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  1. SPI has very nice beaches. The water is a very pretty blue. Sand is light colored, but not white like upper west coast of FL. The fishing is pretty good. Redfish, speckled trout, flounder, and some snook in the Laguna Madre. We also get summer tarpon, kingfish, and Spanish mackerel in the inlet. The restaurant scene is fairly unsophisticated. Mostly fried seafood and lots of boiled shrimp. We have a place nearby with a boat so we spend a good bit of time down there (just got back home from a weekend installing an on board battery charger and LED nav light on the boat).
  2. Triple digit heat index May thru September. What's not to like. It was a heat index of 99 today. Downright chilly. Might have to break out my winter shorts.
  3. I'll update this thread if I hear any local news or info about this venture. I have played Treasure Hills many times so stopping by periodically to check on Ramble's renovation progress will be easy. Lots of course renovation going on in the area since city of Harlingen is spending $3.1 million to fix up their muni Tony Butler. Our valley wide women's group have played both courses in the past and likely will again once they are spiffed up.
  4. https://golf.com/travel/brandel-chamblee-plans-golf-course-women-texas/?amp=1 While the idea is intriguing, the location is insane. The community/area is a poor supporter of golf in general and would never attract top pros, women or otherwise. I see this being a big bag of fail, but I suppose time will tell.
  5. My condolences to you and your family. Keeping good thoughts for your uncle. Still tough health times for alot of folks.
  6. The handicap calculations used to require a manual adjustment to handle the differences in course rating between tees (many folks neglected this manual step and played matches from different tees with incorrect handicaps). Under the changes with implementation of the WHS, course rating is automatically included in handicap calculations.
  7. World Handicap System - the mostly shared worldwide handicap system that all players play under who have handicaps.
  8. We can get bad hole locations where the uphill putts putted to the hole will roll back 10 feet or more to where you putted from anytime our greens stimp 10 feet or more. It is easy to get 4 or more putts on those holes. Our saving grace is our non-professional "greenskeepers" and maintenance folks keep our greens so slow, bumpy, and dead that we almost never get near 10 on the stimp.
  9. Yes, they are both men. At least I think Van Rooyan is.
  10. Insignificant amount of change. You would never be able to tell the difference.
  11. I don't look at MPF. Basic measurements are far more meaningful to me and most all I need to determine whether a club is one I will hit well or not. The only things missing are bounce and, less significantly, sole width. Everything else is just cosmetics and BS.
  12. Doing the measurements for many irons per set or including other types of clubs becomes very time consuming and expensive especially given that the results are made available to everyone free. It is somewhat of a weakness not to see how the values change throughout a set. His philosophy seems to be that mid irons are representative of the more difficult irons to hit in a set and thus provide a litmus test for forgiveness.
  13. No, it isn't a rule. It is a tournament recommendation that many tours and tournament officials try to implement.
  14. But, where is the club vertical CG in relation to the ball CG? There's the rub. With a club with CG at or above the CG of the ball, geometrically you cannot swing the club such that the club sole is not in contact with the ground while the ball is still on the face. Someone can easily hit a "thin" shot that can be reasonably effective. In fact with high enough swing speed that pros typically generate the shot may have played very well. The shot in the video, as best I can tell, looks like a thin shot picked off a dirt path.
  15. Everything you need to know can be found here: https://forums.golfwrx.com/forum/56-classifieds-for-sale-forum/. If you are still having trouble, ask for help from @Gxgolfer.
  16. The OEMs are likely filling their magazines with lawsuits ready to fire when the real rule changes hit (if they ever do). That's when things get really interesting. Local rules just put the tours at litigation risk, not the RBs.
  17. Of course the lady pros don't play the forward tees either. However, you might learn how to score better if you played the forward tees some. Bombing it far, but failing to convert that to lower scores is just wasting time and energy.
  18. It had to be said. Willing to take one for the team. LOL!
  19. Since we are talking about pros, shouldn't it be "proportionally longer".
  20. Maybe, but it seems like a long commute to the golf course for you.
  21. I think the exclusivity most are alluding to is not financial. It is more philosophical and social. Not just any person with $25k who shows up at the gate gets to be a member.
  22. Played it back in the 90s. There is a reason it's named Bayonet - you will leave cut up and bloody. Very, very tough.
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