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  1. Looks like the 223's will be faster due to the addition of "chromoly" in the long irons based on the hosel markings. Current MMCs are 1025 throughout the entire set.
  2. Don't get too excited, as expected these are scheduled for a Feb release. https://mizunogolf.com/us/blog/history-in-the-making/
  3. I just purchased a tee shirt recently and I wear a large in the polos and purchased a large in the tee and it fits the same.
  4. I purchased a DF 2.1 over the winter time gave it a couple months at the start of the season and did not see any improvements. I would consider putting my strength, and I feel like the LAB puts a better roll on the ball and the stroke feels better however I make more putts with my current evnroll which has been in the bag for a long time. There is definitely something to the neutral balanced putters and I may give it another try however I am going to stick with my gamer.
  5. It's no different than when people list unused "demo" clubs on here for retail prices. I would actually argue that is worse since they are gaming the system getting items at significant discounts to wholesale then marking them up. Everyone had the same opportunity to pre order this is how all of his items typically sell.
  6. You're welcome, he's always happy to chat over the phone as well for recommendations and any questions you may have.
  7. Nice, not sure how close you are but he has demos available to try and the fitting is included in the cost of the shaft if your interested just give him a call he has a lot of experience with these. He has been fitting/selling them since last winter.
  8. Joe Corsi, at Corsis Indoor Golf in Greensburg Pa has them in stock and is selling them 724 850 2400.
  9. Thanks for the info everyone I decided to go with the linksmaster I preferred the two tone look and the gfore was just a little too flashy for me.
  10. Does anyone have any experience with these bags leaning towards the linksmaster wanted to see if anyone has used both.
  11. There is no boron in the mp20 mmcs.
  12. still using mine and have a brand new one waiting for when my current needs replaced.
  13. At the very least it’s a demo shaft, which might have been used due to supply constraints.
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