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  1. I would say worth a try, I am interested in one myself should I ever want to go back to a club just for off the tee. I am similar to you that I can hit my 3h well. I don't have a 4w but hit a 3w of a tee very well too (not so good off the deck though). Driver though...like you, 9.5o and all over the shop. I am done with drivers, got the last one in my bag now and secretely wishing it to break, lol. I would go for the 13.5o as it is closer to the lofts of the clubs you hit well. Mind you, I don't have a mini driver myself, I am going down the 2 hybrid route for off the tee and long fairway shots. Ordered a Srixon ZX.
  2. Hmm, was somewhat similar myself a few years ago, though my handicap was a bit higher (22 - 23). I had very much the game improvement type of clubs with for me a too thick a top line, which I got increasingly annoyed with. Was looking for something slimmer but not so unforgiving that it would hurt my game too much. Ended up buying Srixons Z355 which are still cavity back and forgiving irons but much better looking and provide a lot more feedback to poor contact than my previous Cleveland CG16s. Over the time I had them my HC dropped to 15 at one point but that was not the clubs (I was overseas playing with a half set of different irons) but because of improved short game. I came to realise that with most of my game sort of OK, only practise will make my HC go down. I clearly had a huge weakness with my chipping but my putting and iron game was a bit ok. My driving is still iffy but I will soon get rid of my driver and then that will improve also (get rid of the ego and hit a 2 or 3 hybrid of the tee instead). Now that I have had the opportunity to practise more, my swing is more consistent, I should see improvement with my HC as well. Having said that, I do agree with a poster here saying that he should not have clubs that will hold him back. If he has 'shovels' now it is going to be difficult to improve. As I mentioned above, the better feedback of my Srixons made me a better swinger as I realised that I actually did not hit it all that well. Would I go for blades? For fun yes, but only the 8,9, and 10. I bought my Srixons when they were 4 or 5 years old and got them cheap. I like them a lot, a clean strike out of the middle feels really nice and I reckon I can play these even if my HC would drop to close to 10 or so. Another poster here has a good suggestion: get a single blade (or blade like) 6i and try that before buying a full set Edit: My HC is 21 as can be seen on the left while I state my HC 15 in the text. I returned home to MUCH faster greens and had to relearn my putting! Also, a missed drive in the rough is a lost ball at my course here where before in Honiara I could usually find it and get out so been losing more strokes thatn I care for in recent months (and balls for that matter))..
  3. For me putter weight is key. I tried a different putter for a while that came with a bag I bought off a mate who was leaving the country. Boy, was my putting bad for a few weeks (I liked the look of it so kept trying...). Moment I switched back to a heavier one it was all good. I have blade and a mallet putters - don't care what shape it is. With regards to wedges - I hope so! I just ordered 3 RTX full face wedges - 52o, 54o, and 58o.... I can imagine bounce making a big difference: my 56o/12 wedge I cannot get out of the bunkers here but my 60o/8 one just fine. Just can't seem to get under it with the 56o. Wrong bounce means trouble I guess.
  4. Hybrids every day. Good with any lie, whereas woods need decent lies. About to order a 2h again for long fairway shots.
  5. Wouldn't most 'players' hybrids fit that bill? Certainly some of the Callaway ones seem very shallow. I have these 2 hybrids - may be shallow enough for you? Green shaft is a Nickent 3DS 3 hybrid (may be hard to find now, pretty old..). Black shaft a TM M1 4 hybrid (2017):
  6. SM9 or better still SM10, no wait SM11! They will have AT LEAST 10rpm more spin and get you AT LEAST .5" closer to the hole! The new sole slides through the turf better, thanks to the VERSATILE grinding and the weight is redistributed along the edges, the toe and backwards (so the weight is back to where they were 6 generations ago) for IMPROVED launch, incredible FOREGIVENESS, more CONTROL! All that for only $450 per club, wow.... Cheap considering the WBBOOTM technology. Kidding aside, the SM8 are the current model so perhaps still quite pricey. Wait for the 9s to come out and unless the 9s are much better to your liking, get the 8s for a reduced price.
  7. 4w - you may find out you'll be hitting nearly as far as a 3w and start attacking par 5s
  8. Maybe... That applies for irons for sure but for woods and drivers it is always advertised if it has draw bias. Hybrid ads mostly talk about easy launch from any lie for those that struggle to hit long irons. Between standard models and player model hybrids the talk is more about workability, look at address and launch height. I do not see the standard anti-right arguments much. I guess I am not convinced, lol! But you may be right, will pay attention to it from now on.
  9. I suspect they are saying so because hybrids are not cool and are for amateurs and girls or whatever silly thing they think. An ego thing. There is a video of TM staffers trying new clubs and McIlroy finds a hybrid in his bag. The others start laughing and Rory jokes that "maybe they think I need it!" Later on he says the thing is money... No such issues on the LPGA, plenty of hybrids around.
  10. It's never advertised as such, is it? One would think that manufacturers would do so, same as they do with woods and drivers. Or do the reverse ("the anti-left hybrid!"), since for some reason unknown to me the majority of players seem to hit them left. Though I suspect that there are more posts about hitting hybrids left than straight so it just seems that it is an issue. Personally I used to hit all woods right - drivers, fairways and hybrids - until I learned that my takeaway was wrong. I love hybrids and find a 16o 2 hybrid can easily replace a 3w: near same distance but easier to hit from any lie. For me, fairway woods are on the way out. To make a suggestion to the post: Taylormade 2017 m1. It responds very well to the sliding weight that allows it fade or draw bias. I keep it in neutral, as I don'thave an issue with either side. It also is loft adjustable so face will open up a bit if you loft it down. If you don't take my word for it, check out Rick Shiels' vid of it, if i remember correctly in fade setting he couldn't hit it straight or go left, lol! Must be able to find one cheap. You could also simply open the face a tad by placing your lead hand half or one thumb width left of where you normally place it (for right handed players).
