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  1. I find Flightscope more stingy on the roll. Enter a low spin bomb on medium fairways and it gives you 10 yards
  2. I don't understand why there isn't an offline average which is simply the average of the absolute values of the offline distances i.e. ignore left and right and take the average distance from the middle line irrespective of what side of the middle line that was.
  3. Nice shot! OT, but for grins and giggles I put those numbers into the Flightscope Trajectory Optimizer using standard sea level and zero wind and it spat out a carry of 297.3 yards. What elevation and wind were you using on that shot? I know about the Foresight low spin distance bonus but if it's 40 yards at 181 BS then it's beyond ridiculous (not throwing shade at your shot, that's some serious heat).
  4. My Srixon ZX5 with Ventus Black hasn't arrived yet (grrr) and now I want one of these instead!
  5. Ping should offer a free wedge to the first person to guess the year correctly.
  6. Try taking a longer run-up, you don't see many fast bowlers trotting in off two paces. But seriously, I'm not sure that a 3 iron is a winnable proposition especially off the deck without some serious swing speed.
  7. The ZX5 driver is currently on sale in Australia, I wonder if that means that something new is incoming.
  8. I guess all good things come to an end and I hope Matt finds success going forward. Don't write Mike off yet. If you watch TXG's early videos, Matt was pretty awkward before he grew into his role.
  9. Is it just me or is Smith kind of sneaky old and Rahm sneaky young? Smith seems new and younger and it's like Rahm has been around for ages but Smith is 28 and Rahm is 27.
  10. 2 points about the juiced issue: 1. Most irons can be bent at least 2 degrees weak 2. Don't worry about the number printed on the club, you can go by loft ie just because it has 8 printed on it doesn't mean it can't be his 7.
  11. This is a picture of me waiting for my 2021 orders:
  12. Opening the stance also makes it easier to get the hosel outside the ball on the backswing, and then if you don't pull it back in enough you shank it (remember how Justin Rose shanked two bunker shots in the final round of the US Open when he was in the final group). If you keep the hosel inside the ball, you can't shank it.
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