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  1. This Pete Cowen drill reminded me of broom force:
  2. Definitely a market for this. All I can say from personal experience is that when you start questioning the accuracy of your launch monitor, its value rapidly approaches zero.
  3. Weight in the toe is the fade setting
  4. STZ for me. Don't know if Mizuno copied TM's twist face, but I've hit a few tee shots off the toe that I expected to hook but faded gently down the right side of the fairway
  5. Question for @MonteScheinblum: I've been enjoying these drills and they already translated surprisingly well to the course considering how little time it has been and the swing looks better on video (not so infuriatingly under-plane). One issue (and it could just be that it's early days and I still have to think my way through the swing) is that I lost quite a bit of club and ball speed and the guys in the sample lessons gained speed. If I concentrate on adding flex to my left knee in transition while doing the rest of the drills as is, then my speed comes back. Is it ok to do that i.e. flex the left knee as I bring the club to the ground? (feels a bit like rubbing my head one way and patting my stomach the other way at the moment!)
  6. I hit them indoors in a place with a metal door. 425 LST = Loud Shot Technology 425 MAX = Maximum Audio Xperience
  7. I would argue that broom force is all about speeding up the hands and arms. Think about the distance that the grip moves if you pin your left arm to your chest in transition and fire the lower body and/or shoulders. Now think of the distance the grip moves in transition if you keep the lower body and shoulders passive and just lower the club - much greater. Speed = distance / time and distance just increased ... a lot.
  8. Wrist cupping instead of bowing in transition leading to shaft steepening instead of flattening plus gets the face open which leads to a bit of late stall / flip?
  9. I've hit the G410 several times and ZX5 is hard to find here. I hit two shots indoors with the G425 LST and my ears were ringing badly for 10 min afterwards (not exaggerating) and the Max is supposed to be worse (no ways I'm hitting that indoors).
  10. I'm interested in this one too, and I see that Ventus Blue or Black with Velocore is only a $175 upgrade (at least at TGW). Problem is that demo days are very rare for Srixon and Cleveland here in Australia and very few places carry this driver. Kind of requires a blind purchase.
  11. Ok so this happened earlier: Wife: "where's the broom?" Me: "I've got it for the new Broomforce drills, watch this" Wife: *nervous facepalm, backs out of room slowly*
  12. Just bought this and watched the videos. Looks promising for my tendency to fire the hips too hard laterally leaving the arms behind which then causes the early right tilt and club closing too fast. Only problem is that It involves lots of sucky looking drills. Back as a teenager I got good at another sport via endless hours of nasty drills but these days I have the mental discipline of a gnat with ADHD…must knuckle down and grit my teeth through it!
  13. I had similar issues with this year’s equipment. I tried all the drivers and only the Epic Max gave me better numbers than my Sim Max but only by about 0.05% so I didn’t bother.
  14. Perhaps I'm setting myself up for disappointment, but I'm cautiously optimistic about the purchase news. If Bushnell / their holding company owns Foresight, then perhaps some of their more restrictive policies and pricing (e.g. requiring a FSX license before purchasing other sim software) might be relaxed. I think Bushnell prefers more mainstream type sales figures and a slightly lower return per unit could lead to significantly higher sales.
  15. I've never quite understood why people worry about the politics of sportspeople, musicians, actors etc. I watch them or listen to them for what they're good at; I am as interested in their political views as I am in watching a politician play tennis.
  16. There’s some weird voodoo in the Mizuno ST-Z that makes it easy to hit off the fairway and tee, lowish spin and stable.
  17. We can only dream that the rule that yelling out something idiotic gets you booted out is applied to the commentary booth too!
  18. Any of the draw biased drivers, also look at getting a lower loft than you need and then lofting it up to close the face.
  19. I would be happy if they played audio of Johnny Miller commentating on the 2001 Honda Classic over the live pictures; wrong tournament Johnny would still beat listening to "straighter than train smoke".
  20. Gotta love the caddie and Bryson sizing each other up
  21. Team USA gonna need 12 private jets for the Ryder Cup
  22. I must have misheard, it sounded like Bryson's caddie said "I love you" before his last drive
  23. If Bryson has another lip out when putting for the win I expect him to throw his protein shake on the ground and eat his caddie
  24. That's the Sean Connery pronunciation of "unharnessed"
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