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  1. If you’re going to ditch the 60 you have to be able to hit the type of shot you describe but also the full face contact shot with the 56. It is easier to hit the shot you describe with a 60, because it is the stock shot for that loft. I personally like to play less wedges and am able to hit those difference shots with one club, but its not the same for everyone
  2. He shows up on Thursdays and on Sundays when he's behind.. Fridays and Saturdays though..
  3. I think my wedges, forged Scratch. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a new club at retail though. Have had some expensive putters and sold them off.
  4. Played the Tour B X for the first time today. Think I found my new ball
  5. Not happy with my 52*, might experiment with other wedge setups.
  6. I have an Atlanta and love it but that two-tone is a big nope for me
  7. Is it conforming? Easy to beat the big boys if you’re not playing by the rules
  8. Snedeker had a Cb2 in the bag for a few years I think
  9. Some stuff I have from the backup bag Wilson Staff fg tour v4 irons 5-GW AMT White s300, no shaft labels, Gap wedge has a TI s400 with label White golf pride wrap 2g with lots of life left. 5 iron plays 37.5, have not had lofts and lies checked Got these heads from a member here a few years ago, built them myself and played them for more than a season. Ferrules aren’t turned down. Some dings and scratches but tons of life left. $250 Willing to split heads and shafts Wilson Staff Fg tour f5 4 hybrid miyazaki
  10. I play 47-52-58 and have no trouble with gapping. The 52 is usually good for that distance if I need to step on it a bit or bring it down a bit while still having a full swing. I find a full swing swinging easier is more predictable than a 3/4 swing.
  11. Do I like the way they look? Do they feel good? Am I hitting decent shots with them, when I put a good swing on it? If I hit 2/4 greens on par 3s and am keeping it in play without a ton of fat shots (my miss) then I'm happy
  12. Most of my rounds are at least halfway done by 7:58 so yea I consider that late.
  13. Miura mc-501s are currently at the top of my wish list.
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