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  1. I am always looking to generate more spin, very similar numbers as you. I have found that Iblades or i210’s have been my best spin numbers with forgiveness.
  2. Going back a topic, but wondering if you have found the 425 LST to be a bit less fade biased than the 410? I’ve tested them against each other, and I seem to find the left side a little bit more frequently with the newer generation. Perhaps it’s just a head that I’ve been testing? I know we’ve messaged about this before, but a driver that moves left under pressure is not a lot of fun to have in the bag.
  3. Curious about the Florida influence on the irons?
  4. First of all, congrats. Just remember, the more you play and enjoy the club, the better the deal you’re getting for the fees you pay. Try to get a couple of groups you play with on a regular basis, those connections are a ton of fun and end up getting you out to play more golf. Find some members outside of your normal demographic to become friends with as well. By and large, you will see members very welcoming. Your age group is critical for club success, and the feedback you can give as to what appeals to your family is invaluable. You will encounter a few folks that have been members for a
  5. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone set up why they were selling irons so extensively… You are clearly more patient than I am . Great looking irons, good luck with sale.
  6. First one was the mesh pocket inside the ball pocket came off. Second was a separation of the glove/side pocket from the main body of the bag.
  7. @slingshot1981 will snap a pic when I get back home tonight. Not too snug, but hasn’t fallen off either.
  8. Agreed! I’ve owned 2 k1-LO’s and had durability issues with both about 8 months in. Store credited me each time. and will probably buy another one. I know they have thin material, but so many good things as well. 2021 color options are not as good IMO.
  9. My handle would tell you my order intentions!
  10. Yellow is almost as bad as the Velcro split strap. Don’t quite understand the need for the 2 straps. Pain in the rear. I use a buck club mallet with magnet. Easy
  11. I walk almost all of my rounds and there is a tremendous difference in a few pounds. Many places like Pebble and Bandon have caddie bags by the way to reduce weight. They will put your gear in a light weight bag VS carrying a heavier one.
  12. Great looking gear, think those wedges are the 3.0’s?
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