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  1. I didn't like the feel of the 300 mini at all, too harsh for me. Went back on ebay within 2 days of arrival. I still think the original Xhot 3deep is the best club in this category.
  2. Yes - Shotscope sell official replacements.
  3. Gained 2 strokes per round. More shaft than head, but I've got a combo that allows me to hit the shots I see.
  4. Anyone had any issues changing strap? New strap misses shots and only guarantees to work if I physically tap the tag against the strap. Any ideas before I switch back to the old strap? I've reached out to shotscope.
  5. Another vote for the ZX7.
  6. I play MP20 HMBs that have Project X 5.5 LZ 115g shafts. 7 iron club speed averages 78 mph. 150 carry, 5,000 spin. Figures are averages from a mevo with range balls outside, but close enough to what i've seen on quad etc. The optimal strike spin is in the 5,200-5,700 window which is probably what I'd expect for this style of club. Current shaft was in the top 3 choices on a mizuno optimiser in a previous fit but I just don't like them. To me they feel a bit lifeless and like i struggle to load them. Tempo is on the deliberate side of moderate. Consi
  7. Buying a driver based on the results of a website getting lots of people to hit thousands of balls is pointless and won't mean you end up with the best driver for you.
  8. Surely one 30 second read of the website tells you all you need to know about this.
  9. You joke but the Mizuno ST190 driver did come in a "10.5 HL".
  10. Looks like there is a similar device for full swing called "steadhead" available from golfswingsystems. The guy in the videos has one hell of a swing....
  11. '17 M2 feels about the right level. That seems to be the way for most the companies this year, except maybe Titleist. Arguable that Titleist have caught up rather than overtaking though. I think people can literally pick their favourite in looks/sound/feel and with a good fitting get near identical performance from all of the current crop.
  12. That driver is horrific. What a step down from last year in the looks department. Making some odd moves PXG, not sure how taking the brand into mainstream pricing will work for them.
  13. Those weights ruin the look of these for me. They should have moved away from the fast and furious alloy wheel style.
  14. You could also try the 8 iron shaft in the 9 iron and via versa to achieve the optimum gapping without mixing the set. Think half an inch is worth 3-4 yards, but others may have more experience of trying this.
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