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  1. Hybrid is pretty much my most reliable club off the tee, love it on short par 4s. Took me a while to learn how to hit one though. I hit mine just like an iron. Tee height, stance, swing, etc. It’s definitely a lower trajectory than a fairway for me, but its not too low, maybe a mid-flight.
  2. A couple years back played a shamble at the qualifier course 3-4 days before the qualifier... due to weather course was soaked. Checked the scores I think the top qualifier shot even par. The setup can be fun though.
  3. I've done it in the past with an iron set, replaced the PW with a specialty wedge. Varied results in my case, there are definitely pros out there that do it. I like it for that added flexibility with that wedge.
  4. I play an Atlanta which isn’t the lightest but I have always found my lag putts with heavier putters to be very good, short putts are terrible because as described above, no feel.
  5. Because he won one tournament you're asking this question? Plenty of guys out there winning tournaments with no majors...
  6. Silicone is the answer as others have mentioned. When I wear the silicone ring while golfing I don't even feel it. Wearing my tungsten band was very noticeable and uncomfortable.
  7. What shafts do you play in your irons? Are they very different from the shaft in the utility?
  8. https://bluebirdiegolf.co/ my favorites. https://grindingolfco.com/ didn't see these either
  9. For the price you can get them at used, you can't beat them.
  10. I’ve had an e8 beta, CBX, currently CBX 119 in the bag. They are all great clubs its pretty hard to go wrong with any of them.
  11. 56* from 100 and in typically. All other clubs are full swing clubs unless its a specific situation.
  12. Every 1-2 years. Had the same putter in the bag from Fall 2018 through 2019 then switched to a different putter for all of 2020 that's still in the bag now, but not sure how long it will end up lasting.
  13. I'm a Diamana blueboard/s+/bf player but I never found the whiteboard df/d+ to be very boardy, just more stout than the blue.
  14. As mentioned, this has been discussed a lot on here. I am in the NO lob wedge camp, it simplifies the decision making when it comes to wedge play, and all shots are still possible if you know how to hit them.
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