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  1. I finally pulled the trigger! I210 with OG S300 incoming
  2. The blueboard was my fav shaft of all time. Played it in a 910 and G15 back in the day. Looking to purchase a TS2. I tired the tensi and its decent but not as smooth / stable as the original blueboard. I called titleist and they said the S+ LTD Blue is the new blueboard. Has anyone played the S+ LTD? Any reviews? Looking for a mid mid smooth shaft.
  3. not sure how they did it but jailbreak is for real
  4. the AP2 is more forgiving than the TMB in my experience. Much more actually
  5. legit irons. The more I hit them the more I want to order them. Any difference between S300 and DG 120 S300? is it worth custom ordering for S300?
  6. can you post a pic of the wedges after some use?
  7. holy tried these again today. The are MUCH easier to hit than AP2. Misses go longer, good shots go higher and longer. They look good and feel great.
  8. I agree the 3s weren't great thats why I posted.
  9. Hello Im looking for Some Long Term Cleveland RTX 4 Reviews I played and loved Cleveland wedges back in the day - the 15s or something like that. I really liked them. I moved to Vokeys the last 6 or 7 years and my wedge game as sucked . It's not the clubs but I want a change. Can anyone give a quick review on the RTX 4 wedges?? How is the feel? Flight? Spin? I play mostly neutral grinds in the Vokey (S) but played the M in the 60 - Should I go mid grind in all the Clevelands?? I'm excited to mix it up and especially happy about the Stock Tour Issue S400 shafts!
  10. ill check them out. I like smooth but still heavy. The DG S300 usually fit that bill for me.
  11. i spin it pretty low so the powerspec is out of the question. The reviews online are great. Just looking for some real world wrx review
  12. Hello All, Im looking to possibly move to a bit more forgiving iron compared to my Mizuno MP irons (Have both 53 and 15s) My partner has i20 irons and swears by them. I've used them for a few rounds and they were a joy to hit. Very forgiving. He has S300 in them. I am interested in the I210 - they do look somewhat smaller than I20 but look super easy to hit. Can anyone give me a long term review since they have been out for a few months now. What is the difference between Normal DG S300 and the stock DG 120 that come on the I210? I would do 4-U then 54 60 wedges probably Glide 2.0 or SM7.
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