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  1. How are the two Fuzzy courses that are closer to Louisville?
  2. I hadn’t even thought of that, seeing my boy has blinded me on that one for sure. Wow new decision to be made on location because I think you’re right that while golf may be ok, anything else will be extremely busy.
  3. I’m in on zipcore and fell the same way you have. I made sure I covered all options. One is rtx4 but that’s because they don’t offer the xlow bounce anymore.
  4. Awesome thank you so much. Having someone in the area will definitely help as we get closer. I am still amazed how much of a difference in weather the 230 miles made.
  5. Awesome thanks for the help. I really do appreciate the help. We are looking at the 19th-21st of March hoping that’s a good sign of being able to get out. Walking won’t bother us either golf is golf after the Michigan winter.
  6. Does everyone there stay open year round weather permitting? Where I’m at only one course will allow play if no snow. Everyone else has a hard shut down date and it doesn’t matter what the weather does they won’t open.
  7. Question for all, I wasn’t real sure where to put this, my son is active duty military and has leave coming up in a few weeks mid March. Here in Michigan it will be hit or miss if golf is an option. Went to Indy a couple weeks ago for a day trip and noticed how much warmer and how much less snow was on the ground than where I’m at about 3 hours away. My question is are there any courses that anyone could recommend either in Indy or a similar distance from me who will be open, weather permitting of course. This is his last leave before deployment our first as a family and wa
  8. MGI zip x3. Traded in some things and used the store credit for this. Winter can’t end quick enough here in Michigan.
  9. At least you were able to get through to speak to someone to try and change the order. Not a single corespondents has been returned that I’ve made. I am curious what part of their business is driving the disrespect to customers? I surely can’t see them lasting with how they treat people.
  10. Hate to revive an older thread but wished I had saw this before ordering. The ghosting issue is a very real thing with this company. I really hope they enjoy what I gave them because I will not spend another dime with this company for anything in the future whether it’s through their website or a brick and mortar retailer. The first voicemail and email sent still haven’t been answered and we are 60 days out forget all the follow ups. I understand covid and small business as I’m a sole proprietor but it doesn’t take much effort to answer the phone or respond to an email.
  11. I have purposely avoided shelving like this in my consideration. The wire racks I just don’t care for. Wood is definitely my preference for this type of storage. If I were stock piling can goods this would work lol.
  12. I haven’t considered this but in my weird way, even though it is basically advertising for the company, the bags have sort of become art to me. So in turn I want to show off the style of the bags. I think horizontal would be great if I had a more tool view of the bag versus “art” view.
  13. So you are thinking of storing bags horizontally? I hadn’t given that a thought. Everything I have had running through my mind has been vertical. Now I have to run this around in my mind. This is becoming difficult seeing all the different ideas. I can see where this can become a very deep rabbit hole, building, rebuilding, additional design.
  14. That came out great. Really good inspiration in this thread.
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