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  1. Played a couple 2-day tournaments the last 2 weeks. Shot 71-72 last week. Solid, but unspectacular play. Last 2 days has been our club championship. Shot 73-69. Today's round was notable because I shot my low 9 ever. Came home in 31 hitting all 9 greens in regulation. Things are starting to come together and hoping it continues.
  2. Just FYI for folks who don't look at the numbers Maltby compiles, here are the most important parameters and how to interpret their importance (my opinion). Remember, the radius of a golf ball (as mentioned above) is 0.84" which is pertinent for CG values. Actual Vertical Center of Gravity (AVCOG) - the location vertically above the sole of the CG (inches) "C" dimension - the location horizontally from the center of the hosel of the CG (inches) Moment of Inertia (MOI) - Moment of inertia which is resistance to twisting of the clubhead on off CG strikes (mos
  3. I am a fan of smooth jazz hence why Steely Dan and Donald Fagan are faves. I also like clever lyrics and good voices.
  4. More Brit pop cause I know how much you guys love this stuff... LOL
  5. One of the best albums of the 90s...
  6. There are now 2021 Maltby MPF and other spec updates online. Find at http://ralphmaltby.com/maltby-playability-factor/.
  7. The claw is intended to minimize the action of the trail hand. Typically, the claw grip reduces pulls caused by the trail hand jabbing or twisting the face closed through the stroke. I use the lead hand for face control, but still use trail hand for speed/distance control. I essentially push the lead hand/grip structure/putter with the trail hand claw.
  8. Yes, that herd of WRX unicorns has been mentioned. They are usually sprinkled with faerie dust to overcome the "tournament" vs playin with the bros dichotomy.
  9. How about some Brit pop for lightening the mood...
  10. Be careful. Someone is going to beat you with a diversity stick for not being inclusive.
  11. I don't think you will like the 90° bend halfway between the grip and head...
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