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  1. I'm a wide-foot 11.5 and I wear the Puma PWRADAPT Caged without issue, most comfortable shoes I own, available in WIDE
  2. If they're that much easier to play, then don't think about feel. After a few fatter shots that end up better than your 620's you won't be thinking about feel. After a thin shot that would have shocked your hands, you'll be thanking yourself for not having the feel.
  3. It happens to all of us sometimes.. I've had a great round going before and have a meltdown hole complete with whiff. First round last year after courses opened back up from Covid I topped just about every ball so bad you'd have thought I was whiffing almost every stroke..
  4. The MG gloves are the way to go.. can't beat them for price or durability.. Do them a favor though and order straight from them instead of going through Amazon..
  5. Someone didn’t read the post or thread OP, there’s a few 9 hole places like this near me. I grew up playing places like this, they are my bread and butter. The one I play somewhat often is $12 for a weekend walk, but I will say the greens are true. Its $500 for a membership which isn’t bad.
  6. Certainly don’t trust them to get specifically what I want plus when I want something, I buy it. Usually get non-golf related things. Got a nice watch already since my wife can’t keep a secret.
  7. Nothing wrong with used if you get them in good shape. Maltby is a great option, also look at Sub 70 wedges. The Hogan equalizer wedges are pretty nice too.
  8. Staff Fg Tour F5s, M3s for single piece, more traditional lofts. For multi-piece, more modern then look to most ‘forged face players distance’
  9. Different than say, globalgolf's demo program? Interesting.. directly shipped to you? Most equipment rentals are for people on vacation/non-regular golfers. Demo's and the like shipped to your house are typically for us ho's.
  10. What a strange experience you seem to have had.. Agree with others that Jack Frost is typically the best of them. Mount Airy was your favorite? Best course you've played in a while? Which planet are we on? It's a gimmicky course with copycat holes, the layout is real strange, some of the holes even stranger. Conditions there are usually decent, albeit every time I've ever played it, it was wet, even in nice weather. Played Big Bear in the fall.. it's a good one to keep in mind if you like blind tee shots, there are a ton of them. Mountain Laurel is a re
  11. Couple items for sale, I need to make some space in my basement. Baby #2 will be here soon and I don’t play enough to make use of more than one set, so scaling down. All prices include shipping. PM me for paypal Ben Hogan Sunday Bag $75 sold Brand new, hasn’t seen the course. Double straps, is extremely light and easy to carry, plenty of storage for a Sunday bag. Top Flite Gamer Tours 4 dozen $25 SOLD The last urethane model thus far, 2019 model I believe. Snake Eye 600c/b combo set $150 4-7 are 600c, 8-9 are 600b
  12. IMO the current forged offerings from Tour Edge are pretty square. EXS and EXS Pro, as well as the prior gen CBX were pretty square, even the c721's.
  13. How many rounds have you played with the g425's? Your muscle memory/swing thoughts need to adjust.. give yourself time. Do you notice any difference between front and back? When I played irons that were different than what I was used to, it was always better on the back but then I never gave myself the time to fully adjust to them.
  14. Hybrid is pretty much my most reliable club off the tee, love it on short par 4s. Took me a while to learn how to hit one though. I hit mine just like an iron. Tee height, stance, swing, etc. It’s definitely a lower trajectory than a fairway for me, but its not too low, maybe a mid-flight.
  15. A couple years back played a shamble at the qualifier course 3-4 days before the qualifier... due to weather course was soaked. Checked the scores I think the top qualifier shot even par. The setup can be fun though.
  16. I've done it in the past with an iron set, replaced the PW with a specialty wedge. Varied results in my case, there are definitely pros out there that do it. I like it for that added flexibility with that wedge.
  17. I play an Atlanta which isn’t the lightest but I have always found my lag putts with heavier putters to be very good, short putts are terrible because as described above, no feel.
  18. Because he won one tournament you're asking this question? Plenty of guys out there winning tournaments with no majors...
  19. Silicone is the answer as others have mentioned. When I wear the silicone ring while golfing I don't even feel it. Wearing my tungsten band was very noticeable and uncomfortable.
  20. What shafts do you play in your irons? Are they very different from the shaft in the utility?
  21. https://bluebirdiegolf.co/ my favorites. https://grindingolfco.com/ didn't see these either
  22. For the price you can get them at used, you can't beat them.
  23. I’ve had an e8 beta, CBX, currently CBX 119 in the bag. They are all great clubs its pretty hard to go wrong with any of them.
  24. 56* from 100 and in typically. All other clubs are full swing clubs unless its a specific situation.
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