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  1. Makes sense to me, local courses around me are all increasing fees. Only problem is they are assuming the influx of golfers will continue this year and the record rounds seen last season will continue. Will be an interesting season to see if the trends continue, or if people go back to other pre covid activities.
  2. Just because you ordered on 1/11 doesn't mean that is when the clock starts, the 425 line began shipping 2/4 so that is the date to use as far as waiting time. What shaft did you order I know the tensei orange is on backorder. Also where did you order from? Ping prioritizes filling certain accounts based on size. Just a few things to consider. When i spoke to a rep in February he mentioned that they were seeing significant delays at the importing ports to receive the components.
  3. Def not a person I would trust with a $1,000 shaft
  4. Any chance you will offer the Autoflex to try in fittings?
  5. Yes it does they are interchangeable
  6. Let us know what you find out ping has been known to have excellent customer service. Curious to see what they say.
  7. Where did you purchase them from my fitter made sure to warn me about this? So we ordered non arccos grips.
  8. It does throw a wrench into builds if people regrip with non arccos grips and the clubs end up shorter than what they ordered.
  9. Or you can just order them with non arccos grips that’s an option as well
  10. I believe that the measurement includes the installed grip, so if you install non arccos grips the clubs will be 1/4 inch short
  11. My local fitter has been selling these as quick as he can get them in. From my observations watching him fit for these I would suggest the 505x. You will most likely pick up 3-5mph swing speed just with the shaft change, and the 505x weighs 54 grams compared to your current 58 gram hzrdus. His name is Joe Corsi and he has been fitting them via phone as well if you would like to make an inquiry 724-850-2400, he will be able to give you additional information. He also prepares them to desired swingweigts, tips and grips. Good luck with your information gathering.
  12. They have probably removed the custom options due to the huge backlog of orders, PING is focused on the 425 release now, and has issues with component availability similar to all the manufacturers. I believe the 210s are an 8-12 week wait.
  13. you can purchase weights to adjust head and swing weight.
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