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  1. Exactly as the title says without any adjustment to length or anything out of a TM Driver. No pro series TX Please
  2. a little background before I get into my questions. Trying to fit an 11 year old for a new set of irons. He is advanced past his us kids clubs and I want to build him a nice set. He is 5-2 120 lbs he’s been pretty consistent with growth moving out of US Kids every two years. I currently have a set of rogue heads on the way as well as kbs 560 regular flex shafts. My question is this: what length would you build them at? I can always use the US Kids fitting chart but I’d rather fit him correctly. would you fit them to last multiple years, or chalk it up as replacing shafts next year?
  3. Drops again! Make reasonable offers on shoes guys and can’t do much better on these irons. They are a steal!
  4. Need to move some stuff so packing is easier. I want this stuff gone ASAP! nike infinity react pro $100 obo Brand new in box. Size 10.5 wide. jordan 5’s size 11 worn 9 holes look new. $200 obo. Honma TR20V 4-10 Nippon Modus 105 stiff. Stock Honma grips. Standard loft and lie plus 1/2” on length. The 7 iron has been hit on range and pictures show current condition. $800 obo
  5. Have about 5 bags right now im not parting with. Mostly Miura and Honma!
  6. So have a ton of goodies laying around in the garage and need them to go. My wife says I need to finish our new house instead of buying clubs! Miura MC501 4-PW Brand New. These have yet to be shafted but I do have a set of Nippon Modus 120 stiff laying around that could go in these! PM me for other shafts! $1950 oboBrand New not even to official release! Honma TR20V irons 4-10 and these can also be shafted with the Nippon Shafts. $1225 Brand New not even to official release! Honma TR20P 5-11. Nippons are also an option here! $1225As always PM me with questions and I’ll do what I can to
  7. Oh lots of Miura Scotty and Honma Goodness!
  8. My apologies guys the Skull Gfore are supposed to be $100 and the Cap Toe are supposed to be $50.
  9. I wear a 10.5 wide in Nike running shoes but an 11 in Jordan golf shoes. I just needed an 11 width was fine.
  10. Deals on multiples guys. Need this stuff gone!
  11. Brand new Miura 50* Wedge Head. $200 obo Cameron Putting Tool new in bag $85 obo Cameron New Out of Bag Tag $75 obo Cameron Augusta 19 New in Bag $old Cameron Pathfinder New in Bag $105 obo Gfore 10.5 Cap Toe. Barely used. Fewer than 5 Rounds in excellent shape. $old Gfore 10.5 skulls. Maybe 2 rounds. $old
  12. Cb will be after the first of the year and the baby blades will be released in December. The mb101 is the mb001 replacement and is intended for low to mid handicaps. Any other questions give me a shout!
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