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  1. 1/3 the price of Ping i59. Wow.
  2. Street price for MP 22 wedges is $160. Would not be surprised if the iron prices are closer to $160 than $200. Unless Mizuno recently hired an ex Ping executive.
  3. Interesting that the patent does not show a toe screw, but looks like CPT is from the heel side.
  4. Ping seems to be unable to deliver most product right now, so whether they continue or discontinue something seems redundant.
  5. My i210 order was pending since July. They moved delivery to May 2022, and I canceled the order. They are an absolute clusterf###. I have many, many Ping clubs over the years, but this leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. They strung me along, stretching the delivery date several times, before not being able to deliver.
  6. I hope not. Ping thinks the word “forged” translates to bend over pricing
  7. Nippon Modus 105 and tour velvets. Both were confirmed in stock in Sep. I told them I would go with any grip.
  8. I was told at that time that no new orders would be taken going forward, but that existing orders would be fulfilled and completed in 2-3 weeks. That was less than 2 weeks ago. it would appear that Ping has no idea where it stands in terms of orders versus available parts. Which for a company with engineering roots, is surprising.
  9. I do still own them. In my opinion, beginning with the i20 irons, they have been exceeded.
  10. Ping is not done screwing the pooch. They decided to do the whole kennel. Ordered i210 on July 21, told 10 week delivery. Called PING CS in September and was told that all parts appeared to be available (no “holds”), and production on schedule. Pro shop called in November at week 13 and was told they would ship in 2-3 weeks. Ping sent him an email today and said new delivery date is MAY 2022, ten months after the order was placed. I have owned Eye2, Zing, Zing2, i20 and i200 irons, along with wedges fairway woods bags and drivers. I was a Ping homer. What an absolutely crappy experience with them. My bag will contain Mizuno 223 this season and all Ping clubs will be replaced. What a cluster.
  11. Will be interesting to see if Ping moves the i230’s away from the CTP, like their other lines and into a screw into toe design.
  12. even though I have a set of i210 coming, I will a ao be going with 223’s.
  13. My Pro called Ping yesterday to find out where my irons are (ordered 13 weeks ago, initial estimate was ten). He was told that no more orders for i210 at all and G 710 orders suspended for now while they catch up. wonder if that means the new i series will be out with PGA show.
  14. Sounds like confirmation bias. $1750 will do that.
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