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  1. When you watch the YouTube videos of new driver releases that tell you they perform exactly the same as last year, but you mysteriously convince yourself there is more ball speed and better performance.
  2. Jamie_Tee

    Sink Golf

    I've got one, there are some pictures in another thread. Ollie was great to deal with and putter arrived very quickly. Great quality for the price in my opinion.
  3. I had something very similar happen to my QB8 which was a factory bronze PVD. Stripped it back to raw and love it more than ever.
  4. I go driver down to 5 wood. 3 wood off deck is too much of a high tariff shot, I rarely see amateurs hit it well. I'd guess it costs average golfers more shots than it gains over a season. Shotscope have shown that 3 wood is about 1% more accurate than driver off the tee, so what's the point in using it for safety. 5 wood is more versatile and doesn't give up much distance off the tee for me vs 3 wood.
  5. I still haven't got over the $2,000 - $3,000 Swag headcovers.
  6. If postage +import tax to the UK wasn't such an issue I'd be all over this.
  7. Go there with an open mind and see where they can improve your game the most. Maybe they will surprise you.
  8. Have you played with the lie angle? Upright might be worth experimenting with.
  9. Just seems lazy for a manufacturer to make them sound crap these days. They know how to tweak the sound. The G425 is such a poor sounding driver and did effect my decision to buy it. Back in the days of the sumo I think things were a bit different.
  10. The ZX I go to ZX5 in the 6 iron. I have an 11 yard gap between average 6i and average 7i - taken from my shotscope stats. This is standard without bending. So I wouldn't worry too much about tinkering with lofts personally, they seem well suited to blending in my experience. In reply to another question about fliers. You can definitely step on the a lot ZX5 more than the ZX7. My stock 6 iron is 165, but I can push this out to 180 much easier than I could any other irons. My ZX7 7 iron averages 155 but I cant squeeze it past 160. Favourite club in the bag is that 6 iron though, has made me consider going 7 iron in ZX5 as well.
  11. There is only two reasons not to be able to hit a draw/fade with modern drivers. You can't control club path, or you can't control the club face. Nobody has yet made a driver to defy physics, but I'm sure they are trying.
  12. I've ordered from Sink golf and only have good things to say. The quality for the price is amazing. Look much better with the "SG" stamp rather and "sink" in my opinion. I've got one of the wide bodies, but centre shaft. Get it stamped with something cool and forgot about resale value!
  13. I watched that review and couldn't see what that product does that the T-stroke doesn't (for one third of the price as well). https://www.golfswingsystems.co.uk/t-stroke/
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