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  1. Don’t even attempt to order kbs c taper Mizuno pulled kbs shafts and said c tapers won’t be available until 2023
  2. Putter is the most important club in the bag go get properly fit and if a Scotty is the best fit then get it, but go in with an open mind and find what works best for you. Just because it’s a Scotty doesn’t mean that it will work for you.
  3. May want to check on those c-tapers my fitter had to swap mine out Mizuno was pulling them as an offering until 2023, at least the x-flex. Perhaps they still have some inventory of stiff available.
  4. C tapers officially off the options for Mizuno per my fitter
  5. Just received the below from my fitter Mizuno is no longer taking orders for ctaper and quoting 2023 for availability.
  6. First year in the club?? That’s quite normal with these items. Website crashes when trying to purchase then everything ends up on eBay before people even check out.
  7. Typically around 6000 for me that’s indoors off a mat with a left dash. Plenty of descent angle for me I’m by no means a robot but here is what I was seeing with a 7 iron c taper. The top comparison was with project x ls I ended up substituting the ls for the c taper since they are impossible to get.
  8. Not to mention the taxes from the profit I believe eBay, venmo etc will be generating tax forms at year end to reflect the proceeds.
  9. They do offer a full set with the blades, also MP20MMC was GF1025E throughout the set if you can find any. I would be curious if anyone could actually notice the difference if Mizuno didn't advertise it.
  10. Mizuno told my fitter to pull the c tapers as an option they cannot get a solid date from kbs and dates they have been given in the past have continually gotten pushed back. Also like you I read they may not be available until 23.
  11. All depends on the components you ordered. Late feb doesn’t seem too bad since pre orders have been going on for almost a month. Hope you didn’t order any kbs shafts those are pretty much impossible to get right now.
  12. Swapped the c tapers for project x ls since c tapers may not even be available this year. Estimated to ship first week of feb looking forward to them.
  13. Kbs is an issue for every manufacturer it seems like I received the below message regarding c taper availability.
  14. Just an fyi in case anyone is consdering ordering with kbs shafts. I received the below message after reaching out to kbs.
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