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  1. Taylormade limited edition Tiki headcover. From what I can tell this headcover was never released to the public. Don’t have any taylormade putters left so don’t have need to keep it. Would like to trade it for a Scotty Cameron coin ball marker or maybe a Scotty Cameron mid round custom shop or limited release headcover. Have to put a price so $200 shipped. Traded.
  2. For sale is a G410 crossover 4 iron 23 degree loft with a GD DI 85s shaft that is -.5 inches and black dot. New golf pride cp2 wrap midsize grip on it. Has neon orange and pink paintfill that can be removed if the buyer wishes. Selling for 135 shipped OBO conus No trades please.
  3. Based on that message looks like it was hacked for sure.
  4. Guy has good feedback and has been a member for a long time something sketchy going on there whether someone else is on his account or he said F it and went rogue.
  5. Vokey 09 or the taylormade Rac Smoke TP Wedges. Both of those could rip the cover off a golf ball in the rough.
  6. Taylormade tp black ldp hands down was my favorite ball of all time.
  7. So do we think DJ was like hey i like what you made for tommy make me one too or tommy didn't like it and DJ was like they me take that for a whirl today.
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