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  1. Thanks for looking! All prices include shipping in CONUS. All are within my 90 day exchange except the bag, so no low ball offers please. Trade interests include: Scotty Phantom x 5.5 33 inch Cool stand bags 1. Lightly used black Vessel Lite. Excellent condition, rain cover and leg strap included. Greystone CC logo on pocket but very subtle. Sold shipped. 2. Evnroll ER1V 34 inch. Used maybe 8 rounds. $300 shipped. HC included 3. Titleist TSI3 10 degree. No headcover. Will ship with tool if needed. Clean crown and in great shape. $sold shipped 4. 2021 p790’s. Standard length, 1 flat. Modus 105R with TM tour velvets. 5-pw. Can probably get the new 4 iron for additional cost if needed. 3 rounds! Save $300+ at my expense. $sold shipped. 9 iron face pictured as most “used”. 5. Lightly used TM Sim2 Ti 19 degree. Tensei Blue 65s. Stock grip. Clean crown, HC included. $sold shipped
  2. 10 gram weights standard for the 33 in this head? Great looking putter!
  3. Hard to tell for sure from the pics, are the shafts the 95g version? Thanks
  4. Good bet. Hard to argue with the outcome for sure. Losing 7 of last 9 with similar odds had me questioning. Thrilled beyond belief!
  5. Come to find out, we were favorites!
  6. Like them. The hoodie today was cool. Trying to find it online but no success so far.
  7. As the OP, thrilled with the day. Hope we keep up the good putting. Rahm is nails.
  8. Same story 8 of the last 9 for favorite. Is there something coming for team vs individual rankings? Today was awesome!
  9. How can a team that has won 7 of last 9 cups be underdogs? They have been underdogs in 8 of those 9…. 1 is a fluke, 2 is lucky perhaps….7 of 9 means they are better than we are in this format. How are they not favored?
  10. If we can win 7 of the next 9…yes and I didn’t say or imply anything in your quotes.
  11. For what it’s worth, Europe has thrived under the underdog role while kicking our rear ends the majority of the time. They spent the majority of the time in their press conference talking about everything was set up for them to lose, and we just seem to let them create their own narrative. I am lost as to how they can be considered underdogs over and over when we’re all aware of how world ranking points are calculated versus where you play. It frees them up to play stress free, they can’t lose. It almost seems as though we tee it up for them (pun intended) every Ryder Cup, and it’s exhausting. If I’m in the players room, I’m using this as fuel! GO USA!
  12. Great shot. Had the same exact thing happen in a tourney. 2’s are still good!
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