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  1. Is your buddy interested in a trade? I have an ENVROLL ER2B plus extra money.
  2. Could you please PM me his information? I live in VA but I would be willing to pay for shipping.
  3. What state are you located? Did he have more than one set for sale? I would love to get a deal on those clubs!
  4. I just called TM customer service and the person I spoke to said TM has no plans to offer a 50% trade in offer this year.
  5. Do they pay for shipping of the clubs I’m trading in?
  6. Last year the 50% trade in offer for Callaway was valid 1/14/20 – 2/10/20. It’s approaching the end of January. I hope they do it soon!
  7. Sad news. I wish you good luck finding a new job. GLWS! Also, thanks for wearing socks.
  8. I weighed the head and tip at 215. I will go with with 3/4”. Thanks for your help!
  9. I have an old school ProLanunch Blue 65 regular flex that I want to install in a 2014 Ping Rapture 13.5 degree fairway wood. The tip trimming instructions I found online state 1/4” for a 2 wood and 1/2” for a 3 wood. Since this is a strong 3 wood should I lean more towards the 1/4” tip trim?
  10. I picked up a used ER2B a couple weeks ago and played a couple rounds with a few practice sessions. Wow it’s an amazing putter! I love the feel, balance, and distance control. The black head/shaft look really good together. The only thing I had to get used to was the gravity grip.
  11. What is your current gamer putter? PXG Mustang double bend 33” How can Cleveland's SOFT face technology help your putting? Distance control What is your favorite Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter? #11 33” If you win, do you agree to write a review on Cleveland's website? Yes Thanks!
  12. I know it’s from 2014. But, I bought it in 2020. My 2014 Ping Rapture is money off the tee! I love it so much that a sold both of drivers and bought a spare Ping Rapture.
  13. You are correct, I don’t “need” a soundbar. We also don’t “need” to play golf or “need” to buy golf clubs.
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