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  1. I read on another thread that KB shafts are in very limited supply - sounds like they are a supply chain casualty. Perhaps, if true, that is why Miz is dropping them, at least for now.
  2. “That script writing ruins the clean look for me” same person “ Those PXG [disregarding bolts in clubhead] sure look appealing” I Wonder what the rate of alcoholism is among club designers.
  3. Whether the 223 make my bag will be determined by sole grind, ball flight, forgiveness and launch window fit my game. It will not be determined by the script writing on the back, model designation numbers or whether the paint fill is black versus white.
  4. Looks great. I am interested in their FW also. Mizuno seems to be nailing it lately.
  5. I am really looking forward to hitting the 223’s. Think they will tick a lot of the boxes for what I look for in an iron.
  6. i can appreciate your perspective. I am looking for a forged Ping i210 (sort of) and they sound like they may tick some of those boxes.
  7. I am happy tHe 223 has a wider sole. Last thing I want in a CB is a sole shaped like a blade with blade forgiveness.
  8. Great 3D link from earlier in this thread ( thanks to cyr67). I see some trailing edge relief, but nothing from the images suggests to me that the sole is unreasonably wide.
  9. Correct, Ping lists cut weight
  10. Perhaps you can point out on the dolly where Pingman hurt you.
  11. 1. Harrisburg, PA 2. 12 index 3. Ping G25 3W, G 20 19* hybrid 4. I tend to fight a hook on my hybrid and reviews I have read on the Callaway Super Hybrid indicate that it is neutral biased. 5. It would be my pleasure to document my experience with the Super Hybrid and support the ongoing research through reviews, updates and ongoimg participation in the thread.
  12. Good news is, you shouldn’t have to. While Ping prices it’s forged irons like they are a gift to the world, Mizuno has made its name with its forgings.
  13. Thanks for sharing. I like the trailing edge relief.
  14. Reportedly. But I have never seen of one that was obtained through the fitting.
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