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  1. Well at least two times before. When I play our forward tees I only use driver once on the 4 par 5s and only 5 time total. Generally too much risk and not enough reward or forced layups.
  2. Yes their skills were tuned to the crappy surfaces, but their scrambling percentage was still not as good because it couldn't be. You just can't chip as close or make as many putts on slow, bumpy greens. The uncertainty in the surface was too great despite their skills.
  3. Geoff is a bit smarter than the average bear and his take is well thought out. Nothing ever needed to be done other than proper course design and setup. The golf course architects these days are weenies that are too wrapped up in artistry and esthetics.
  4. There is no doubt in my mind that modern players have much better overall short games than classic players. This is not a slight to the classic players. If they played on modern greens, green complexes, and bunkers they would be great as well, but putting on and chipping to Stimp 7/8 bumpy greens nullifies short game skills. You can be good, but not great.
  5. I use 2 weights on my Epic. Works great.
  6. I thought that's what they ate. Maybe it wasn't rocks?
  7. Sorry this is so late. Was down at the coast fishing when the glove came in. Glad CaddyDaddy has provided this opportunity. Big thanks. As you can see the fit is very nice. I wear cadet medium and these fit perfectly (I have a big hand so ladies sizes rarely fit - an XXL would work, but almost no one makes that size). Pros Fit was good Dry grip was excellent Glove was fairly cool in hot weather No perceptible wear on the glove over 2 - 3 rounds Cons There was a little rubbing/chafing at the wrist Once my glove ha
  8. I think it was 3 years. He quit after his junior year if I remember correctly because SMU's golf program was put on probation. Could be wrong though.
  9. I would think that pretty much all balls made since 1950 will fail.
  10. Let's hope so. We have no control over this outcome, so hope is all we have.
  11. I doubt anyone can formulate just the right kind of non-linear material to get a significant enough effect to matter. If the material yielded when struck too hard then the internal cracks would make the ball unusable yet it might likely appear fine on the surface. As already discussed countless times, the necessary reduction in distance performance to "save the classic courses" is 20%. If that restrictive a solution is applied to everyone, the amateur game suffers terribly. Bifurcation is also problematic for a whole host of reasons that even the RBs recognize. However, the RBs are likel
  12. My physics degree says it is highly unlikely such a ball can be produced, but I won't be surprised if the RBs try to go down that path. Once again it is an area they are not good at and will likely screw up.
  13. How about we have hard pan outside the fairway with scattered shrubbery and a few pot bunkers sprinkled down the fairway? LOL!
  14. The science pretty much does not support such a magic ball or at least enough to matter. Furthermore punishing golfers who have put in the hard work to create a swing at 100+ mph shouldn't be punished for their dedication.
  15. Over and over and over again in slow motion if necessary.
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