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  1. I wasn't offended. Just teasing. That's what means.
  2. Hey, don't be just throwing us girls under the bus here. Plenty of guys these days are fashionistas.
  3. Since the media are running the show then you are going to get their agenda. All the golfers with some real chops got eliminated or severely limited for a reason.
  4. I would have thought blaa or farl rather than toast. If toast, then maybe Texas toast?
  5. Given where Jordan is right now, he is probably in "trust, but verify" mode.
  6. Understand. Easy to do. There really is very little downside to a larger C dimension. Having the CG closer to the hosel does make it a little easier to draw the ball (harder to fade the ball). That is a choice that I would never trade for margin relative to the hosel. Small C dimensions are most often seen on blades. Today, this is purely tradition since there are no longer constraints preventing a better positioning of the horizontal CG. Back before the invention of high strength epoxies, hosels needed to be longer to provide sufficient surface area to prevent clubheads flyi
  7. How does the length of the blade matter? C dimension is measured from the hosel. It is interpreted as forgiveness relative to shanking. It isn't how centered the horizontal CG is in the clubhead.
  8. Interesting. I expected all the homeless in the Jupiter area to be stylin in RL polos by now.
  9. The impression I got is that getting Butch's opinion was jointly sought by both Cam and Jordan, but maybe I am reading too much into it. I am generally optimistic about Jordan this year.
  10. My guess is that nothing happens until all fallout is complete since it would impact future deals.
  11. When Spieth played CJ Cup in Vegas this past year he stopped by Butch's place and sought his opinion on his swing issues and what Cam/Jordan were doing to fix them. Apparently this is not uncommon with tour players. Butch mentioned a couple of small things he would rather see Spieth doing, but concurred that what Cam/Jordan were working on was the right direction to take for the bigger problems. My summary of a Golfweek or Golf.com blurb I saw this morning.
  12. C dimension is distance from the hosel to the horizontal CG. My criteria is 1.2 inches or more, but if it is a concern then going with 1.3" or 1.4" will be more forgiving. There is no good reason for any iron these days to have a C dimension less than 1.2".
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