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  1. Bags are normally around $4-500 depending on the model.
  2. Ben Hogan golf has nice offerings as well at reasonable prices.
  3. I know people love Scotty stuff but really...
  4. The leftovers from last week who's orders failed bc of the website crash release.
  5. The website is so bad right now I wouldn't get your hopes up of getting anything even if they do attempt a release.
  6. Once the covid restrictions were relaxed our course moved back to 10 min tee times and double occupancy carts. There are some carts with dividers if individuals would like, however single carts are not permitted. We simply do not have enough carts (approx 70) for everyone to have their own carts. With the boom in golf many days there are no open tee times until late afternoon. Depending on pace of play we start running low on carts around 11am and are sending them right back out as soon as they come in (carts down needing maintenance, early arrivals at driving range, etc). When we had to
  7. Ordered the forged 4-PW C taper 130x soft stepped 1 degree weak to match the lofts of my MMC20s, mainly interested in the longer irons. My home course has a few longer par 3s and I'm trying to make some improvements on those holes. Looking forward to seeing them in person, figured I would order unseen instead of waiting for release and most likely having them backordered since the season is winding down in PA.
  8. Would be nice if they just extended the 2020 memberships through 2021
  9. Pay attention it logged me out for some reason
  10. Finally figured out how to stop the flipping, don't let people login
  11. Same as Adidas for me with the gallivanters 11.5 in both.
  12. My favorite bag by far is the white which stays indoors. I have been lucky enough to play the course a few times. The black and gold Pittsburgh theme is awesome too.
  13. Same thing happened to me and they replaced it and stated to make sure not to over tighten using the o ring.
  14. To anyone that received the cinco de may bag do your stand legs have two rubber covers or just one i think mine is missing one, going to email customer support.
  15. There will be a ton of discounted apparel available this fall, heard through my pro that companies are allowing cancellations of custom embroidery orders which is typically not allowed.
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