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  1. I pressure wash my white bags from time to time and it works great. I use low pressure settings and dries quickly. No issues with tears. I started with an older one to test and it worked. Also works with shoes.
  2. Good timing. Went thru many witb’s and noticed not as many hybrids even in the pre Open set ups at the PGA level. see why they take it out for The Open, but few and far between when in normal tourneys. LPGA is more prevalent.
  3. If you are considering an SL2, find one and make sure you like the pocket access. They are very tight. Sold mine, and my buddy hates his. Scuffs his hands every time he gets in the pockets. I just picked up a vessel lite and love it. Premium feel and look, but pockets are ideal for my needs. Weighs 4 pounds.
  4. First round with vessel lite bag yesterday. Normally don’t like black bags, just too hot. However this one was outstanding. Top is not overly large, but adequate with dividers keeping tangle at a minimum. Love the fabric. If they make a navy, may add it as well. Need to see the white in person, think it’s made of a different material.
  5. A bit busy…or bored. TSI3 P770’s Vessel lite wedges next
  6. this one? Sold it and immediately regretted it. Post office lost it to boot.
  7. I’m a shorter golfer as well, and have found lie angle much more critical for performance than club length for me. Shorter in height normally means shorter arms as well, so that brings standard length into an acceptable range. When you start trimming clubs more than a quarter to a half inch, swing weights fall off the charts, and potentially start losing so significant distance. YMMV. fwiw, I play standard length everything but 2.5 flat on irons. Fairway woods are critical for lie angle adjustments.
  8. This! Can’t stand the extra groove on the 3.0’s.
  9. Love mine, played some of my best golf under pressure with them. Wish they held up better. They get beat up looking with the finish they use. Still feel great!
  10. I have the original SIM Max set to a bit lower and agree with @craz-e Easy to move left to right and the sound is great to my ears.
  11. I read that sound is part of your decision. I know sound is subjective, but I have bought and sold 2 sets of 770’s because of sound. Fall in love with the look, but get a funky sound with them every know and then. Not so much with the t’s.
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