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  1. Vlx is offered in both single and double strap options. Think it’s too small for 5 pounds though.
  2. No clue there is was a market for stock headcovers! I’m rooting for you! Best stock one IMO.
  3. I’ve played in a ton of tournaments, Club championship and state. Unequivocally, playing in a state event has never impacted my desire Or pressure to win my club event, or my nerves. Winning is winning. The only thing that helps is focus on the process and understanding that winning is often the byproduct of prep. Not sure I ever want to create a scenario where I try to play mind games of the value of the tourney. All of our heads are our own, but that rings a “I didn’t win but it didn’t matter” mentality. Again, my head, not yours.
  4. Can’t imagine maintaining a smaller green is much cheaper. My guess it’s the expense of keeping them from shrinking as the culprit.
  5. Before we go into a rabbit hole of assuming we know the answer, my guess is it could be proposed for several different reasons. Obviously the lower handicap bias has already been proposed…with some passion. Lol. there are also a few other possibilities. 90% of all the tournaments played at a club are of the net nature. A high percentage of those tournaments also have a partner. My guess is the folks proposing this format have either been exhausted by sandbagging at the club...or... Another suggestion is that the handicap system is not necessarily built well to accommodat
  6. @mjwolfpack1thanks. Purchased here www.thecourseatsewanee.com They had others when I did. Also had purple with white piping as well.
  7. Maybe a half club longer with the cf’s. Love the feel of the pings with the awt 2.0 shafts, a bit more spin as well. Trajectory about equal and the lifts are about the same. I am able to move the ball both ways with the Callaways however. made more birdies per round with the apex’s so far but it’s early. Not a fan of the jpx line, look great just don’t fit me well.
  8. They have several colors at our local store as well. Black is definitely the best color imho. Like the addition of the tee pocket, but prefer last years color options.
  9. Prefer a TM tip and at least 44.25 length. Thanks!
  10. I just picked up a set for a great price with most of the irons still in plastic. One round in and I have to say they are very solid. Hit 15 of 18 greens. I also have a set of i210s, that I absolutely love playing, but get frustrated with how the finish looks like a drug them behind my car.
  11. @TomBomb51 Lol. Never miss on the toe for sure. Sweet spots are actually towards the heel on most irons, but not on the hosel.
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