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  1. I have had both and don’t think you can go wrong either way. I had the vessel cobra bag and it was a great bag. Much bigger than the utility trouper I picked up for this season. Form, function, and durability have been fine with both walking or riding on a cart. Only switched to the jones this year as I was looking for something a bit smaller than the vessel bag for the daily rounds. I did sell the vessel bag but not due to any flaws with the bag. I also never experienced any of the issues people have spoke about in the warning thread for the vessel bags.
  2. I play this same set up. Only difference is I have milled grind 2 in the 54 & 58. I also rotate in an rtx4 58 in 3 degrees of bounce as the course I play gets really hard July and most of August and the milled grind doesn’t go lower than 8 degrees of bounce.
  3. I ordered p7mc on 8/14@3:30pm custom not a stock set and they arrived 8/28@1pm. Exactly two weeks and have them going in play today which is still a full week before retail.
  4. perfect thank you. I was looking on their site for local dealers but must have overlooked it. Thanks again
  5. Can anyone recommend a dealer for these shafts? Local shop has no info and google keeps sending me nothing but LZ.
  6. I do still have this bag. I would consider selling it but the shipping costs make it difficult. If you want send me a pm and we can discuss things further.
  7. The straps don’t bother me. Just had to adjust length for fit as I’m a bigger guy. I don’t know where the trouble guys are having is coming from. I couldn’t be happier with mine and am even thinking about adding a second color way to my rotation so I’m not using one bag every time out, save on some wear and tear.
  8. Saw this and didn’t realize how single branded I had become. Taylormade driver, 5 wood, irons and wedges, titleist hybrid and ball, evnroll putter all in a Jones bag. Didn’t really know I was down to 3 brands until I read this.
  9. I agree that if full and half shots are what you are doing than the set wedge is the ideal option.
  10. I did this same search and missed this somehow. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Thanks for sharing. I have no idea how I missed this.
  11. That’s a bit of a hike for me and the states surrounding me right now don’t like to see Michigan plates so I better pass. Hahahahaha I really want one of these but am having no luck whatsoever. I’m only finding the wire racks nothing more furniture like.
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