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  1. Check out the new Pure combo grips
  2. I play the Pure p2 and they are very tacky but I can’t comment on what they are like gloveless in weather
  3. Before I joined this site I naively thought you were usually supposed to have pretty much one brand of clubs in the bag. I was Taylormade since my junior set with the bubble shafts but have changed plans along the way. Now I can be found all over.
  4. Assuming the empty chair/missing guy was Sergio right?
  5. Haha its all good, I know a 47 is strong compared to old school. I don’t get bent out of shape over it my post was mostly made in jest. But it is worth making the point that those who make the argument about the numbers just being different is wrong because of the different shaft lengths.
  6. Must have the wrong shaft lengths too. 47* PW here.. I can hit my clubs far enough thanks
  7. Chipping in is the greater thrill by far.
  8. The old Golf Pride Deep Etched Corded. Garsen Quad Tour non-tapered
  9. I can’t comprehend how you can’t get a 58 to stop almost immediately if not sooner
  10. If you hook the ball you probably don't need more offset introduced to you.. the Fg Tour F5's are pretty GI while still being forged without going into the SGI territory, and with them you don't need to worry about your concerns of dropping spin/lower cg/distance like with the newer irons with the strong lofts.
  11. Jeffmont/Avian for irons and wedges. Argolf makes a set of irons too that are intriguing
  12. I agree that they are the best looking. Long hosel. Crimped. Buttonback. Can’t beat it.
  13. Because for us, that extra club isn't giving us a shot that we don't already have. I don't need a SureOut to execute a flop shot, etc.
  14. I don't even need 14. Usually have 12 or 13 and could get away with less.
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