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  1. From recent posts about delivery times, it sounds like Ping's supply channel and production schedules took a big hit from the virus. Probably very concerned about launching a new product into a period that they cannot assure timely delivery. Remember, almost all their parts come from China, unlike Mizuno, which is Japan.
  2. Ping i series for me are very consistent in distance, but they are not the longest irons. My MP 53's are longer than my i200's.
  3. twitter makes everyone who uses it look smaller.
  4. I know Ping named the Heppler line to honor a long time employee, which is admirable. Every time I hear it though, I think of a Winnie the Pooh character.
  5. Would probably have to end with a hole out from the fairway. A putting contest would be painful.
  6. Explains why they aren't launching any new products until next year. Hope they consider onshoring their casting ops again.
  7. Sounds like nothing until PGA show in Jan 2021. Whether i series replacement is then, only Ping knows.
  8. possibly, but doubt it. Ping has been consistent with its i-brand being its middle size players CB. The iBlade precursor was an “s” series. Though with the G series adopting more player features and the Blueprints at the other end, I could see them merging the iBlade with the i series for a combo iron. A lot of their staff does that now.
  9. Probably have real concerns about supply chain viability, particularly since they now cast in China.
  10. Cue GolfWrx complaints: Too much offset. I don't see any LH heads.
  11. Reportedly all Ping releases will be held for the PGA Show in January and beyond. Sadly.
  12. Trying to find a deal from a Ping authorized account probably won't happen. They are very strict on maintaining any kind of discount or rebate, unless and until the line is discontinued. So if you want it new from a dealer, then you might as well pony up now. Of course, used sales are always available from other parties not tied to Ping's policy. These have been a very successful line for Ping, so they appear to be in no hurry to replace. Kind of like the iBlades - people are now handing them down to their grand kids.
  13. Just won on the KF Utah tournament. Still 210's in the bag?
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