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  1. OP, I feel your pain. There are 3 sure things in life, death, taxes and that my arms will trail my pivot
  2. Has there been a single documented case of COVID transmission on a golf course anywhere in the world? Keep the clubhouse closed if necessary but I don't see why the course should close. UV kills viruses, heaps of air exchange taking place and people are getting exercise and Vitamin D. Here in Queensland Australia where the decisions don't always make sense, golf courses never closed. For a little while it was a max of twoballs and the clubhouse was closed but at least we could play.
  3. One of the things people with unusual swings will always have to deal with is being able to shut out the naysayers when they are playing badly. It’s easy to ignore them when playing well, but how does he shut out the “maybe they’re right” thoughts when he’s playing badly? I wonder if he’s asked Furyk for advice. It’s kind of like he has to make things more orthodox and get it over with, or learn how to stick his fingers in his ears for the rest of his career (I know there are possibly mental and/or physical issues, but there has also been evidence of swing changes)
  4. My guess is that Quad is better indoors so a lot of them will use it there, and then when they hit outdoors using exactly the same unit means that any differences are due to them and not due to the unit being used.
  5. Or trying to pee into the wind but it was blowing so hard that it came out of the other end
  6. I was going to post the exact same thing. It's far more important to be in the correct ballpark than to agonise over e.g. shaft A vs shaft B and which one is performing 1% better because tomorrow the result could be flipped. E.g. the first time I went for an iron fitting I was playing a GI iron with a ton of offset and super light regular shafts and I was all over the place. Being fit into something heavier, stiffer and with less offset was a game changer. Several fittings later I know my tendencies and requirements and can easily enough fit myself into something appropriate.
  7. I reckon you have successfully implemented the no-turn cast, you aren't turning and you're casting! Sorry, couldn't resist. Hopefully an instructor chimes in to offer some help.
  8. This is so bizarre and distasteful I don't even know where to start. So the PGA Tour is going to have to employ people to track all these social media metrics, which can be manipulated??!! What kind of silly attention seeking behavior is this going to encourage?
  9. Yep, many optometrists diss lasik for obvious reasons (I experienced it from multiple optometrists)
  10. I have a couple of things to add since I also play on a very tight tree-lined course in Australia, 1. Invest in a strategy system like Decade and then use it to analyse each hole to determine the optimum strategy. Generally hitting your 4 iron is only going to be optimum on a hole if it can’t reach trouble that driver can reach (even then 3 wood or whatever may be better) or the landing area for the 4 iron distance is wider than driver’s landing area. The worst case scenario on any hole is when you take the shorter club off the tee and hit it into trouble anyway e.g. the e
  11. There are so many players around the time who said they used to watch Price watch balls and that his irons made a different sound. But it's also kind of the point, Price had a few stellar years, same for Duval, Singh etc. Nobody owned it for a decade+ like Jack and Tiger
  12. Yep, use Monte's Nike drill for choosing the right club. Alternatively give a playing partner a cattle prod and tell him to zap you every time you leave an approach short of the green
  13. Play within yourself, don't attempt any shots that you don't feel like you could pull off reasonably well 9/10 times.
  14. I had PRK done instead of lasik because my corneas were too thin. Apart from day 2 it has been awesome. Ditched the contacts that used to irritate my eyes (they’re very dry) and I’ve dodged the reading glass bullet so far.
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