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  1. Can someone help me on this one? Can I just tip trim the shaft and the butt cut to final length.
  2. Can someone help me on this one. Can I just tip trim the shaft and the butt cut to final length.
  3. Hi Howard, I tried to send you a massagebur your box was full so I try here. Hi Can you help me how to hardstep a Prjoject X 6.5 Non-Flighted .370 parallel tip into hardstepping. I never done it before so some info would be really helpfull. I saw that you wrote that any 3/16 of a inch raise stiffness, how much will a haw to tiptrim each shaft to get fcm 7.4 that 6.5 hardstep is? if the shaft offered a 7.0 in .370 I could bought that :) Best regard Carl I dont know that shaft, so this is a general guide line. No matter TIP, if the shaft is DESCENDING weight, they should be consid
  4. I wonder if Project X iron shaft makes in 7.0 .370 parallel, on website only show 6.5 for the .370 and on ebay etc they show .370 in 7.0.. let me now if you have some info. What I know so are the .370 parallel only sell in 41 inch raw length att website, other sites show 37 inch up to 41 and so on. Thanks
  5. Tour Exotics CBX T3 13 degree with Aldila Xtorsion Copperhead 70 TX. 43 inch Golfpride Velvet Grip Right Handed In perfect condition! Free shipping included. 275 Usd
  6. Has anyone hit both Matrix Hm3 Black tie 95X hybrid shaft and Tensei Pro White Hybrid 90 or 100 TX that can give me some info in terms of Launch, spin etc. I have a 16 degree Adams Super Lsp hybrid with a Hm3 Black Tie 95 X that perform well, just wonder if the tensei pro white will produce lower spin and even better trejectory.
  7. I need some help to find the lowest spin hybrid combo I can get. Dont care if it will cost 500 usd to found it :) Prefer 14-16 degree head, fade baised, older or newer models dosent matter to me. shaft that comes in mind for me will be the Tensei Pro White TX 90/100 grams. Hm3 black tie XX-stiff. are not looking for any steel shaft. Dont like to heavy shaft in hybrids...what els?
  8. I saw you have udi #3 in tensei pro white 90tx and then udi #4 with kcs c taper 130 X, how do you compare these 2? Im not sure I like 130 grams shaft thou... Do you know any great hybrid combos aswell?
  9. Anyone know a solid hybrid/Udi combo for high swing speed player. Low launch and spin. I was thinking Taylor made UDI 1 Iron with a Tensei Hybrid 90 TX etc. Any other combos? or even hybrids combos?
  10. I play 60tx tipped 1 inch at 125mph. For me it's perfect. For reference, I have a swing to parallel, a deep hinge, and very late release. It dont feel lose when you go for it to or get a tendency to go left ? I bought the Tensei Orange V2 of you for a while but sold it, kind a miss that shaft now, but it was a little soft, but the best feeling shaft I ever tried..
  11. Anyone who hit both Pro Orange 70 TX and the Pro Orange 60 TX and compared spin and feel of the shaft ? I thinking of buying the 60 TX but I am worried it will feel to lose compared to the 70 TX (SS 130 +). Any thoughts? especelly from high swingspeed players. If I go for the 60 TX it will be 1.5 inch tipped.
  12. Will all Tensei pro Orange that says Mitsubitshi Chemical printed on the shaft be the finished retail version or can it be some other previous models to ?
  13. Mint Conditon - Up for sale are a rare and tour issue Callaway Epic Sub Zero 9 degree with a House Of Forged premium shaft called 59. Head The Spec's on the head are 9.1 degree. 1.1 open. 196 gram with a 6 and 12 gram weight (without adapter). I also have a 17 gram weight that includes. Shaft - Mint Condition House Of Forged 59 : X-Stiff, it has a reinforced tip section that are extremely strong and only weigh 59 grams. 2.9 torque and High Bend point. Easy to load the shaft and delivers fast swingspeed due to the low shaft weight and therefore faster ballspeed with low spin from the stiff
  14. Tested the Mevo for the first today and it was very accurate. Will be alot more testing in the future. Finaly a cheaper device that measures ballspeed good. The other can be worked on :)
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