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  1. I picked up a used ER2B a couple weeks ago and played a couple rounds with a few practice sessions. Wow it’s an amazing putter! I love the feel, balance, and distance control. The black head/shaft look really good together. The only thing I had to get used to was the gravity grip.
  2. What is your current gamer putter? PXG Mustang double bend 33” How can Cleveland's SOFT face technology help your putting? Distance control What is your favorite Cleveland Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter? #11 33” If you win, do you agree to write a review on Cleveland's website? Yes Thanks!
  3. I know it’s from 2014. But, I bought it in 2020. My 2014 Ping Rapture is money off the tee! I love it so much that a sold both of drivers and bought a spare Ping Rapture.
  4. You are correct, I don’t “need” a soundbar. We also don’t “need” to play golf or “need” to buy golf clubs.
  5. I just bought a new TV and the audio is horrible. I’m selling a few items to help me buy a soundbar. Fujikura Pro 2.0 5-R and Aldila NV 65-R driver shaft. Both regular flex, standard size PXG grip, and right hand adapters. The Fujikura is standard PXG length and the NV is approximately 1/4 inch longer. I purchased both brand new and used them at the range maybe 10 times. $OLD * FUJIKURA JUST SOLD *ALDILA SOLD Ping Rapture Shat TFC 949 Stiff Flex. Condition is used. This is from a Ping Rapture 3 wood. The adapter will fit Rapture, I25, and Anser woods. Ping midsize grip. $75 I will probabl
  6. Is the putter solid or plated copper? What is that symbol on the heal part of the face?
  7. Ping G400 Stretch 3 wood 13 degrees. RH. Regular flex shaft. Standard length and standard size grip. Headcover included but no tool. Excellent condition. $SOLD shipped. PXG 0311 forged wedges. RH. 54 degrees with 14 degrees of bounce and 58 degrees with 12 degrees of bounce. 1 degree flat. Steelfiber 70 regular flex. Standard length and standard size PXG grip. I purchased these brand new and only hit a handful of times during 2 rounds. $SOLD each shipped.
  8. PXG 0811X Gen 1 head only no shaft. 10.5 degrees. Excellent condition. I purchased it brand new and used for one 9 hole round and hit maybe 5 times at an indoor range. PXG headcover and wrench included. $165 shipping included.
  9. Thanks for everyone’s advice. I kept my driver which is a PXG 0811X 10.5* standard PXG length (45”). I just bought another shaft on eBay and I plan in cutting it down to 44” and adjusting the loft to 12*. My Ping Rapture is 43.5” and my Cleveland HiBore 2 wood is 44”. I’m willing to try a shorter driver but I don’t think I will gain that much distance because the length is the same or .5” shorter.
  10. I just ordered mine this morning! Weights are not available though.
  11. I’ve stopped using my driver and strictly use a strong 3 wood/2 wood off the tee. Over the years I’ve gone through countless drivers. I’ve been fitted and taken lessons. But, I’ve never been consistent with my driver. Recently I’ve been using a strong 3 wood/2 wood off the tee and it’s so accurate and consistent. It’s easy to hit and my fairway percentages have increased dramatically. On average I lost 10-15 yards but that’s if I hit my driver perfect. I currently have a Ping Rapture 13.5* Ping G400 Stretch 13* and a Cleveland HiBore 2 wood that I rotate through. Anyone else ditch their dr
  12. PXG 0341X 2 wood/strong 3 wood Gen 1. 13 degrees. Aldila NVS 55 regular flex shaft. PXG standard length is 43.5”, I ordered it at 43”. I purchased it brand new and hit maybe 5 balls with it at an indoor range. Never used outdoors. PXG headcover and wrench included. Standard size PXG grip. SOLD shipping included within CONUS.
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