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  1. I have played a lot of Ping wedges over the years, but the 4.0, at address looks odd to me. Seems very oval or teardrop shaped (doesn’t apply to the Eye 2 inspired wedges)
  2. Ping struggled to answer their phones during COVID and are offering irons from 2013 (ie1). It will be quite a stretch for them to bring anything seen in this topic to market.
  3. I am somewhat in the same boat. My i210 order, in from July, was extended to May of 2022. Evidently Ping is not content on just screwing the pooch and has decided to do the whole kennel, I am looking at Miz 223.
  4. I know feel is subjective, but I do not ever recall feedback on the Modus shafts as being "harsh". In my experience, I find it much smoother than either KB or DG shafts, and even most PX shafts.
  5. Just scanned the bags of Ping PGA tour staff on their website. Surprised how few of their staff have these in their bags 4-5 have full i59 bags with 1-2 with i59 short irons. iBlades, BP and i210 still dominate - i59, not so much.
  6. Patrick Reed is a fitting brand ambassador for PXG.
  7. He is probably upset that with Pings horrid turnaround times, he won’t have a driver ready for his Champions Tour debut.
  8. No talk of a new driver. they can’t deliver old drivers. but they can get you in some new ie1’s from 2009.
  9. Was the driving range from Tin Cup the only thing open over the holidays?
  10. If I was a top junior prospect, I would sign with Ping immediately. Just so they might have my clubs ready by college.
  11. What shaft did you demo in the 223?
  12. Given Ping’s horrid recent history on delivery, are we sure that they aren’t just now delivering original orders of the iE1?
  13. No way Ping can get him clubs that quickly.
  14. Before the launch, was pretty sure the 223’s would be my pick. But I think the 225’s warrant a harder look. Lot of good comments from folks after seeing and hitting the 225
  15. His first post said that he ordered from Ping, had it delayed and found a set at Second Swing. He ordered around the same time I did. After being jerked around by Ping, being told my irons were available and on the timeline and then finally delayed until MAY 2022, I also canceled.
  16. I didn’t take disappointment in the 223 from their quick session.
  17. Vosh, Product Manager with Miz, jas said that the MP 223 are smaller than the MMC. From PicsI have seen, it is hard to see the difference. do you have an opinion on whether the 223 are materially smaller in size than MMC?
  18. I believe that Ping views the I2x as the spiritual successors to the Eye2, which was their players CB, which has offset. I have no insider information, just an observer of Ping products since the Eye 2.
  19. those would be called the i59. Unlikely the I series would reduce offset, as they have been pretty consistent since at least the i20.
  20. 1/3 the price of Ping i59. Wow.
  21. Street price for MP 22 wedges is $160. Would not be surprised if the iron prices are closer to $160 than $200. Unless Mizuno recently hired an ex Ping executive.
  22. Interesting that the patent does not show a toe screw, but looks like CPT is from the heel side.
  23. Ping seems to be unable to deliver most product right now, so whether they continue or discontinue something seems redundant.
  24. My i210 order was pending since July. They moved delivery to May 2022, and I canceled the order. They are an absolute clusterf###. I have many, many Ping clubs over the years, but this leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. They strung me along, stretching the delivery date several times, before not being able to deliver.
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