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  1. I think you need to go try some more shafts to dial that in. I'd be real leary of the regular F3 I had those once and had to use a bunch of lead tape to feel the head. 95 stiff weight sounds about right but go hit some more. I'm about your age handicap and swing speed I'd bet.
  2. What was your take on the face angle, sits square or?
  3. I How do you order hot melt, like you say 5 grams neutral? That it, thx?
  4. 1. City, State? Cranston RI 2. Handicap? 8 3. Current driver setup? Ping G400 MAX 9* UST PROFORCE V2 6F4 4. What KBS TD wood shaft do you want to win? CAT 3 60g S 5. Why do you want to win a KBS TD shaft? Lighter and stiffer driver shaft seems like faster swing speed. 6. Would you be open and honest about your swing with an expert from KBS? YES!
  5. I think the name RAD is pretty cool for this new Cobra line. Any interesting story you want to share on how that name got picked?
  6. Anybody know what the price on the G425 MAX driver is going go be?
  7. SHOP PERFORMANCE TESTIMONIALS AMBASSADORS NEWS 1 Your Cart (1 item) Item Price Quantity Total Sqairz Men's Golf Shoes ARROW - Black with Gray Size: 9.5
  8. How To Enter In a post below, answering the following questions 1. MANCHESTER LANE TEST FACILITY, Acushnet, MA 2. Cranston RI 5. 7.2 4. Ping G400 MAX 9* Tour 65 Stiff 5. YES Ping Tour Van 6. Titleist TSi2 7. Yes
  9. In a post below, answer the following: City, State? Cranston RICurrent wedges? Lefty SM7 52-08F SM7 58-10SWhat conditions do you play in (soft, average, firm)? AverageOne thing that would improve your current wedges? More forgivingDo you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? YesDo you agree to write a review on Cleveland Golf's website? Yes
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