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  1. They got you to SST Pure your shafts. You should look into that next. Might want to sit down for that one.
  2. 1s1k

    ZX7 vs T100

    Here’s your little push
  3. First mistake was having any club work done at PGA SS. But lesson learned and hope you get it sorted out.
  4. @GWfoolPlayed Project X 6.5 for over 20 years. My hands and wrists have had enough. Same ball flight for me and much much smoother. Also picked up about half a club length, not that I was looking for that.
  5. @tdeutmeyer these are custom built. MMT 125 TX are not offered from Srixon direct. Not to mention the BB&F ferrules.
  6. One more pic before I take them out for their maiden round. Tee time in an hour and a half.
  7. Hang in there girls and guys.
  8. Man I miss that crunching sound
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