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  1. Agreed. Following qualified by the fact for the last 20+ years, I have played nothing but Mizuno and Titleist (with a brief fling with Ping) and that I have lived in Japan for 4-1/2 years and actually ordered Mizuno product from Japanese retailers sourced from Yoro. Happy for anybody to have their own taste - especially Pure in his own WITB... However, IMO not only do I respectfully disagree with both subjective opinions quoted, but I also offer that it obfuscates the fact that for decades Mizuno has produced iron sets that were legendary from 1i through 7i or 8i whilst the 8, 9, PW look
  2. Big Bertha Fusion 13.5* head in excellent condition. Comes with 12g weight and stock headcover. $110 shipped to 48. Thanks!
  3. I always keep my head over on between shots. Just don’t use it in a wet round and forget about it in the bag. Unless it sits in a wet headcover for a few days the finish will be alright if you just wipe it down with baby oil or a silicone rag after every round. The little bit of rust it might get will not be very noticeable from address. Only if you look closely eventually you’ll start seeing some browning.
  4. Old school. Love the carbon feel.
  5. I just picked up an Asian spec circa 62 #3. I believe it’s original finish. Are these carbon putters with black oxide finish? I assume so. Where can I buy a silicone cloth to keep this from browning? I’m waiting to get the putter and from the pics it looks original. Will post for judgement. :) I’ve always just used baby oil on mine. There’s an eBay store out of Australia that sells a lot of the Asian spec models in really good shape. Pricing isn’t bad either factoring in the exchange rate.
  6. I come over the top and usually hit a 5-10 yard fade that comes back to center. Same results with the AP1’s. Really like them. I hit them vs. my Nike Covert Forged both with KBS tours and I was only getting 4-5k spin with a 7 iron. Little low but I don’t have a problem rolling off greens with my Nikes. Wonder if I should try and get fit for different shafts or if it’s just the sim.
  7. I wanted to like the G700’s too. The AP1’s are forgiving enough and go just as far. The feel is WAY better though on the AP1. And I’m playing the Covert forged which are a good feeling GI iron IMO.
  8. I agree. Somebody please tell me they sound okay with a premium ball! Been comparing them for days now outside with range balls and they perform similar to my 718 AP1s ( okay better than my Titleist irons:-). But sound is indeed terrible! You guys who own them...are they sweeter on the fairway grass?? Was really excited about the g700’s but tried the 718 AP1’s as well and am more impressed with those.
  9. I think you have to go through the Vokey website
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