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  1. What did you game in fairways when you had the Kiyoshi Black?
  2. I still have a 19* MD with 904HB and a 23* HB001 with same shaft! Haven't hit hit the 19* in a while.
  3. 1. Club Champion Philadelphia 2. Ambler PA 5. 9 4. Taylormade SIM, 9*, Ventus Blue 6S, 45" 5. Yes 6. TSi3 7. Yes
  4. What is your handicap: 9.0 Current hybrid or utility iron shaft and flex: Fujikura 904HB stiff Closest Authorized Fujikura Dealer (Search HERE) Club Champion Philadelphia What hybrid or utility iron head will you install your shaft in? Titleist TS3 21 Choose your Ventus HB weight/flex: Ventus Blue HB 8S Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes
  5. Last year’s premium gift was a really nice Broken Tee society Leather headcover from Links & Kings. This years gift is a really nice leather scorecard holder. They are in processing of just shipping out and if you search them on Instagram you will see the Scorecard holder. The Linksoul cash is great and also you get a discount on everything you purchase from Golfers Journal.
  6. i am still a big fan of the old Fujikura 904HB....I have two older sonartec hybrids with them in and I am thinking of having them put in a more modern hybrid head
  7. I previously had the Garmin S6 watch and went with the Fenix 5x sapphire last year and I will not look back. The difference in battery life is night and day. I can get 4-5 rounds out of a charge with the Fenix where I could barely get 27 holes with S6. I understand batter on S62 is better but I am sure it will decline quicly but the Fenix battery life is designed to last. In all honestly the one feature I do wish it had was custom targets since I had a bunch of targets in my S6 but I quickly realized that was a nice to have. I have always used a laser rangefinder while playing even with
  8. My top 5 bucket list Augusta Cypress NGLA Shinecock Fishers Island
  9. mbrogan


    I recently brought out of hibernation my HB 001 23* hybrid and it is as good as any hybrid today. Have both a MB19 and the HB001 23 shafted with Fuji 904 HB, for some reason that shaft just suits me very well. The only knock on the MD is the forgiveness compared to today's more modern hybrids.
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