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  1. Adjusting on sim2 but not sim2 max. Sim2 has the weight port to be able to adjust. My sim2 max ordered at -.5 came in at C9 I added lead tape to get it back up to D3
  2. Generally they are a made for and not quite the same as the real deal.
  3. Taylormade my spider x flow neck 34 inches. One small spot on the toe where the black has rubbed off just a little bit. Has a new Winn avs grip on it and comes with the my spider x headcover. Looking to get Sold shipped conus. No trades please.
  4. Throwing this up here out of curiosity. Never really thought about mine until recently. Checked the couple putters I have in rotation and they clock in at D9 and E0. What’s every one else play theirs at?
  5. I’m 6’2 and prefer to play my putters at 34.25”
  6. My Sim Max 2 hybrid is out for delivery today ordered direct from Taylormade.
  7. Watching the on the range coverage this morning looks like Phil has a ventus in the driver couldn't tell which one. Has he had that in there or is it a recent switch? Last i saw he was still in the KBS shaft.
  8. To me this seems like a bit of a compromise between armlock and standard putting. I tried an armlock putter briefly and couldn't get use to the feeling of it but liked the idea of it. I have played putters around 34-34.5 in the past and just picked up a 35.5 inch putter. This seems like the perfect opportunity for me to try this wrist lock grip with a slightly longer putter. I've seen it used different ways in videos and pictures. To me i would think you are locking this more into the wrist just below the palm of the hand which i have seen some but many i have seen have on youtube videos have
  9. Looking to trade my vault turf headcover from last weeks Waste management for one of the more recent releases that I missed out on. Need to have a price on it so saying $150 because I'm not really looking to sell if I don't find a trade partner ill be keeping it. Headcovers I'm really looking for are Delivery Time (Pizza Headcover) Call Sign Big Bad Wolff Maybe the Galactic Spider.
  10. Yeah pretty much you are not getting your hands on one like his.
  11. Been going back and forth with putters this offseason partly going back to a spider just to use this cover lol its one of the all time greats.
  12. https://www.taylormadegolf.com/TP-Red-Collection-Ardmore-2-L-Neck/DW-WZ806.html?lang=default Is the red version taylormade did that is closer still to xanders
  13. Yep 1 off its a number 7 plumber neck with a white hot face not available for retail.
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