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  1. This is a perfect example of Bridgestone's marketing competence.
  2. Seems Ping will be losing sales as players get tired of waiting on a release. I am moving from iSeries to Srixon, seems others are wandering away also.
  3. I have been a big fan of Bridgestone over the years, but have all but given up on them. Their marketing and distribution seems to me to be among the worst in the industry.
  4. When your inventory sinks to the bottom of the ocean, it probably makes you long for your onshore manufacturing.
  5. Compare this retail line to the PLD line here and tell me whether Ping is on the right track.
  6. $1M for Mickelson is like $5 to most people. Highly unlikely that he could get a publicly traded company (or almost any company) to move quickly enough to make payment. If the gambling house wouldn't take his credit, why would they accept the word of a 3rd party company?
  7. That was always a hallmark of Ping, at least with the first two generations. No longer, it would seem, and that's a shame.
  8. As well as Ping has done with their irons and woods, they have really regressed in their retail putter offerings. Why they don't release their PLD line to retail is a mystery.
  9. The only weakness, for my game, that I have found with the i200/i210 is sole thickness. Doesn't affect me from the fairway, but I have a harder time digging a ball out of the rough. Seems to bounce through the grass.
  10. I have not, but that scenario is exactly on my mind, except perhaps ZX5 5-iron, then ZX7.
  11. i210's in another win. Can see why Ping is not moving quickly to replace them. Perhaps i210's will reach that famous "cult" status?
  12. Not so sure about that. i59's reportedly on deck as the next release, and they are not a traditional CB design, if the leaked photos are accurate.
  13. Ping dragging out the release of their players CB has me looking at other things. The Z7 has caught my eye, very nice offering.
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