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  1. I have no esteem issues...as long as I shoot under par.
  2. It looks like Kupcho got fed up with playing poorly and finished -6 over the last 5 holes. Impressive.
  3. You are correct. Never mind. No point in going down this rabbit hole. The RBs have an intentionally lenient definition to accommodate unusual green conditions and aren't going to change. The rest of us just suffer with incompetent maintenance folks and superintendents.
  4. It says that if you use a liner it can be placed anywhere below the surface of the green. A perfectly appropriate and worthless definition.
  5. The bolded statement is non-deterministic making the definition less than worthless.
  6. Going to the local WM and spending time watching Wal-Martians in their natural habitat is better than going to the zoo.
  7. Impact slows the club significantly. Trying to max clubhead speed post impact is all about intent rather than an achievable goal.
  8. Well, most house plants are smarter than anyone in the media. Even DJ is...well...uh...OK, never mind. Darth Cupcake should go fishing for a couple weeks, let the Savage pick Billy Ho, Na, or Darth Preed for the RC. They all pretty much bleed red, white, and blue. Darth Preed needs a quick pick so they can get the RL stuff tailored enough so he looks less like he is playing in a potato sack
  9. I am not an expert on DECADE, but my guess is that hitting greens is more important for women. Women are not as good out of bunkers or deep rough around the green. These areas will have lower strokes gained values than for men. Also women probably need to layup to wedge distance more often on par 5s than go for the green relative to men because of the added difficulty of getting up and down around challenging green complexes. Of course not having hard data makes my assertions just speculation.
  10. I'm guessing issues filling the field are related to National Car Rental running out of M1 Abrams availability.
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