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  1. Ryan Moore no longer among them.
  2. If you look at the description of flight tendencies on their website, the only options are draw and slight draw. Not good for those of us that prefer a neutral to fade bias … I guess they are assuming you’ll go back to the Maverik subzero Fairway if that is your preference? Hit the LS version of the driver this weekend and loved it.
  3. SIM sound and feel is one of my favorites, so wouldn’t say the new Epic is better. But not a deal breaker like the EFSZ.
  4. Borrowed the speed ls demo today. 9 degree with smoke 6.0 shaft. Typically, I am a very straight driver of the ball, prefer just a small cut to keep it controllable. Driver speed is around 97-100 and I’m a one handicap. For what that’s worth…I game a SIM Max with a diamana TB. Very neutral flight, 13 of 14 fairways. Driver wants to go straight. Sound reminds me of the Titleist TSI series...def not epic flash sound. Louder than SIM. I like a driver that eliminates left, and the cally did that. Face looks very square at address...Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve played
  5. This pic help? Lol. Have one as well, playing tomorrow and will take a pic at address to give you an idea of how it sits. No way to tell in a living room. Simulator suggested that it was less left biased than my G410 hybrid.
  6. His mistake was the heat of the moment and wrong. He would take it back 1000 times if he could. Their judgement of the mistake was thought out and calculated. No more Ralph purchases for me. However, many companies may be realizing that clothing endorsements do little to move the needle for sales and are looking for any reason to cut expenses in this environment.
  7. No trades at this time, please. Will consider heads only for the right offer. These are beauties, can’t stop looking at them in the bag! 2020 P770’s shafted with Project X LZ 6.0 and golf pride z’s. Maybe 5 rounds total on them. 5-gap, 7 clubs. Also have a set of Ping awt 2.0 stiff with TV Aligns I can install before shipment if you are so inclined. Play very much like modus 105s. Currently 1 flat, 1 strong but can adjust to buyer’s requested specs before shipment. Aggressively priced at $sold shipped in the CONUS. That’s $128 a club vs $175 new, not to mention tax savings. T
  8. What’s your swing path tendencies, I’ve never had anything similar to that with mine, but I’m a shallow divot player (1ish handicap). More variability based on AOA perhaps?
  9. Thanks for looking! All prices include shipping in the CONUS. Not interested in trades at this time. On to the goods: 1. 3 rounds on this PXG Proto x+ 10.5 head. No flaws. Some lead tape on the toe that I can remove. Pics with the details. Shaft plays at 46. Great feel/sound... shipped. open to head sale only for $ sold. 2. Lightly used PXG Camo bag with 2 straps and matching rain cover. These are pricey with shipping thru Pxg. Sold shipped. Check eBay pricing. 3. Ping glide 2.0 58 degree. Maybe 4 rounds, sticking with my eye 2 version. 1 degree
  10. @Phabs agreed. I’ve just used the putter well divider as my handle in the past. Sold a camo and volt colored sport lite a while back and have regretted it ever since.
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