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  1. All the content I have seen from Steve is great and his videos with Eric Cogorno are all really good. Does he do his own thing for online or do you have to go through Cogorno golf? Was curious if he had his own separate thing for on-line.
  2. I strongly recommend considering Bob Grissett. He is extremely reasonably priced for online and does a live video chat to give you feedback, swing analysis, and then gives you video learning modulars. I think he could be perfect for exactly what you are looking for here.
  3. Anyone here have experience with Stan Utley's App or know any instructors who teach Stan Utley's approach to putting. I am not able to get to Grayhawk anytime soon and $500/hr (3 hour minimum) is more than I can pay for a lesson. Interested if anyone has experience with the App or know of any other instructors who teach Stan's approach. I started converting over to his approach a year ago and really like the "dead weight" concept to improve my speed control.
  4. Thanks OP - just picked up 3 wedges I didn't need yet... Was going to replace my RTX4 at the end of the season, so I figured I'd try a few of these to see what works. I love a good soft, forged wedge. Have there been any other good 2nd Swing deals? I missed the days of the Miura wedges - that was amazing back in the day. Anything else of interest recently? If they don't work out, I have my KBS shafts for my next wedge at minimum. Great deal.
  5. If real time feedback is what you need, you should consider Monte's Game Improvement Plan - it is a cost effective way to do check-ins on how the swing is going. You can send him swings 1-2 times a week on what you are working on from your video or Factime lesson, and he'll check in on how you are doing. That seems like what you are looking for. That being said, agree with what folks here have said - if you feel like Dan is in touch with what you need to work on, 2 weeks is an awful short amount of time to let change set it.
  6. @Hawkeye77 Thanks for posting your review of the clinic. I love seeing the reviews - brings back good memories of my experience. Incredible value for the price, and I really enjoyed the experience. It is great learning from the other golfers, from +2 to 20+ handicap. The smaller clinic size seems perfect and the only thing I would have wanted to change from my clinic. For those of you on the fence, definitely give the clinic a shot. Your golf game will thank you.
  7. Just catching up on this thread after a few months. Congrats Schnee! Will you be joining "the staff" for Monte's clinic in Houston this fall? That would be a treat for the attendees of 'what is possible' when you start with Monte... . At least a chance to meet the star who cameos in Monte's videos. Good luck on the next chapter of your journey.
  8. I have not done it yet, but I have heard great things about Redbird Sports and their Avian wedge fitting system from several local pros and good players. The clubs look amazing, as long as you are open to custom clubs versus needing to have "branded names"- they make beautiful clubs and really great quality. I think they have an indoor studio if that is an issue for you, but indoor vs. outdoor shouldn't really make a difference since they can measure all your AoA/etc. Good luck - their studio is right down the street from Jefferson Park Golf Course.
  9. I struggled with feeling slope after my first aimpoint group lesson using the normal method until an aimpoint instructor had me trying feeling the slope straddling the ball from the low side of the target line during a refresher course; pressing into the slope and then determining break that way. That stepchanged my reading of slope and it is so easy now. I tried the normal method and plumb-bob and both were inconsistent. Standing into the slope from the lower side made it so much easier for me.
  10. Good luck on this one - this has been my pain and suffering the past 3-4 months. Do a search of "left shoulder down" in the instruction forum. There are 2-3 great threads on this topic with some great advice and videos. See if you can find something that works for you and would highly recommend finding an instructor you trust that can help you on this one for what is right for your swing. It can be many things - issues in the backswing even before you get into the top of backswing or the move you are making in transition. It really depends.
  11. Looks like Monte released his 2021 camp calendar recently- one thing for those asking the question on Game Improvement Plan and clinics you may want to consider. If you are new to working with Monte and are planning on attending the camp, I'd strongly encourage you trying the game improvement plan before you start. Why? I think you'll get more out of the camp and get a jumpstart out of the camp. He offers a discount for video lesson and discount on the camp for being in the game improvement plan, which basically would pay for the first two months of the game improvement plan (which you can quit at anytime if it doesn't work). I'm in the Game Improvement Plan and went to the camp (both which I highly recommend), but if I could do it all over again, I'd sign up for game improvement plan 2 months before the camp (pay for the camp and video right away with your game improvement plan discount, which will basically pay off your first two months of the plan - then work on your swing for 2 months before the camp from your video lesson so you get a jump start. Once you get through the camp and feel comfortable working with Monte, then I would sign up for the 1 year after the camp since then you can get a discount on the monthly rate and your next video lesson for free. You really should give swing changes at least a year and the price is extremely reasonable so isn't that much of a risk (a year of working with Monte for the price of just alittle more than 3 private lessons) and you can avoid reverting back to your old habits which is what happened after I went to the camp and then did a private lesson with him about 6 months later. That is what I would do if I could do it all over again. Just an added option for folks considering the game improvement plan and summer clinic instead of just waiting. It is an amazing value, but this is a great low-risk way to see if it is for you that I would have done with what I know now. Not doing it this way cost me about 10 months of progress after my first camp with Monte when I tried to implement changes on my own. I can almost guarantee you that you'll get more out of the camp, especially with Monte already having knowledge about your swing and what you are working on so it essentially becomes like live, private instruction in the clinic forum, which is still extremely valuable seeing others and their struggles.
  12. You should consider a Facetime lesson with Monte. I did one in December with him - I don't feel like I lost that much from a live in-person lesson. I have done live lessons with him in the past, and I felt the remote live lesson was still very helpful.
  13. I have been struggling with this one for several months. Agree with all of the above - I suggest getting some help (maybe consider someone else if your current pro is not working out) since there are a host of sources of the problem and a host of potential solutions. Many times the issues start well before the transition move down. It also will take time as your natural tendency is probably like me, spin shoulders and dump the right shoulder. Can you do this move? https://www.instagram.com/p/CJ8_MALFDGE/ Might be a good starting point. I would video yourself and make sure your club is actually staying below the line. A good test/feel to try. For me, I've needed to feel adding more left side bend to already being in left tilt at the start of transition given my tendency to want to raise the left shoulder and then add the Justin Rose video from glk above.
  14. Monte has recently been doing a clinic with Chase Cooper in Houston - that would be the camp I would attend if I could choose any. Not sure if that is in the 2021 plans, but definitely worth making the trip if you are reasonably close.
  15. The camp is a great setup - it was my first introduction into Monte. He has a great setup and process and you get to experience the Hackmotion, Boditrak, and get on the Flightscope. The group learning is awesome and shows off Monte's gift at quickly diagnosing and simplifying the single best thing you can do to improve. Unfortunately, our on-course session day got cancelled, but it was a great immersion into Monte's approach to the golf swing and really helped me get value out of his videos (since I could understand where all the troubleshoot and drills came from) and his instruction approach going forward. The only minor "wish for" I had for the clinic was more 1on1 time since we had 12 attendees, but Monte has addressed that with limiting his clinic size of 8, which feels like the perfect number. You won't be disappointed if you go. The clinic helped debunk a lot of my bad myths about the golf swing, but my improvement afterwards wasn't as fast as I hoped because of how easy it is to revert back to old habits or over analyze things with all of these new insights on the golf swing. That is why his Game Improvement Plan is so great and why I've been able to get rid of some of the stubborn issues I struggled with making progress between an on-line lesson every 3 months or if I could get a private lesson every few months. I'd highly recommend the clinic to come up with a game plan and decide how you improve from there. It is a great value for the amount of golf time you get. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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