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  1. It’s all eye of the beholder stuff really. I rate the 223’s way about the 18/20 mmc’s. Cleaner and classier to my eye. I'm also a fan of the Mizuno pro label on all. go figure hey
  2. So when the Mizuno designer says the 223 is smaller than the MMC, what part does he mean?
  3. So is it an update you install on your current Mevo plus or it’s a new model of the mevo plus???
  4. If you’ve got the time and desire, go get more lessons from a reputable coach that you gel with as a person and in their philosophy. Then work hard. You’ll be fine and shooting low 80’s in a year…
  5. Same swing speed here with driver. I use an x flex in driver, regular or stiff iron shafts depending on the set I’m gaming at the time. No difference in ball flight or scoring. I was actually fitted to reg by a reputable fitting co using trackman. Use what works I guess… Can’t hurt to try others if you have an itch…
  6. I think we should wait until real testing by us mortals occurs before we suggest the 4/5 irons of the 223 model have become unicorn GI irons in a players iron package. I’d be very surprised if they’ve cracked that want/need. Nice to dream though. I hate that I have to wait until feb ‘22 plus to wait though…
  7. No sympathy and no judgment. He lives a good life.
  8. The reality is you have swing faults. However the shaft may not match you either. Lessons then fitting I reckon. Luck…
  9. I think the Morad style of Moore may not match up with some of the gg moves and vice versa. Casey Harty is GG taught and Jake Hutt seems heavily influenced by the gg style also. Both are on Skillest. Alex Clapp has a good reputation but not sure what his philosophy is.
  10. Just to add to the dilemma, shaft choice can have an influence on sensations also
  11. Just revamped this. I’m on the Alex Moore train! Anyone got some good positive feedback? I have got a bunch of lessons over the years from many a decent and well respected instructor and find Alex maybe the best. Early days with him but signs are super… Very knowledgeable, very thorough and seems to genuinely want you to get better.
  12. I’d simply suggest you find the best instructor (must be someone you gel with, a swing ‘method’ you like and highly recommended) within your reach and see them every month for two years. Practice exactly what they say blindly and emphatically. Then play as much as you can.
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