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  1. The old tried and true. Mizuno Windlite Keeps me warm with just a short sleeve golf shirt underneath even in low 40's degrees.
  2. I never leave my golf bag out of sight. Ever. If I need to go into the clubhouse to grab something to drink or use the bathroom then my buddy will stay with our bags and we will switch off. I have way too much invested in my irons and rest of my bag to take a chance of some low life taking my bag. When I'm done with my round and we want to go have beers in the clubhouse my bag goes straight to my car where it's locked up until I'm ready to leave. And no, I don't play shady courses or anything like that. I just don't want anybody to be tempted at the opportunity to take something that's not theirs.
  3. No, It's even. I know, that was bad and I'm not even a dad. I'll show myself out
  4. Can't say enough about the Mizuno ST-Z 3 wood I have. If I was in the market for a 5 wood I would definitely check out Mizuno
  5. Anyone want to sell me their 8* head?
  6. Go on Prolongdrivers website. They update the groups yardage for each ball struck much better than youtube. In another tab I watch the youtube feed. Makes it a little better to follow
  7. Wore FootJoys for 25 years but the last few pair seemed to be narrow so I switched to these. ECCO BIOM G 3
  8. I have them on my 2 iron, 3 wood and driver since they released them. I like them and installed them for that very reason, so I don't have to keep using tape to build them up. They stay nice and tacky. On my irons I'm currently playing the new WINN Dri-tac 2.0 midsize and I built up the lower grip to match the +4 grips. Reason being is I have a wrist injury that has me needing the MMT shafts with these grips. So far so good. I also couldn't care two 's what the tour pro's play.
  9. After 25 years of Footjoy’s and getting narrower and narrower. ECCO BIOM G3
  10. I have them on my 3-PW Srixon ZX7 irons and Cleveland Wedges. So far they are awesome. Played today in 93 degree weather and no issue whatsoever. Really hope these last because along with my MMT 125 TX shafts I have zero pain in my hands or left wrist.
  11. Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? What model? Yes. Ventus Black 7x in TM SIM Driver What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Ventus Blue 7TX. What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? Mizuno ST-Z 3 Wood
  12. @Fujikura Golf If you're willing to send me a few R Ventus' I'll be glad to compare.
  13. They’re in my bag now
  14. Then you take a 9 iron to your buddies knee cap. Lol
  15. Just have to be faster than your slowest playing partner
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