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  1. It exceeds my expectations!!! I’m really happy with it. The balance of the putter, the sound/feel is amazing. I ordered some of the paint they use because I wanted the entire putter patriotic colors. I love America!!! I asked them to do it and I think because I wasn’t specific he only did the Piretti print. Bill there at Piretti is awesome. He stamped my name for me as well. I am really happy with their service. They use krink k42 pens if anyone is wondering.
  2. I better get back to work or this quarantine is going to make me broke!!!
  3. Dang bro. Sorry to hear you are having issues. I was really hoping that you did not get one that would cause you issues. I say send it back, just my opinion though. Buy something different, because the way these act up it’s just a pain in the rear end and for the money you are investing you might as well get one that isn’t giving you issues.
  4. I have had one for some time now and I’m disappointed on how this thing works. Well maybe it’s just my luck of the draw. I’ve had two of them. Leupold sent me a new one because I had the local golf shop send it in for me. Here it goes. I bought this about 2.5yrs a go and I loved it. After a while the thing started acting up, for instance when I would try to shoot a distance it would just flash 4 hash marks - - - - this is what I would see. Then I would shoot a different object just to see if maybe something was obstructing it or maybe it was lighting and the same thing would happen. I then th
  5. UPDATE!!! I received my tiger golf balls!!!!LOL!!! Man I got swindled. At least I received something. Not what I was expecting, but something. I emailed them, we shall see what happens. Definitely do not order from this website!!! Hahahaha.
  6. i am completely satisfied with the 7 dozen balls I receive some had minor little smudges, but nothing that would alter the performance. $1 per ball is crazy. I ordered 4 more dozens to give some to my 6yr old son he likes to try and hit the ball over the pond. LOL
  7. I ordered 7 dozen. I’ll post an update of how the balls look. From my understanding of practice balls they are suppose to be completely flawless as far as shape goes and the cosmetic blemishes should not affect performance. What I thought is that the stampings are the ones that are off as far as QC goes so that is why they stamp them with practice And sell them at a discounted price. Anyhow we shall see. Plus at a dollar a ball That’s a steal for all the technology That goes into this ball.
  8. If you buy them, buy them as goods and services through PayPal. That protects you if you get counterfeit items.
  9. I have never lost hope in our society. I have been trying to buy a pack of crap paper for my house and I Can’t find some anywhere. Hahahaha I’m not completely out yet, But 2 more days and dirty socks here we come. I was telling my wife that I wish people would just buy enough for there family and an extra pack or 2 and leave some for the next person. Instead people buy up as much as they can and say screw the rest I’m looking out for my family. I get the mentality I guess, but I’m more of buy what you need and leave some for the next person. It will come back to you. I was starting to lose a l
  10. ^^^^^ that’s a good idea. Never thought about that!!!!
  11. Nope. I bought a Scotty studio stainless Newport 2 and I really don’t need a new putter.
  12. I found 12$ dozen Tp5x practice golf balls on line as well. Others here say it is gtg deal. I’m suppose to receive 7 dozen on Monday.
  13. ^^^^^^ it’s ok I used a Costco citi bank Visa card so I’m protected there too.
  14. I believe you. My problem is that I tend to take things for face value. If you tell me I got this and it’s yours for such price and I agree. I’ll always hold my end of the bargain. It’s sad that deals aren’t done with a handshake anymore. Before a hand shake was your bond. Today you need buyers protection. Hahahahaha. Oh well what do you do.
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