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  1. GolfTurkey

    2020 US Open

    Most people can play a par 5 in the time it takes Bryson to hit a putt, it's rather ridiculous.
  2. GolfTurkey

    2020 US Open

    Wow, Rickie channeling Ernie at the Masters with that putting display on 1.
  3. GolfTurkey

    2020 US Open

    Is it just me or do Wolff's iron shots sound a lot crisper than most?
  4. yeah, but then she grips it 3 inches down the shaft which I don’t quite get.
  5. Definitely Vijay but to throw another name out there: Colin Montgomerie.
  6. Wow, I listened to one of his conversations with his caddie in round 1 and now my mind is fried! I hope he pays Greller handsomely, he sure deserves it.
  7. The cool thing about long order times is you eventually forget about it and when the clubs turn up at your door it's like a surprise Christmas present!
  8. GolfTurkey

    2020 US Open

    Reed hit that fairway wood suspiciously well out of the cabbage!
  9. He might still have a PGA championship hangover but I like Morikawa. He seems to have the right temperament and game for a US Open.
  10. I went for my fitting today. Pretty happy with my current i500 retro loft with DG120 but I need to switch to graphite for my elbows. This gives me an excuse to buy new clubs on medical grounds. Hit a few shots on the shaft optimizer, 90 mph 7 iron with smooth transition. Steelfiber i110 S was on the list. Tried that in the forged and hit one good shot after another in spite of a few dodgy swings. Only had one bad result and that was a horrible toe strike that hooked about 15 yards. The fitter suggested Tours based on how I hit the forged. I was already nervous because o
  11. Arizona's covid situation appears to have improved a lot, hopefully Ping will be back to normal soon.
  12. My understanding is that some manufacturers measure the average bounce of the entire sole e.g. Titleist labelled the V bounce Vokey as having 10 degrees even though the front part of the sole before the heel and toe relief was easily 20+ degrees. Others report the steep part of the bounce. However the industry standard appears to involve a blindfolded tester throwing a dart at a board and then stamping whatever number he hits on the sole.
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