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  1. Yeah he did @jimbonecrusher I was waiting for them to cut his mic.
  2. 1s1k

    2020 US Open

    wow. Thanks for reminding me how much I don't miss the fans. Idiots
  3. Well, they're forged irons so not going to be the most durable. But I will say my P790 2 iron udi looks surprisingly well after several months of play.
  4. That's gonna be a no from me dog
  5. @gripandrip @azgreg Continental Golf did the work
  6. @gripandrip they are not old pics. Had them refinished and shafted up the 5 wood. 3 wood is still in the box looking brand new.
  7. Don't forget though, Bruce has more majors.
  8. My 3 TM MG2 wedges custom ordered were right on the money. Same with my Srixon irons
  9. Thank you my fellow Masshole but I ain't got no time to be clicken on that
  10. Anyone know why the caddies bibs have two names on them?
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