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  1. https://c.tenor.com/UbaAQMnPazkAAAAd/where-dem-hoes-john-travolta.gif
  2. Thx Gents- that’s what I’ve gathered as well. If they don’t get traded then they’re going in my bag and my 0311 XF Gen 2 goes in the back-up.
  3. WTT, BNIB Adams CB3 forged iron set, 4-GW, RH, KBS Tour90 stiff. Included in trade is a Titleist SM8 54/10 wedge (GW of CB3 is 49*). Standard LLL, 7 iron measures between 37.25-37.5". I have $700 in this set and looking to get the same, if sold. Pricing includes fees and USPS priority mail shipping within CONUS. $700 for the set with SM8 $625 for 4-GW CB3 $100 for the SM8 I'd prefer a trade (+/- cash) though- 5-GW/SW game improvement iron set. Forged or cast, newer models, heads only okay. Shafts need to be R-flex, graphite or steel. Looking for T300, 718 AP1, AP3, 716 AP1, TM RSI 1, 19' or newer P790, G410, G425, certain Mizuno GI irons. Also open to Cobra, Callaway. No PXG This is for a back-up bag I'm building, mostly for out of town guests. Really hate to open and use such a nice set for visitors 2-3 times annually. My primary bag is set. Adams CB3 is one of the best forged / game improvement irons they offered before TM bought them out. Hoping some fellow hoes or collectors sees the value in these clubs like I do. Long time member but first time selling. 100% positive seller on eBay. Thanks!
  4. Currently gaming PXG 0311 XF Gen 2, from their infamous sale this past summer. Good clubs, easy to hit. Looks like shovels but they're not holding any value right now... Played a round with Callaway Epic Forged (E19) last week, much more compact head, had r-flex graphite shafts (just a tad too soft for me) but when I struck the ball clean, it felt great and went long. Currently waiting for my *new* set of Adams CB3 to arrive (this Friday) and am going to test them out. Unless someone here wants to buy... Can't believe I found a BNIB set from 2012 era. I've heard nothing but great things about the CB3 and other Adams from this era. Had Srixon Z565 which were also great. C-taper lite shafts in r-flex. I think if I had a lighter shaft in these heads, I would've kept them.
  5. I've never been a longer hitter and have recently lost about a club length in the last 2-3 years. This was partially due to age but also I purposely slowed down my swing / shortened my back swing to hit the ball more consistent. I've been shooting in the low / mid 90's and break 90 about 5-7 times a year (only playing 20-25 rounds a year). I'd say my 6 iron swing speed is around 80mph, driver swing speed maybe 90. Slow, smooth transition. I'm a hoe and I've gone through several drivers, hybrids, irons just because I like to tinker, try different brands, keep thinking there's that unicorn out there somewhere. Anyhow, my driving distance is about 220 (at 5280ft elevation) and I'm currently gaming a G410 Plus 10.5* with a Kuro Kage Black 50g shaft. I've had G400 Max with stock shaft, recently played a round with Callaway Epic Max with stock Cypher 50 shaft. Same results.. I read all the time and even hear it from golf buddies, this club gave me an extra 10-20 yards. I'm itching to buy TSI2, Sim2 Max or G425 and try it with a lighter, Fujikura Air Speeder 40 shaft in regular. My fear though is that I'll get the same results. I'm thinking the hotness of head is pretty even among the mainstream brands. Some are a little more forgiving, some may give you 5-10 yards but lose out on forgiveness. Also thinking I might be able to load this senior shaft a little better and gain a little bit of club head speed with the sub 50gram shaft. Maybe keep the G410 as it's pretty consistent in finding fairways and probably just as hot of face as any new driver? Try the air speeder shaft to see if I can get that extra yardage I'm looking for? I found an air speeder for pretty cheap and it wouldn't be a huge investment. Thoughts?
  6. I picked up a set of 19' Callaway Epic forged irons in the classifieds due to getting a good deal. Planning to build and keep them in my back-up bag. Epic forged set currently has the graphite Mitsubishi AV Silver R-Flex shafts (64 grams) and stock swing weight is D0. I'm considering rebuilding with KBS Tour 90 shafts R-Flex (95 grams) and using Winn Dritac standard grips. Doing this alone, what do you think the new swing weight would be? Apologies- I've built a few iron sets but never understood how to calculate / consider change in swing weight. Appreciate any input.
  7. New PXG customer here- Been renovating so I've yet even played a round with my new Gen 2 0311XF irons, putter and wedges. Only reason I changed brands was the huge price drops they've been having and will continue to have. One major turn-off though is the continuation of price drops- My irons went from $129 each down to $89 each. The did give me store credit so I'll applaud them for that but then I decided to get a lob wedge, didn't want to pay $169 and ridiculous shipping so I found one on the bay. Looked today and the wedges are now $129...Same price I paid for used. Resale value is something of importance to me and others, I'm sure. If I dumped my clubs today, probably couldn't get what I paid for them just 2 months ago. Just saying, their business model now is really turning me away from the brand and I've yet hit a ball with my new set-up.
  8. Good prices. Ordered a AD IZ 6s fairway wood shaft off the bay for $135..should’ve waited..
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