yes, agree to participate in thread. Have Skytrak for home practice/testing and play 2 rounds a week.
  2. What beat out the Ventus, ZF, GD AD IZ? Was looking forward to a ZF at some point so curious.
  3. City and State (US Only): Columbus ,IN Handicap: 15 Current Irons: Srixon z765 Favorite Feature of the New P790 irons: thinner top line If selected, do you agree to participate in a review thread? We would ask you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the clubs? Yes
  4. Thanks guys! Model: Srixon Z785 Hand: Right handed Loft: 9.5 Shaft Model: HZDRUS Black HC 65 Shaft Flex: 6.0 Length: 45.25” Grip: Midsize NDMC Blue/Black
  5. I used the tray in the basement without the vise/shaft clamp to remove a rattle in a club I bought (someone used too much epoxy and the little bit that entered the shaft ID must have broke off from swing flex/vibration). I think I got the black tray in a local “Rural King” store, but any home improvement store should probably have one. I think it’s for the little pain rollers for trim. The bottle is a amazon special and has held up very well.
  6. I have a bench top vise that can swivel. I put the rubber protector on the shaft and then place the tray on my bench. The shaft is pointing at about 2:30 when simulating a clock from top. Seems just fine for me. Others might want a more dedicated setup...but this was essentially $5 for the rubber sleeve. I’ll try to get a photo when I clean up the bench.
  7. I just use a plastic paint tray...it’s super cheap and works well for me. It’s not the full roller size, but that would work too. Then it goes into a cheap solvent bottle via a funnel.
  8. Srixon Z-Star's just feel and spin/roll out perfect for me. But I've got 20dz Nike RZN platinum that are just about as good and will last a few years (and at $8dz a no brained).
  9. Did this company aid in the Golfsmith inventory transition? Maybe that's where some of this was from and they needed a platform to offload it?
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