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  1. Really surprises me she plays such lightweight shafts in her irons. The FCs are the higher launch Steel fibers as well.
  2. @labgolfIf I wanted to increase the swingweight of a Mezz (or any LAB putter) without messing up the torque balance about the lie angle too much, couldn't I add mass in an axisymmetric fashion to the shaft near the head? Example: wrap strips of lead tape around the shaft near the putter head.
  3. I was pretty sure of the answer, but having never played a quota game just trying to make sure. I have never played standard Stableford and very rarely play modified. I don't particularly care for it.
  4. I would probably just tell the caddy to keep my bag close by so I don't have to walk too far to pull a club. Otherwise just help me find errant shots.
  5. Presumably handicaps would be positive numbers in this case and a plus cap would use a negative value to get their quota which would then always be greater than 36.
  6. They may talk over shots like that all the time. Some players seem to need validation or help with their decisions. I don't really understand it, but I have never had a caddie. I wouldn't know what to do with one.
  7. It was also interesting that the caddie wanted the aggressive play and the player was being conservative. Sorta opposite of what you usually see. Lack of confidence? Under appreciation of opponent's capability? Just odd.
  8. DECADE question of the week; what club should Russell Henley have used off the tee on the 2022 Sony Open playoff hole (18)?
  9. Well that wasn't the smartest play. If you are laying up short then lay up. I am guessing he thinks he can draw 3W better, but the shot on the 72nd hole was not close to a draw swing. On the playoff hole, he should've hit hybrid to really lay up or driver to get maximum benefit from a good swing. Playing 3W again just meant a good shot that finished left of the bunker would still leave a longer approach shot than Hideki where Henley probably loses or another ball in the bunker where once again Henley loses. Just bad strategy.
  10. What did Henley hit off the tee on the playoff hole?
  11. Hideki just gave himself a hernia and Russell still needs to clear his throat.
  12. They didn't play that smart.
  13. Henley's got something stuck in his throat.
  14. That's an excellent goal. Pretty much the same here. Always looking to shoot at or under par or under CR for harder courses. Any score that gets me near zero or negative differentials is a good day.
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