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  1. I am somewhat in the same boat.  My i210 order, in from July, was extended to May of 2022.  Evidently Ping is not content on just screwing the pooch and has decided to do the whole kennel,


    I am looking at Miz 223.



  2. Just scanned the bags of Ping PGA tour staff on their website.  Surprised how few of their staff have these in their bags 4-5 have full i59 bags with 1-2 with i59 short irons.  iBlades, BP and i210 still dominate - i59, not so much.

  3. 2 hours ago, eric61 said:

    Got to hit the Mizuno Pro 223 on a Trackman today for about 30 or 40 swings. I’m not sure if it’s the tech, or the 2 degrees stronger loft, or what, but I was hitting the 7 iron a good 12 yards further than I hit my current JPX 921 Tour on the same Trackman today.


    I was swinging it about 84 mph and getting carry yardages in the low 180s. 

    Heel and toe misses were not penalized very much. They were going in the mid-170s. Slightly thin misses were doing similarly well. I hit one terribly — way in the heel, like flirting with a shank, and low — and was shocked when I looked up and saw it went 168. The forgiveness on these is no joke. Spin was lower than my JPX 921 Tours by maybe 800-1000 RPMs, but I was getting a descent angle of 46-48ish, so I’m not too worried about holding greens.

    Feel-wise, it’s a little different than a fully forged one-piece iron, but it still felt really good.


    The top line is a *little* thicker than the 921 Tours, and the blade length maybe a touch longer. But not much. And once you start hitting them and get used to them you kind of forget about that anyway.


    All in all, I’m really happy I already have an order in for them. I knew I’d like these because I know my Mizuno specs and they addressed my exact issue with my JPX 921 SEL set (that’s the lefty 4/5 Forged, 6-GW Tour set): a little more forgiveness in the 6 and 7 irons in a similarly attractive package. 

    I do wonder how gapping will be from the techy 7 iron to the no-tech 8 iron. We’ll see!

    What shaft did you demo in the 223?

  4. On 12/1/2021 at 2:10 PM, TiScape said:

    Signs with Ping today and his irons arrive just in time for the 2023 season!


    *First one in with a delay/supply chain joke!  🎉🙃😜

    **very low hanging fruit. I apologize. 😔 

    No way Ping can get him clubs that quickly.

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  5. Before the launch, was pretty sure the 223’s would be my pick.  But I think the 225’s warrant a harder look.   Lot of good comments from folks after seeing and hitting the 225

  6. 12 hours ago, Kevmonton said:

    How did you order them? Ping is not accepting any more orders until further notice.

    His first post said that he ordered from Ping, had it delayed and found a set at Second Swing.


    He ordered around the same time I did.  After being jerked around by Ping, being told my irons were available and on the timeline and then finally delayed until MAY 2022, I also canceled.

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  7. 31 minutes ago, WKYTrooper said:

    Wasn't wowed by the 223 review. They seemed a little disappointed based on where their excitement was before. Idk. I planned on waiting and testing against the ZX7, assumed the 223 would win. Not so sure now. 

    I didn’t take disappointment in the 223 from their quick session.

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  8. 2 hours ago, aquapig said:

    So my thoughts after 2 hours with Mizuno rep on the range. 


    Hit all the new MP line and they look even better in person and predictably felt and performed beautifully. However, not much difference between my MP 20 MMCs so I'm sticking with those. 


    I also play a HL ST190 driver, which I love. But I know my spin rate is way too high and I'm losing distance. I was getting an average of 3600 with current setup.


    I hit the new ST driver with multiple shafts and we were able to get my spin down by almost 1000 on average.  That increased my carry by an average of 20 yards and I'm sure my roll out will improve a bunch as well. 


    So I will be ordering a new ST driver with Fujikura Motore X shaft. 




    Vosh, Product Manager with Miz, jas said that the MP 223 are smaller than the MMC.  From PicsI have seen, it is hard to see the difference.


    do you have an opinion on whether the 223 are materially smaller in size than MMC?

  9. 5 hours ago, 4TheKing614 said:

    Thanks for the response. I59 are a little tiny for me. I500 doesn’t have much offset. Why wouldn’t they keep it competitive with that?

    I believe that Ping views the I2x as the spiritual successors to the Eye2, which was their players CB, which has offset.  I have no insider information, just an observer of Ping products since the Eye 2.

  10. Street price for MP 22 wedges is $160.  Would not be surprised if the iron prices are closer to $160 than $200.


    Unless Mizuno recently hired an ex Ping executive.

  11. 11 hours ago, Palmetto State said:

    I ordered Ping i210 irons in early May 2021 and they were delivered - minus a five iron - in early October. I am told that I will not get the five iron until May 2022. Needless to say, I am massively disappointed in Ping. They offered to deliver a G-425 iron as a stop-gap but even that was going to take 12 weeks. I am highly unlikely to order from Ping again!

    My i210 order was pending since July.  They moved delivery to May 2022, and I canceled the order.


    They are an absolute clusterf###.  I have many, many Ping clubs over the years, but this leaves a very bad taste in my mouth.  They strung me along, stretching the delivery date several times, before not being able to deliver.


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