  11. I follow my former playing partner's zen philosophy... there is more air/space in a tree than leaves and branches...feel the tree...BE the tree... Hit the right club for the distance. Works every (one) time (in a thousand)
  12. Put the club slightly on the toe. Stopped me shanking and duffing it almost completely. Now land on the green, instead of circling around it.. Still need to work on distance control but at least I now get on the dance floor. Also using the straight arms as he does here (as does Jason Day if I am not mistaken)
  13. I have 2 though not always in the bag. Titleist driver and TM hybrid. Both in standard setting so next probably won't waste money on adjustable clubs.
  14. No change. Went from SGI clubs to GI clubs but hc stayed the same. I did drop 9 strokes last year but that's because I found a golden tip for chipping.
  15. I am a hybrid guy and a bit like you but the opposite - am happy with current club(s) but would love to try a driving iron to see if I could hit it well. Probably not, am not particularly good with long irons. But if I find a cheap second hand one sometime, I will get a driving iron just for fun. Woods are not great for me off the deck and as a 2h goes a long way, I don't need a 3w really. In the future I will be having a 2h as my longest club in the bag and do away with drivers and woods. Hybrids are good from any lie and I don't hook them which seems an issue for so many players (I must be so bad at golf that I can't hook it with the best of them...). I tended to slice all woods until I learned to stop doing that (thanks Rick Shiels)
  16. That was an awesome setup, very cool indeed. Been thinking of going 7i - pw too but with 2, 4 , and 6 hybrids , as I don't need close gapping for the long clubs.
  17. Read an article once which asked the question how often to replace clubs. Main point there were wedges are the first to be replaced if the grooves wear out and you lose spin. Putter never needs to be replaced if you put well with them, irons rarely I think (though the grooves issue is there a bit too but less than wedges) and woods only if they are so old that newer generation is more forgiving (distance is about a yard more per year according to a bunch of comparison tests I have seen). So, if it still works, then no issues. I have some old clubs in my bags as well but they stay as they work: old late 80s putter (I think), late 90s PW, 10 year old driver (though I don't like drivers in general, this works as well (or as badly) as any more recent I played with), old hybrid (2007-ish I think).
  18. I quite like feeling the club head weight, as I think it helps. But if overall weight feels heavy maybe not too good. How about doing pushups and other exercise so you can "man handle" the clubs a bit? Have seen Bubba Watson pics with what looks like 4kg dumbells...no need for big weights. sorry, did not check your bio so no idea what age you are Aren't 'player's clubs' lighter headed in general? Could look at that for the short irons and replace longer irons with hybrids. Replace ur irons shafts with lighter graphite ones.
  19. Yep, that's the one! Great club!
  20. No reason not to have lots of hybrids, except cost maybe. You see some players with 9 woods etc so why not a 7 hybrud or more. Personally would love to have 2, 4 , and 6 hybrids so my first iron would be the 6i. Or 3, 5 , 7 hybrids with irons starting at 7. Don't need close gapping for longer clubs. Currently have 3 and 5 hybrid, then 5i to pw etc
  21. Not much, probably under AUD100, as I sold some items too. Happy to buy second hand to keep the cost down. Could afford to buy new stuff but always find it hard to justify - my game does not improve with new clubs - am at stage where I need to put a lot of practice in to improve. Having said that, I could use maybe one or wedges (50o and 54o) though must admit that that is so that I can maintain/slightly improve on my 3 different sets ('full" set 12 clubs", 'travel 6 clubs' and 'Ultra Light 4 clubs') without swapping clubs around bags...
  22. Well, I am getting rid of my driver and use a hybrid or 3w. In the past I never played with a driver either and stayed at around 25. Then started using a driver and overall improved my technique with irons etc but still stayed at around 25. Main reason: driver is no good for me. I hit it reasonably far but miss way too many fairways and that is costing me too many shots. In a few other threads I have said it before: I am on my last driver. Had enough of the things. So I reckon my handicap will improve when getting rid of the driver - too damn tempting to belt it, too easy to spray all over the shop.
  23. Just joined a club, and boy is there a premium on hitting it straight! If it goes in the rough, no point looking for it (and no one does!). Thus for me a forgiving driver and woods over irons. Basically, the longer you can hit it, the longer you can miss as well (shanks don't count here)
  24. I chip (bump & run) with anything from hybrid to wedge depending on the distance but most of the time I use an 50o approach wedge. In my half-set/travel set I have a mid-80s blade PW, which is probably 48 or 49 degrees so very similar to my current AW. When there is little green to play with I use my 60o. Before I learned to chip I used to use a chipper - certainly wouldn't call them wasted real estate if most of your chips are shanks, chunks etc. That Danish Rider Cup President (Bjorn ...) called the chipper one the best inventions (for higher HCs). Mind you, most chippers are 8i equivalent so will take some time to get used to if your PW was your main tool before. In the end, whatever feels best to you!
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