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  1. I was talking with a buddy of mine and he was telling me that the colored multicompound not the black or the white but all the other colors that they harden faster. I want to stock up on the Michigan colored version but not if they won’t hold up. Does anyone have any insight on if this is really a thing or just one of those equipment myths that float around from time to time? If this isn’t the right place mods please feel free to move to the appropriate section.
  2. Kell-pro sells them direct. I actually just ordered 3 of them in various colors to match different bags. They are only $9.99 a piece so it’s a very worth while purchase if protecting you bag is a concern. While I don’t have the white leather vessel bag (my vessel I picked up second hand recently is grey), I do have a couple other white bags and didn’t want that ring of dirt where the strap from the cart would be so picked them up. Definitely worth it in my opinion.
  3. I’m actually up to 7 bags which is why I would like something a little nicer to dress the room up and make it look more organized. Lol and I truly believe that this rack will turn into wainscoting around the room with no wall visible. Hahahaha. At the moment only 3 bag have clubs. One gamer set up, one back up bag, and one miscellaneous bag with shafts umbrellas and such. Forgot to mention the shelving will help with the 10 pairs of shoes and the 30 dozen golf balls as well. Some great inspiration has been shared for sure.
  4. I was lucky on mine. 770 showed up quick but mc was supposed to be March. Then they showed up last week. Ordered combo set Christmas Day and had everything on the 14th after being told of a delay so hold out hope.
  5. I could see how weight management could become an issue really quickly.
  6. That came out really nice for being plywood. Like the big shelves in the center.
  7. Building it myself does seem to be the only option. I’m more of a demolition guy then a finish guy so it may not turn out real great. Thanks for the help I do appreciate it. Definitely want wood versus the metal racks.
  8. Ok so I have a bit of a golf bag addiction and the wife says I need to clean things up and get organized instead of just lining the walls of a room. As I started to look around on the various search options what I have found is the different racks available seem to all be made of metal. What I was looking for is a wooden option that will hold two bags with shelving either to one side or dividing the bags. The problem is I can’t seem to find any wood racks that fit this description. Does anyone know where something like this might exist and could you please point m
  9. Driver with a tailwind?
  10. I’m debating trying to get in touch and switch to mb.
  11. I ordered a combo set Christmas Day. 770’s are supposed to be here 1/12 but the mc’s they are saying won’t be delivered until mid March.
  12. Yes all of the irons do have that same indentation in the same spot. And mine were a direct order from Taylormade so there isn’t a chance for fraud heads. Glad my son took these from me or I wouldn’t have been able to check.
  13. I have the 58 xlow. I really enjoy it as I am a very shallow swinger and my normal course gets quite firm the summer. I do switch to the regular low bounce for spring and fall when things get damp again. This reminds me I need to update my witb.
  14. Hybrid cover, new to me bag, and a combo set of p770, p7mc coming my way. Guess I was good this year and much easier sitting on my wallet now.
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