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  1. Well done those who tipped the USA Enjoy the spoils…
  2. Big fail from Padraig for mine. I know he didn’t have the best team, granted but some of his pairings have been pretty bad. Playing names not form has clearly let them down. Congrats to those who tipped the USA !!
  3. I liked the US suits . Thought they looked sharp. Go team USA !
  4. Can someone explain how the captains choose who’s going to go play who? Does one captain select game one players and then the other captain chooses players to go against them. Or is it more here are groups 1-4 and they play groups 1-4 on the other side. Do captains talk to each other about matchups? thanks
  5. Woah, thanks for the response. That’s a great little write up. I take my hat off to you for persevering. It’s such a hard slog and I wonder if it’s all worth it? Great you’re still motivated though. You obviously have good resilience and attitude. Something I lack at times. And the skier thing is P6 yeah? Also struggling with that. You should start a thread and even if no one follows it, (I will) you have it documented there for future reference. Im still pondering if I should persist. I like practice and I get change takes time but I also like to play golf. To a decent standard. Good luck and thanks
  6. Hey all, I know MORAD can be argued to be present in many teachings or styles, but has anyone in here successfully transitioned into a MORAD (ish) swing and if so how long did that journey take. What was it like? I went down that rabbit hole and I’m hitting a wall and wondering if I should continue or not. I haven’t played in a comp for 5 months as I can’t take what I’ve got to the course it’s that bad. I was a 6 handicap with a bad short game when I changed but now I’d struggle to hit 90’s. (Yes I’m getting lessons from a reputable coach and putting in the hours) Thanks
  7. Yes it definitely does. Probably to my detriment. Not sure how to fix it or how to even start addressing it. Read many a book that touch on these things but cannot get anything to stick for real.
  8. If the goal is 5 to scratch, he’s got to identify weaknesses and improve them. How’s his short game, strategy and mental approach? Could fixing these get him to scratch without much swing work? Yeah his swing can be tightened up but it’ll come at an initial cost. It may not even work. If he wants change, he should seek out an instructor he gels with and trusts without killing his DNA and go for it…
  9. Forged forever, how good are you at gambling? You’re getting in my head!!! I’m 1K on the USA and tempted to do more. Who’s with me?
  10. Mmm, thanks for chiming in Monte. Tough gig this golf thing.
  11. Hope everyone is well. Trying to find P6, can do it statically but not in motion. Any drills or recommendations welcomed.
  12. Well I just read some earlier posts and it seams maybe I shouldn’t be so confident? Mmm
  13. I’m contemplating putting some serious coin on the USA. Hypothetically if we ran these Ryder cup teams head to head ten times, the European team would win once. someone talk me out of it
  14. Come on peeps… Make the cut for seven years or 15 majors. What would you take?
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