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  1. Can you tell me how this Oban plays in a Titleist head? I've hit the 06 version, but don't have experience with this shaft. Thanks.
  2. Tom Watson is a sweeper/picker. His swing is pretty good. I think there was a thread on this topic a few months bag that was fairly technical about iron design. If memory serves, recommendations for AP2's and Cb2. I agree that thin soles are better for most. I loved my I-302's as well for the sweeper in me.
  3. Looking for any trades? I am in the market for these irons, but have a credit at my local shop. Thanks.
  4. Are the iron heads still available? Like the custom work. What shafts do you have in them now? I've been back and forth on 800 pros and shafts for a while. Can't decide. Big fan of original rifles, but considering others now.
  5. Just ordered a set of AR-1''s, 5-W with several custom options, ferrules, paintfill, etc. Scratch was very easy to deal with, and very accomodating. Will update when they arrive and have a chance to hit them.
  6. [quote name='Aragolf' timestamp='1318540764' post='3669191'] If anyone wants the heads i'd be interested in the Ctapers. Let me know. [/quote] I would be interested pending the breakdown of the $$$. I know the SW is D4 at +1 length. Any idea at standard? Guessing D2ish.
  7. The adams tour prototype's are the only ones I've been able to keep right of the target. I've tried them all, liked the titleist, but the adams just don't hook...esp under pressure.
  8. What are the swing weights on these? Any trade interests? X-forged?
  9. How does the face angle for the two compare? R looks fairly square, D2 square to a hair closed at times.
  10. anyone try these with rifles or project x? Tried a set with SL 300's in them. Liked the ball flight,but I am a rifle guy. Hard to walk away from them. Any change in feel or ballflight? Thanks.
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