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  1. Perhaps you could leave a full scan of a leather-bound copy of The Golfing Machine too?
  2. Only thing I would say if you switch from Ping to Mizuno irons, prepare to carry extra sand. I played Ping in my last two iron sets and barely did more than bruise the ground on the pretty firm fairways of my home course. Now I take silly beaver pelts with my Mizunos
  3. Seems like a good guy, as much as you can tell from TV. Personally I think all he has to do is improve his course management. I watched all 4 rounds of his at Abu Dhabi (and by extension a lot of Tyrell Hatton). The contrast couldn't have been more stark. Rory's misses seemed to be biased towards short-sided (or at least 50-50) which suggests that he aims straight for the flag most of the time. Hatton for all his drama and theater, was completely the opposite. Hatton was Tiger-like in that he plotted his way round the course, rarely got into trouble or missed short side
  4. Can't see any physical impediments to swinging 100+. Plenty of burly scratches / pluses on here that have won club champs etc. and swing plenty fast. Swinging harder / Superspeed etc. is just pouring oil on the fire IMHO. See (or get online lessons from) a good teacher or listen properly (there are bad students too who don't listen and add their own pieces, not saying that is the case). I would be shocked if the OP didn't gain at least 6-10 mph without trying to hit it any harder within one in person lesson from a teacher like @MonteScheinblum or @iteachgolf
  5. I'm surprised that teaching pro's couldn't sort that out, looks like a pretty common OTT move that they would see every day (perhaps needs the right pro?). Just curious, do you have a very weak left hand grip and/or do you grip the club in your palm and not the fingers?
  6. I think any male in their thirties without a disability can hit driver a lot more than 190. Genetics plays a part if we're talking competitive long drive speeds, this is a world away from that. Swing video?
  7. He said something he shouldn’t have, apologised and already lost one sponsor. How much longer does the flagellation need to continue?
  8. I heard that Ping rebranded it as Less Straight Technology in the 425 line. Only Cameron Champ and Sebastian Munoz using the Max out of their PGA tour pro's, quite a lot more European tour guys using the Max (although the LST is still more popular, just not by as much)
  9. 10 week update: The good: Random stabbing pains now 1-2 times daily instead of 2-3 times daily and a 6 or 7 out of 10 pain instead of an 8. Short iron speed retained provided that I left tilt my shoulders enough. Next week is driver (gulp). The bad: I hit a few longer clubs and speed was not increasing much. Suggested I would have a driver speed of ~100mph instead of my usual ~108. A couple of theories for this poor 7i : driver speed ratio of 90/100: 1. My left (front) leg is still weak and I'm not allowed to do strengthening exercises
  10. Appropriate that he's playing in the desert because he has the course management of a camel. His talent makes the difficult look easy but then he makes the easy look difficult too. Keeps nuking short irons into nasty short sided spots, while playing with a great wedge player who hits them all smoothly
  11. Is it just me or is that picture a really creative humble brag? I'm more concerned about my back fat, winging scap and the bits and pieces regularly falling off than a slightly uneven lat!
  12. I wonder if Ping could hot melt my mother in law to improve the annoying sound?
  13. I think it must be incredibly stressful being a comedian or the designated funny guy. People expecting you to be funny all the time even if you're not feeling it. I felt the same way about McCord, especially towards the end. When he was interviewed on Feherty's show he mostly played the straight guy and managed to be quite amusing because he's fairly weird naturally. Totally unfunny when he's forcing it.
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